Friday, January 14, 2011

what i was doing...instead of blogging

Catching up on mommy and me time with my cutie....College Diva.

I realize that there will be fewer of these oportunities as she completes college, goes to Spain, heads to graduate school and off into the real world where mommies are not allowed.


I can't believe she grew up.  But for one glorious month, she has been here.
in our new home. baking, cooking, cleaning, playing around on my new pc while waiting for her new pc to arrrive (thank goodness for Christmas monies and a nice financial aid refund) since hers died the day after Christmas.

We have had wonderful chats about life, about people and experiences.  I realized that my little girl is now a grown woman and I am proud to have her in my life.

So I spent all this time playing mommy and cataloguing these memories for when she is off on her own and we only have a phone and Skype to keep us connected.

Then I spent time watching movies with the Teenager, who was happy to share Grey's Anatomy with Diva and I.  I realized that my little boy is now nearly 6 ft tall, deep voiced, handsome young man.

Where did my little guy go...the one who held my hand and said "I hold you" when he wanted me to hold him?

I cherished this time with the both of them, realizing that they are growing up and eventually...sigh....they will leave my nest and make their way into the world.

but...I will always be there to talk, laugh, cry and catch them if they need me.

After all....I am still the Mommy.



PS:  I saw a sign that says my community is having a community garage sale tomorrow.  Guess where I will be and I will be posting/blogging from my new HP Net Book.  I think I puffy heart this little pc. 

A biento!

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Beth said...

I have an Acer net book and I LOVE it!! Nothing like mama/daughter time. It goes by way too fast.