Monday, March 18, 2013

Goodwill Find

Often I am  asked by friends and family, "What garage sale/Thrift Store did you get that at?" or "Where did you find that?".  No matter how the question is phrased, the answer is usually the same.  "I found this at Goodwill".  Today's find is a perfect example.

Four 20 ounce mugs perfect for a cup of tea or coffee if that's your thing.
Cafe Belle Epoque Mugs- Rosanna Inc.

Four brand new Cafe Bell Epoque Mugs, just waiting for me to find them and bring them home.  The size first captivated me...I am always on the look out for over sized mugs for my beloved cups of tea.  
Then I realized each had a French Cafe design.  That's all it took to make my heart sing, as I double love anything French. 

These mugs retail for $44.00.  These were marked $1.99 each and with a 20% off Goodwill coupon they were $1.59 each.  I'd call that a fantastic savings.

Head on over to your local Goodwill and see what goodies you might find.  

Happy Shopping!


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