Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A New Rhumatologist and A Surprise Visit

I have to admit I just didn't want to get out  of bed today.  I could have spent the entire day in the warm, comfortable coziness of my bed.  I seriously thought about telling everyone that my bed was holding me hostage, that I couldn't possibly get out of bed and face the day. 

Today was my first date with my new Rhumatologist.  The exceptional Rhumatologist who was going to figure out this whole Auto Immune mess and help me get back to life.    One would think I was an old hat at this by now...but it's like being the new kid standing up in the front of the class while the teacher introduces you. 

Any nervousness or jitters I felt, melted away when Dr. Solomen entered the room.  He put me at ease, he listened and he heard me.    He explained that there was no cure all for my illnesses but there are ways to keep it under control and give me something that resembles a life.  I think I am head-over-heels-schoolgirl-giddy-in-love with my new Rhumy.  In thirty minutes he gave me more than my previous Rhumatologist did in the year I saw him.  

My day was instantly better.  Don't you just love that?  When you get that little pick me up that carries you through the next day?  Me too.

Could my day get any better?  My answer is a resounding YES!  
Once I got home, my daughter had stopped by after work on her way home just to say Hi.  She told me that I had visitors at the door.  

As I started to the door, she casually stated... "there are six of them".

Yes.  There. Were.

Six glorious ducks hanging out at my door.  What a welcoming committee if I ever saw one.
We live in a community with several ponds, where various water fowl live.  Geese, swans, cranes and ducks.  These guys were just walking around looking for hand outs.  Two apples, ten strawberries and a sleeve of crackers later, they were on their way back to the pond across the street.  

So today was a fantastic day after all.   I am truly thankful and blessed to have experienced the joy these ducks brought to me.


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Aubrey said...

I love the ducks! :) Thank you so much for stopping by...I have missed you!