Monday, April 4, 2011

Fortuitous Happenstance....

Was it serendipity?  
Perhaps a chance circumstance that put me on the path to secure the items I had been thinking of.  After all, isn't that why we shop Thrifts, Garage Sales, Consignment and Swaps?

  The thrill of the hunt, the rush of rush of adrenaline when we locate a "find" and the joy when we bring it home to love.

This is what fuels me, every Saturday without fail that I can, to get out and drive around hunting for treasures.

Being held hostage by my body and nasty flare ups, I haven't been getting out and about much.  This past Saturday I woke up, drank my tea and realized I felt the best I had in weeks.  

Grabbed the keys and hit the door....

There were two community sales and four Rummage Sales.  One of them didn't start until 9:00 am, giving me two hours to hit the neighborhood sales.

Look what I found....

All for five dollars.  I have salad plates and bowls in this lily pad design, can't wait to use them in a table scape.
Then there was these...
 Copper pot, about 16 inches high an 11 inches across.
 Potpourri holder...I plan on making it into a terrarium, a la Pottery Barn
Five yards of milk chocolate velvet chenille fabric.  I have plans to cover the kitchen chairs in this...and make a few pillows as well.  All this for $10.00

Stopped at a moving sale ...nearly tripped over my feet to get to the goodness within that Garage!
I saw these...

and did this....
Because I knew that they were...they just had to be...
Yes!  Fist Pump and Happy Dance!  I saw these seven pewter candle stick holders covered in wax...
and asked if they would take $10.00 for them instead of $15.00 they were marked. 
A little hot water and patience...
I also found these lovelies
and these...
and this...
Linen look vase from Pottery Barn.  Sigh....

My sister says I can spot Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Ballard and Williams Sonoma at 50 paces. 
I can tell you I get all tingly when these items are near...Spidey Sense?

I spotted this set of light yellow dishes from Home by Target.  It has been my desire to get away from the Tuscan reds and golds and get back to a simple clean palette.  I thought these dishes would mix well with the white dishes I have been wanting.

The dishes I currently have are beautiful but heavy and get possitively nuclear hot in the microwave, in spite being microwave safe.

Getting a bit tired, I decided to stop at the Rummage Sale then head on home.

A little surprised to see the rummage sale set up with individual sellers, kind of like a swap meet or flea market.
  Sixteen sellers, with everything under the sun...with a variety of prices.  
I made a quick run through to see if there were any treasures.

Then I did this again....
because I spotted these on a table.
a nearly complete set of Pfaltzgraff dishes and....the yellow looked like it would match the yellow dishes I had in the car.
Instead of walking a block down the road to may car, I said a quick prayer and bought them for $10.00.
The pattern is called Key Largo, which was discontinued in 2002.  
These dishes are in excellent condition, not a nick or chip in sight.


and they match perfectly with my new-to-me yellow set.  What are the odds?
Fortuitous Happenstance!

As I was packing up the dishes, the seller brought out these mixing bowls...did I want them?
Uh...Yes! Yes I did!  She said one was missing so she only charged me $3.00 for the set.  

I washed them, admired them and put them in my cupboard.  I may have opened the cupboard doors a few times to look at them...because they are so perfect!

Now to find the off white dishes I have been thinking of...
Oh well, there is always next weekend!

Bonne Chance and Happy Hunting.



All That Glitters said...

Girl!!! You hot the jackpot on so many things!!! Love that copper pot!!

Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

Can I go with you next time?? You find the best stuff!

Rhonda said...

your yard sales always make me want to move to AZ.
I know you will enjoy your purchases.

and I am still using and getting compliments on the chicken shoppping bag I won on your blog a year or 2 ago.

Beth said...

You ALWAYS find the best things! I love the snoopy dance reference! I could totally see you doing that too! Haha!

Betty said...

Wow! Great finds....I can see we would be wanting the same things were we shopping together!

Blessings...Betty @ Country Charm

Marigene said...

Looks like you had a good day at the sales, Audra! I really like the tiered fruit basket and copper pot. Great buy on the nice can do a wonderful spring tablescape with them.

Mimi said...

WHAT GREAT BUYS you have found!!!I love that 3 tired rack!!!
Oh I need to get up early and go to some sales!!!

Style Studio said...

feel like I went with you! Great finds-lot's of things I would have loved for my own store-great post-love your blog!