Thursday, February 9, 2012

If A Pictures Worth A Thousand Words...

Then these lovelies I found at Target are worth a couple of thousand words.  Aren't they divine?  First time I saw them I think I may have drooled.  Just a little.

Not wanting to pay the $16.99 for them I walked away, entertained the idea of trying to recreate the look some thing like the one from Pottery Barn.  Sigh...
Fast forward a few days ago, at Target again and the pictures are marked down, $11.88.  Um, better but still not what I felt comfortable paying. I know I am cheap frugal, but I was hoping that the price would grow on me because they were just that cool.

Today I checked back to see if the pictures were there...Happy Dance!  They were and marked down to $5.08 (70% off original price each.  You know what I did next, grabbed those babies and high tailed it to the cashier.  Even she remarked how awesome they were.  
 Eiffel tower
Big Ben
I put them in the long hallway on the blank canvas of wall.  Where they are a bit lonely.
I am seriously in love with the idea of  a gallery wall, they are every where these days
... now to just find a few more great black and white pictures to create a gallery in the long hallway of my home.

Guess you know what I will be doing tomorrow and Saturday morning and I am up for the challenge.

Ta Ta For Now....



Betty said...

Good for you!!!! Patience pays off, doesn't it?

Betty @ Country Charm

Audra said...

You know it Betty! LOL!