Thursday, January 27, 2011

Frugal Food Finds....

I wouldn't be the Frugal Missus if I didn't try to always find ways to cut our food budget.
I also would be lying if I said I never get stuck in a rut fixing the same ol' things for dinner. 

I am a foodie, love to cook and try out new things.  The Teenager...not so much.  Fly Guy, well his Momma raised him right and he will try it and usually eat it without complaint.  He may ask a few questions..."what is that white stuff with cucumber in it?"  but he will give it a try anyway.

In an effort to stretch my food dollars even further to feed the boys, I haunt my local grocery stores and the stores around my office for great mark downs.

I usually do a bit of grocery shopping on my lunch hour since there are four grocery stores within two mile of my office.   Two major chains, one local chain and one independent specialty grocery store.

Today I hit up one of the local chain stores, Sprouts. produce, breads, meats and cheeses...mouthwatering.
Not to mention loose spices and ethnic's a fantastic place to shop..and their prices are great. It's like a Farmers Market and Specialty Food shop under one roof.

I usually visit the store by my office at least twice a week.  First stop is always the marked down bins in the back of the store.  Sometimes it's hit or miss, but was stock full.

I did the happy dance around another customer and started loading up my cart with these lovelies...

Yes, they were all on the mark down bin, as were these...

and these...

and these....

all marked down to the wonderful price of..

Yes... that's right!  Less than a dollar for each item!  No wonder I was grabbing and a stashing items as fast as I could.

Only a couple items are close to code, within two to three months.  The rest are good for a year or more. 
Ok...I definately won't have any of this food left in a year.

I make it a habit to check every stores mark downs, even stores in the same chain because they all mark down at different times.  

Today I spent $40.00 and walked away with over $200.00 worth of food items.  I encourage you to check out your stores mark down aisle, bin or even grocery baskets.  You might be surprised to find high end items for a fraction of the cost.

Another great find today was 93/7 hamburger for $2.19 a pound.  In order to get the low price you had to buy the family pack of five or more pounds.  Not a problem for this Frugal Missus, I just take it home and divide it up into freezer packages and use when needed.

What's a girl to do?  I have a flinching point on everything and my flinching point for hamburger is $2.49 a pound.  I bought 12 pounds of hamburger which will make approximately 12 meals because I am kind of crazy like that.

I see Spaghetti, Goulash, Meatloaf and Hamburgers in our future, which will earn me bonus points with The Teenager and Fly Guy!

Bon Appetite!



Suzanne with Laughing Wallet said...

I just realized while reading this that lately I've been going into the store and beelining for the aisles without even checking the clearance bin! Who knows what deals I passed up? You have reminded/inspired me to take an extra few minutes to check the mark-downs!

Beth said...

Great finds! That's also how I buy my ground beef. I get a larger pack and divide it up when I get home and put it in the freezer.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Great bargains. I try to buy hamburger in large packages and save big $$ that way. I will have to look for my stores markdowns, I'm not aware of any. Hmmmmmmm thanks for the tip!