Monday, February 10, 2014

Getting back into the swing of things

It's been nearly a year since I wrote a post for my blog.  Truth be told, there have been so many things crop up in my life that needed my attention.  My health has been rapidly deteriorating, I have had to leave work and now am on Long Term Disability while trying to get approved for Social Security Disability.  This has been a long arduous proceedure, making me feel more and more frustrated.

Not wanting to turn my back on this blog, I have been trying decide if I should keep it up or close it completely.  I don't know which direction to take this blog, it's neither a frugal money saving tip blog, or couponing blog.  It's me, just telling who ever wants to read it, about my life and my search for beautiful things to decorate my home.  It's not a decorating, DIY type of blog either.  There are so many other beautiful, informative and helpful DIY and Decorating blogs out there that I feel intimidated and hesitant to try to compete.  This is just me, my finds and my little tips and tricks on how to live fabulously on a shoestring budget.  

With this being said, I am taking the initiative to try to keep up with this blog, I may decide to change the name to Junque in my trunk, a play on my hunts on Fridays and Saturdays to find treasures to bring home.  I hear from several people how they could never do what I do, looking for items on the driveways or in thrift stores. This surprises me, because it's not that difficult to go to garage sales and thrift store...I suppose it's the actual looking at something and seeing it's beauty with a coat or two of paint or new fabric.  Finding a shower curtain and turning it into seat covers for chairs or a table cloth.  Using high end silk curtains to cover an ugly glass shower door, or collecting black and white photos for a collage wall in the hallway.  All these things are simple in my eyes but to many they claim they would never think of using these items in the same way.  I never think of this as a talent or a gift, making me less likely to want to post it for others to read.

With this being said, I am going to give this blog another shot.  I am not sure where it will take me, where I will take anyone who reads it, but I am sure that it will be chock full of hints, tips and finds.  It would be lovely if you decide to come along for the ride.

One last little thing, I found these lovely linen finger tip/guest towels at a yard sale last Saturday.  I paid .50 cents a piece for two of them.  They are no longer offered at Pottery Barn, I sure wish I had four, who knows perhaps I will find more in my search.   I can't wait to see what I will decide to use them for.  I promise to keep you all posted.
I also picked up four pink flameless candles for $5.00.  A steal actually, since they came with a remote that allows tthem to be dimmed or flicker and has a time set for 2, 4, 6 hours.  I am amasing quite a collection of these flameless candles, mostly in white or ivory, so the pink is a new color for me to try.  I plan on mixing them in with the ivory candles to give off a rose glow. Another post on this to follow. 

I encourage each of you to stop into your local Goodwill or community thrift store this week to see what treasures you might find.  It's always exciting to find a special something to love and enjoy.

Until next time....