Thursday, February 16, 2012

Good Bye Daddy Frank

The day after his 74th Birthday, the day after my latest post, my step-father passed away suddenly.
He was out in the beautiful Arizona sunshine, playing a round of golf, when his heart stopped.
He was gone in an instant, even after all the heroic life saving attempts from the other golfers, golf staff and skilled paramedics.  

Gone.  Doing what he loved doing, playing golf and spending the morning basking in the sunshine. Gone before I could tell him how much I still loved him.
Gone before my brother could come out for a visit.

The loss of our last living parent, just shy of the nine year anniversary of our mother's death, has brought our family together once again.

He was my step father, not my biological father, but the only man I ever knew as my Daddy.  I adored him and though of him as Ten Feet Tall and Bullet Proof in his police uniform. I was so proud of his service to his country and his life long patriotism. His love for his children, for his dogs, for his friends. He always had a story or a joke to share. He had a twinkle in his brown eyes that is mirrored in my little sisters eyes and those of her youngest daughter Kimberlee. 

A light went out in our family, but the memories of him will continue to shine on in our lives forever.

Life is precious and so fleeting.

Hug your family...kiss them and tell them how much you love them.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

If A Pictures Worth A Thousand Words...

Then these lovelies I found at Target are worth a couple of thousand words.  Aren't they divine?  First time I saw them I think I may have drooled.  Just a little.

Not wanting to pay the $16.99 for them I walked away, entertained the idea of trying to recreate the look some thing like the one from Pottery Barn.  Sigh...
Fast forward a few days ago, at Target again and the pictures are marked down, $11.88.  Um, better but still not what I felt comfortable paying. I know I am cheap frugal, but I was hoping that the price would grow on me because they were just that cool.

Today I checked back to see if the pictures were there...Happy Dance!  They were and marked down to $5.08 (70% off original price each.  You know what I did next, grabbed those babies and high tailed it to the cashier.  Even she remarked how awesome they were.  
 Eiffel tower
Big Ben
I put them in the long hallway on the blank canvas of wall.  Where they are a bit lonely.
I am seriously in love with the idea of  a gallery wall, they are every where these days
... now to just find a few more great black and white pictures to create a gallery in the long hallway of my home.

Guess you know what I will be doing tomorrow and Saturday morning and I am up for the challenge.

Ta Ta For Now....


Monday, February 6, 2012

Without Hope or Agenda...

I am writing again on this blog.  The blog I was terrified to start writing until my husband stood over me as I nervously wrote my first post.  I didn't even know what to call this blog, everyone out in blog land had such great titles for their blog and I tried to come up with a name.  

Frugal Missus.

Not a blog about being decidedly frugal or the fact that I am married (ie: the missus part)...just simply a blog about things that I loved.  Top of the list, yard sales, thrifting, DIY, home making, frugality and the pursuit of all.

After nearly two years, I gave up.  I felt that life had become to hard, that I really wasn't connecting with anyone with my blog and posts, the same five people were commenting, etc.  A pity party so to speak. five people RAWK...thank you for always having nice things to say.  

The cold hard reality of the situation that I am sick.  Not in a mental sort of way...well maybe that too...but honest to goodness so sick that I couldn't get better. Hair falling out, rash, fever, aches and fatigue like I had worked 80 hours in a day. 

Skipping all the sorted details, I was diagnosed with Lupus.  That evil life sucking illness that can render you in the fetal position within an hour of a flare up.  That Lupus. 

I didn't say anything when I left, because I was in denial about being sick.  I figured a month off and I would be back with a renewed sense of dedication.   Little did I know that it was not meant to be.

Months later, I started to miss writing, reading and sharing.  I missed all of you...all the followers that still hung in there and the those who sent emails to make sure I was ok.  It's not uncommon to follow a blog for a few years only to have the blogger go MIA.  

I wasn't going to write again.  I was pretty angry (see pity party reference) at life in general.  I had to find that place where I was happy again, or a reasonable facsimile.

After plotting post after post in my head for two months, I had to work up the nerve to find something to post.  Because let me tell you, there have been some major transformations in my life and my home in the last 8 months.  many things I wanted to share but didn't.

The gist is, I stopped being so critical of myself.  I want to blog, I want to write and if there is one person reading this blog still then I will continue to do so.

I might even change the blog around, much like I have changed my life.  So without hope or agenda dear friends, I want you to know that I am back, ready to share with you all. 

Bonne Nuit Mes Amies...