Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sick in bed and blog lovin'

Been a few weeks since I last posted.  I had been feeling pretty good and started to get some things done that I had put off for way too long.  You know how that is right?  Always have the best intentions but then life gets in the way.

I shopped a little at Goodwill and a couple of yard sales, found some great things to share with all of you and also took a trip out of town to visit my family in Northern Arizona.  Thought I would take some pictures of my Aunt and Uncles home and the creative garden decor my Aunt has lovingly placed around her property.

Then wouldn't you know...bam I injured my hip just walking in a store (yep...I am graceful like that) and was down for the remainder of our visit.  Nice to visit with the family but didn't get many note worthy photos of my home town.  Sigh.

Home now and sick, sick, sick.  Flare up has got me down for the count.  So I may not have many pictures to share with you but I am happily visiting as many of your blogs as I can to spread some blog lovin'.
view from my bed.

Happy Thursday's to a pain free weekend and lots of happy times with family.


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