Monday, June 27, 2011

Dusting off the blog...

Ok...ahem...hello?  Is there anyone still reading my blog?
I know there have to be a few of you still out there...I hope.

I have been MIA...
Wish I had a better reason for my sabbatical, like a summer vacation in France!
A summer by the Beach?
Bigger No...
Uh, I was hiding from my instant celebrity and the random paparazzi?
No...Nope, Nada.

Instead I was in flare up mode and have spent the last seven weeks trying to get back on track.
I have rested.
I have slept, 
I have cursed...maybe once or twice.
I have cried and begged.
I have stopped and listened to my body
I am now ready to deal with the aftermath and turning over a new leaf.

I thought about this blog.
I felt sorry for my little blog and for the direction I haven't taken it.
Then I realized that I am all of the things I listed here, I still love being frugal, 
I love, love, big puffy heart love decorating and creating oh...and treasure hunting.

All I need is to write, have my great followers/friends I have made blogging,
my family and my health.  Oh...and my cats who diligently saw me through
this last flare up.

Even though they didn't clean house worth a darn, they sat on my bed, on the couch and outside the bathroom door.  
Now that is love people...
when your fur baby puts it's paw under the door to play footsie with you. 
Real love.

I am not going to stop blogging...but I  am making changes to this blog.
  I need a new color scheme and I want to make it less fussy.

I want to show you all the crazy things I thought of doing while imprisoned resting.
I want to show you how I am down sizing and clearing out.
Because I know others are doing it...and I may need some hand holding as I make my way thorough this.
I love my stuff...but I just don't have the energy to own it and to be bound to it all.the.time.

That being said, I wanted to tell you I am back and I have missed you all.  Every single one of you.



btw...Happy Birthday to my Mother who would have been 77 today.  I wish Heaven had visiting hours!