Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Frugal Missus and The Teenager Make Pizza

Yep, you read that right.  I finally jumped on the bandwagon with all those other spectacular moms and wives who make their own pizza.

No stinkin' card board pizza for my family...(uh, though I do like California Pizza Kitchens Margherita pizza... oh and the bbq chicken is divine as well...sssh) or some delivery pizza.  Nope, I caved into those blue eyes of the teenager and said YES! to making home made pizza.

Now for those of you that have tried this at home and know that it's not as hard as I make it out to be...let me tell you that I am more an experimental know, I don't follow a receipe but use it more as a suggestion?  

With a wee bit of trepidation, we set off to make some pizza's to rival Papa John's!  (their Italian Meat die for!)

Step 1: Make or Purchase Pizza Dough. 
We purchased from Fresh and Easy on mark down for .75 each.  One wheat and two traditional white doughs.

Step 2: Roll dough out into circle about 1/3 of inch thick 

Step 3: Place on pizza sheet because you don't have a pizza stone...(I must find one!)

Step 4: Sauce the pizza dough.  Take care not to over sauce your dough like I did. 
We purchased the sauce from our grocery store deli.  They have it in plastic tubs for $1.99.  I bought two which was more than enough for three pizzas.

Step 5:  Put some cheese on it.  We purchased Pizza cheese on sale for $1.00.  I bought two but only used one for all three pizzas.

Step 6: Pile on the toppings of your choice.  In this picture, I am touching anchovies for Fly Guy's pizza.  He bought filleted anchovies, no way could I deal with whole fishies.

I do it out of love man...I do it out of love.

Step 7: Make The Teenagers more mom friendly pizza, Pepperoni only!

Step 8: Forget to take a picture of your pizza you made, half peperoni and half veggie pizza.
Uh...No.  I don't do anchovy.

Step 9: Pop in the oven for 17 to 20 minutes.

Avoid Step 10: Burn your arm like crazy.

Step 11:  Take pictures of baked pizza, hot out of the oven, then accidentally delete it from camera.
Cuz...I'm good like that.

Then sit down and enjoy your home made pizza and wait for the out pouring of love from appreciative husband and kiddos.  

It was delicious, as tasty as take out and for three pizza's I spent about $6.00 for each pizza.
The best thing?
That I spent that time with my Teenager, laughing, learning and loving. last thing...

Look what I found last weekend at a garage sale.
a pizza cook book!  I can see lots more home made pizza in our future.

Bon Appetite....


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Frugal Missus gets out and about....

I have been under the weather lately.  
Not feeling up to blogging or much of anything for that matter.

Gave myself a pep talk to get through the flare up, only to be sidelined by my fibromyalgia.

 I don't talk much about these "friends" or their visits, because I try to keep on living and not letting them get in my way.

That works sometimes...and other times...well not so much.

I spent a couple of days, down in the dumps, you know, throwing a pity party for one?

Laid on the couch and debated if I even wanted to blog at all, ever.again. Toyed with idea of getting rid of everything and only keeping the couch, tv and bed.  
After all, that's all you need when you are feeling sorry for yourself.  :)

Then I started to feel a bit better, the mood swing subsided,  another pep talk and swift kick in the back side...and got up and got out.

There were loads of sales this weekend.  Two subdivisions in my neighborhood were having community sales.  That was enough to motivate me to head out.

Loved this flag...perfect enticement to stop in and take a look.

I am surprised at the number of sales that were being run by men. 

This one as well.  Lots of goodies to sift through.

I picked up a few things this weekend, my favorite had to be these, 
Wrought Iron gate pieces.  The lady was selling them because her husband told her he couldn't do what she wanted with them. 

She paid this for each piece.  I paid $1.00 each.  
I don't know what I am going to do with them, but I knew I had to get them.
Picked up these urns for $4.00 each, doesn't hurt to ask if they will take less.

Loved this whimsical cake plate...this will be going on eBay.

Loved the size of the two over-sized baskets.  $1.00 each.  
They are versatile for decorating or storage options, once I decide where to put them.

These oils were marked $3.00 each.  Only problem, they were four years out of code.  
The woman told us she still uses them and has never had a problem with them. 
I didn't buy any...

However, the second best buy of the day, was from the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group at the Lutheren Church.   
They had a Consignment Sale in the Gym... prices were closer to consigment/high end thrift stores.
  I spied this and made a bee-line for it.

Yes, I can spy Pottery Barn goodness across the parking lot.
I happily paid my ten dollars, as I have coveted desired this for-ev-er!
At a fraction of the original cost, there was no way this wasn't coming home with me.

Who needs retail therepy when there is yard sale therapy?  Hope you found some great things this weekend!

I am linking up with Leigh over at Tales from Bloggeritaville for Thrifty Thursday.

Au Revoir...


Friday, March 11, 2011

Sweet Surprise Gift From A Sweet Southern Friend

I have the greatest friend name Meg...

We "met" when I found her first blog a few years ago and started following it.  We would email each other and I told her that I was starting a blog as well and she became my first follower.

I didn't even have any posts yet and she followed me!

I think I knew we would be forever friends from that moment on.

I have never met Meg but we have mailed, emailed, and texted.  
We have spent hours on the phone just chatting like long lost friends.

Don't you love the blogging community?  
How we can live thousands of miles away and start talking like we've known each other for life?

Meg blogs over at How To Eat Well On A Budget...she knows what she is talking about.  
She has fed her family and her son's friends and countless others
on a shoestring budget 
and does it with a joyful heart.
She is the nicest, most down to earth, lovely lady 
and I am blessed to call her friend.

She asked me if I missed any Southern things here in Arizona.  
Then she sent me this lovely care package all the way from North Carolina.

Duke's Mayonnaise! 
Is there anything more delicious in Potato Salad or on a sandwich? 
Fly Guy is really spoiled now, he says he doesn't know if he can go back to Best Foods.

My BIL is from Eastern Texas and was thrilled to see

JohnBoy and Billy's Grillin' Sauce


He told me they use it on EVERYTHING...and I have taken him at his word, 
I put it on pork chops, bbq chicken and I even put a little in our hamburgers last night. 
This stuff is addicting!

Then there were these lovely plaques from Southern Living at Home.
 I am going to hang them in my bathroom with some metal roof tins
I think...

and this cook book
Hometown Heroes is a cook book that Meg and others collaborated on for a scholorship program to honor fallen soldier SPC Christopher Barton.  I was honored that Meg sent this to me, as she spent months gathering, sorting, and typing the recipes to send to the publisher.  This cook book is a tribute to Chris and all of the other soldiers serving and have served.  As Meg puts it "sharing a meal together with family is one of the simplest things a soldier misses when they are away."

This package was a much needed lift to a rough week and I was beyond touched at her gesture.  She is a true friend for life and I hope you all will head over to her blog 
or email her if you are interested in purchasing one of the Hometown Heroes cook books.

À tout à l'heure !

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I got some 'splaining to do....

I am junk...there I said it!  
Or maybe I should say Je suis junque!
I can't believe two weeks went by without me visiting you all and my blog..I do have a valid excuse.
Do you want to hear it?


Here's the mini version.  I went to the rummage sale at the church on Saturday the 26th.
I was not happy.
Nope.  Not at all.
Not the sale I had bragged about, drug my sister out at 4:30 am to meet me to make the 45 minute drive to Chandler or boasted about to my co-workers how they who also came out to see the spectacular event. was bupkiss.
Nada...Zilch and what a major let down.

I didn't even take pictures because I was really kind of pissy...because it was so phenominal last year.
And I even passed up the other rummage sale to attend this one.
Boo Hiss.

On a positive note, I had a blast hanging out with my little sister who was able to score some great clothing items and shoes for herself and both her girls.

I did get some things, just not the fabulousness I expected.
Perhaps the economy being what it is, more people are having sales of their own instead of donating...or ebaying or Craigslisting?

I was not feeling the vibe at the sale or any garage sales we went to.  I was kind of feeling..whiny.

Turns out I was getting a migraine.  A bad one.  A three day, kick my butt event that ruined  Sunday- Fly Guy's birthday and kept me out of work until Thursday.

Yeah...good times.
Then my back started I went to the crack and wack doctor (my Chiropractor) and let him work his magic.

I thought I should be feeling better but I just wasn't.
I should have known a flare up was right around the corner.  So I have been fighting a lovely Crohn's flare up for the past three days.

And...I was feeling a little bit sorry for myself.

Then today, I remembered that it's just a bump in the road.  Just another little blip and this too will pass.
There are always other weekends, rummage sales, and hopefully birthdays.  What is important is I had a wonderful time reminiscing about our mother with my little sister and remembering how much she is like our mom. 

I may have put a downer on Fly Guy's birthday, but we can go out to eat sushi another time. 
What matters is that we are happy and he loves me in spite of everything. 

That last weekend I had the opportunity to see my College Diva and then visit with my Aunt and Uncle in Cottonwood.  
That always does my heart good to see my family.

My chiropractor rocks and my back is almost good as new...
Crohn's is not going to rule my life, it will take a back seat here in a few days and I will be back to almost normal...or normal for me.

I have lots of catching up to do..reading your blogs, posting my few finds and my lovely surprise gift from my wonderful friend Meg who blogs over at How To Eat Well On A Budget, who sent me two packages filled with wonderful goodies that I will share with you tomorrow.

Hope you all are having a wonderful bloggy day!