Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday's Frugal Finds

Woke up, made some hot tea because it was just a little chilly at 40 degrees and headed out saling.

Waited for these geese to head across the street to the other pond.
uh, have you ever been chased by a goose?  I wasn't taking any chances. 

First sale I found a set of bistro style tables.  I am going to use them as end tables for now, but they are so versatile, indoor/outdoor, College Diva's first apartment.  I flinched only slightly at the $15.00 price. 

One yard sale didn't look like much, but I got out anyway and so glad I did.  Nothing priced over a dollar with most items priced at .25 cents!  The kind of sale the Queen of Fifty Cents would have loved.
I picked up this fake plant for a quarter,
Not my thing usually, I needed a pop of color for my pot shelf in the kitchen.
Voila! Plant, .25 cents, trunk $2.00 at a yard sale two years ago, & tray (another yard sale find earlier this year) $1.00.  Used the tray to give lift to the trunk, which looked dwarfted between these pictures.
These pictures I found last year but forgot to blog about them.  I didn't hang them in our previous home because we were moving.
Brought them to new home and had trouble finding place to hang them with our open floor plan.
Solution, prop them up on plant shelf.

I paid $20.00 for the pair in May of last year.  Retail price was $250.00.  
Back to the quarter yard sale...I also picked up this,
and used it for my kitchen towels until I can get some greenery for it.
Spotted this large wicker type bowl, for a quarter it was coming home with me.
 as did the little trunk. 

Next stop was the yard sale being run by men.
Picked up two pair of jeans for my niece at $1.00 a piece.
Which will go great with the shirts I found for her on Friday.
Doesn't everyone yard sale on their lunch hour on Friday?
.25 cent each.  

Another sale I stopped at turned out to be at a house I had stopped at before last year.
This time around I picked up these scissors because they remind me of the wooden pairs I see in Potter Barn
A couple of coats of ORB will make them perfect for my office area. $1.00.
Also picked up a couple of great clothing items for a $1.00 each.

Doesn't my shower curtain make a lovely back drop?

Purchased this little stand for $2.00 to put in the guest bathroom. 

Thinking about giving it a make over either spray painting it or applying a wash over it.
Heres the top of the stand..a few little places of slight damage but I am sure I can cover them.
The candles and leaf came from different yard sales last year.  I don't know if I blogged about them.
Leaf was .50 and candles were .10 cents each and I bought six of them.

Last stop, St. Pete's Repete Boutique.
 Where I encountered the little boy who just had to have his gurrolla...(gorilla in three year old speak)
I saw this and just had to have it.
An air popper!   
For a dollar! 
Woo Hoo! 
  Microwave popcorn has a tendency to trigger migraines so I don't eat it.  Now I can make my own popcorn just like we did when we were kids.  
Psyched to give it a try.

Hope you enjoyed the goodies, please stop back by for the next exciting adventures of...The Frugal Missus.
Hanging out with Leigh over at Tales from Bloggeritaville for Thrifty Thursday.  Come on over and join the fun.



moo said...

Awesome finds bestie.. you rock!

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Wow, I would have loved all those sales! Especially all the overheard remarks. Great finds!

Shay said...

Actually your shower curtain rocks.

Crazy bargains Audra. If I ever get to your corner of the globe you're taking me to your yard sales. Most of the stuff here is just junk!

Honey at 2805 said...

Wow, what great deals you found! And I love the "crazy things overheard"...some are so interesting and can really fuel the imagination!

Thanks for stopping by and I'm following you. Will probably see you a one of the "thrifty finds" parties this week!


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh my goodness. I was out garage saling also, didn't find nearly the treasures you did. I would say you had a very good day and the prices are just unreal. Love it all. Hugs, Marty

Kathryn said...

Great finds! Love those side tables.

Michelle@ A Full Cottage said...

Wow you did great! I just love yard sales where they price everything at .25 cents. We just had a blizzard here today so I will have to wait at least 6-8 weeks before I can yard sale boo who:(

:) Michelle

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

You got some super deals. I would have loved to have been at that quarter yardsale. Things are a lot more expensive in our area. ~~Sherry~~