Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Target, Caldrea, Mrs. Meyers and Me....

Thank you for stopping by today!  Things have been busy in la maison, so busy in fact that I almost missed heading out to Target for the 75% off Christmas sale. I made it on the very day they marked the items down.  Woo Hoo.  

I will be posting my finds from Target after Christmas sale tomorrow.  What I have to share for you is the fantastic find on Caldrea items.

I big puffy heart of my all time favorite items is the linen spray.  A few spritzes and the linens and room smell fantastic.

I use to order it online, then found some in a boutique in down town Phoenix, then last year discovered it in Target.  Sigh...Happiness.  

So when I spotted an entire end cap of Caldrea products ...(are you with me???) sporting those tantalizing orange clearance stickers, I tripped right on over and started filling up my cart.  Uh Huh...50% off.  
All the while thanking my MIL for giving me a Target gift card for Christmas.
So I could buy these lovely cleaning supplies.
They make my heart sing, lift my spirits and make cleaning less of a chore and more fun.

If you check out the Caldrea website, they have 40% off Holiday Scents. 
Sweet Pea...on sale...smells heavenly.

25% off of discontinued fragrances...I highly recommend Sandlewood Riceflower.
Go on...head on over.  I promise to wait.

Cleaning has never been easier...well unless you are using Mrs. Meyers...
My other favorite cleaner.  
I just started using Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day about a year ago, after discovering that is made by the people who started Caldrea.  With Basil, Lavender, Geranium,Lemon Verbena scents, there is a fragrance to sure to appeal. What is not to love? 

Of course I love Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products just as much...
as Nester at The Nesting Place and Melissa over at  The Inspired Room do.

These ladies are some smart chicks...they really are, you should read how Mrs. Meyer's inspires them.

Imagine my surprise when I walked into my neighborhood Sprouts, to find the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products half off...with coupons attached!

  Once again thankful for Christmas cash so I could buy several bottles.

I  take this as a sign to get busy cleaning and organizing for the new year.
I might even light a candle as Melissa suggests.

Ta Ta For Now....



CW said...

Gotta love Target! They have great sales!

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

I live!!
I have never used Caldrea. But I saw them on sale at Tarjay here, too!
I guess I must go back and see if there are any left.
My favorite Mrs. Meyer's scent has to be the Basil.
Mrs. M is at Wal-Mart here, but still $8 a bottle or so. Gotta find some coupons!
I have missed you!
I pray you are well and having an awesome New Year so far?
Remember those signs you mailed me?
They are now in my office, which I share with beefcake.
One above HIS desk, and one above HER desk.
They will be part of the staging of our house! (And when we move, they'll probably go in a bathroom :)
So, I think about you every day when i see my signs!
I'll be posting all year about getting our home ready, I guess. Cuz that''s all I'll be doing--ugh.
I need to go read some of your posts now and see what you've been up to!