Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday's Frugal Finds

Woke up, made some hot tea because it was just a little chilly at 40 degrees and headed out saling.

Waited for these geese to head across the street to the other pond.
uh, have you ever been chased by a goose?  I wasn't taking any chances. 

First sale I found a set of bistro style tables.  I am going to use them as end tables for now, but they are so versatile, indoor/outdoor, College Diva's first apartment.  I flinched only slightly at the $15.00 price. 

One yard sale didn't look like much, but I got out anyway and so glad I did.  Nothing priced over a dollar with most items priced at .25 cents!  The kind of sale the Queen of Fifty Cents would have loved.
I picked up this fake plant for a quarter,
Not my thing usually, I needed a pop of color for my pot shelf in the kitchen.
Voila! Plant, .25 cents, trunk $2.00 at a yard sale two years ago, & tray (another yard sale find earlier this year) $1.00.  Used the tray to give lift to the trunk, which looked dwarfted between these pictures.
These pictures I found last year but forgot to blog about them.  I didn't hang them in our previous home because we were moving.
Brought them to new home and had trouble finding place to hang them with our open floor plan.
Solution, prop them up on plant shelf.

I paid $20.00 for the pair in May of last year.  Retail price was $250.00.  
Back to the quarter yard sale...I also picked up this,
and used it for my kitchen towels until I can get some greenery for it.
Spotted this large wicker type bowl, for a quarter it was coming home with me.
 as did the little trunk. 

Next stop was the yard sale being run by men.
Picked up two pair of jeans for my niece at $1.00 a piece.
Which will go great with the shirts I found for her on Friday.
Doesn't everyone yard sale on their lunch hour on Friday?
.25 cent each.  

Another sale I stopped at turned out to be at a house I had stopped at before last year.
This time around I picked up these scissors because they remind me of the wooden pairs I see in Potter Barn
A couple of coats of ORB will make them perfect for my office area. $1.00.
Also picked up a couple of great clothing items for a $1.00 each.

Doesn't my shower curtain make a lovely back drop?

Purchased this little stand for $2.00 to put in the guest bathroom. 

Thinking about giving it a make over either spray painting it or applying a wash over it.
Heres the top of the stand..a few little places of slight damage but I am sure I can cover them.
The candles and leaf came from different yard sales last year.  I don't know if I blogged about them.
Leaf was .50 and candles were .10 cents each and I bought six of them.

Last stop, St. Pete's Repete Boutique.
 Where I encountered the little boy who just had to have his gurrolla...(gorilla in three year old speak)
I saw this and just had to have it.
An air popper!   
For a dollar! 
Woo Hoo! 
  Microwave popcorn has a tendency to trigger migraines so I don't eat it.  Now I can make my own popcorn just like we did when we were kids.  
Psyched to give it a try.

Hope you enjoyed the goodies, please stop back by for the next exciting adventures of...The Frugal Missus.
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Crazy things I overheard at yard sales today...

Today was ripe with loads and loads of yard sales.

I saw all kinds of goodies and wished I had more space and money to get them.

Greatest yard sale of the day....nothing more than a dollar.  Most items were $.25 which is the perfect frugal price.

Then there was the yard sale run by men.  Yes, three men hosting a yard sale while their wives were gone of a girls weekend to Las Vegas.  

It won hands down for most organized sale, all clothing was folded and piles on tables, shoes seperated by size.  The man whose house it was hosted at decided to have a sale while his wife was gone, because she had boxes and boxes of items housed in the garage to have a yard sale and then never did.

So he did...and was going to give her the money to redecorate their bedroom.  
Can you all say  Awwww....with me?

There was the Moving sale that looked more like someone cleaning out cupboards.  Three tables of glassware and mismatched dishes, silverware and rubbermaid storeage containers.
Two ladies leaving the sale saying..."You call that a moving sale?  What did they expect to move?  Everything?"  This was at 7:30 am and this is what it looked like.

I am sure they didn't get bought out in 30 minutes...just not much of a sale.

Then there was the lady who was helping her Mother and Aunt with their sale, explaining what she does for a living.  "Uh...I am not a Nanny...I am a Household Manager".
She went on to explain that she cleans, cooks and basically keeps the wife company while she shops and then helps with the baby when the wife is busy.  The Aunt says..."Oh, so you are like another wife for the wife?"  and the lady says..."No I am like the really cool best friend of the wife who gets all the casts offs that she doesn't want and I get paid for being her bff..."
OMG!  Hook me up with that j. o. b!  I am so good at that!

Then the two men talking about buying a lamp.  The one older man asked if it took those "Heparin" lights. The other gentle man said..."You mean one of those Halogen lights".   The older man looked confused and said..."I get so confused... I probably told the pharmacy to fill my Halogen pills"

I am so not kidding...

Last sale of the day...another Moving Sale. I see the same two ladies walking away...once again muttering "You call THIS a moving sale?  Who are they kidding, more like a trash sale...who wants to take that with them when they move sale, garbage, I mean....really, junk....."
I guess they weren't impressed with the few tables of miscellaneous stuff or the older washer and dryer set for $120.00.

Last stop was St. Pete's Thrift Store, where I overheard a little boy telling his mother that he had to have the "Gurrolla" (gorilla for those that don't speak three year old).  When the momma said, "It's three dollars, that's kind of steep..." (It was a huge, floppy, long haired gurolla and worth the $3.00 imo..) the little boy wrapped his arms around the gorilla and said.."Mom!  It's a matter of life and death...he will die here with out me and I can't live without him!"

I just melted my heart too!  So glad he was able to take him home!

People never cease to amaze me....  Hope your weekend was as entertaining!

Will be posting my finds tomorrow!



Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Favorites...

Who doesn't love fresh flowers?

I would have fresh flowers every day if possible.

Since I can't...
I make due with finding them at great prices at the local grocery stores and flower markets. I check the ads and look at the mark downs in each store. 
Some times I come home empty handed, other times I have great flowers for 50% to 75% off retail.

This week I found Oriental Lilies at F&E on mark down from $7.00...

for $2.45 a bunch.  I got two.

and put them in a Cylinder type vase as they suggested...(I wish you could scratch and sniff these...they smell heavenly!)
Voila...instant beauty for less than $5.00!

Happy Friday!
Have a joyous weekend mon amies!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Frugal Food Finds....

I wouldn't be the Frugal Missus if I didn't try to always find ways to cut our food budget.
I also would be lying if I said I never get stuck in a rut fixing the same ol' things for dinner. 

I am a foodie, love to cook and try out new things.  The Teenager...not so much.  Fly Guy, well his Momma raised him right and he will try it and usually eat it without complaint.  He may ask a few questions..."what is that white stuff with cucumber in it?"  but he will give it a try anyway.

In an effort to stretch my food dollars even further to feed the boys, I haunt my local grocery stores and the stores around my office for great mark downs.

I usually do a bit of grocery shopping on my lunch hour since there are four grocery stores within two mile of my office.   Two major chains, one local chain and one independent specialty grocery store.

Today I hit up one of the local chain stores, Sprouts. produce, breads, meats and cheeses...mouthwatering.
Not to mention loose spices and ethnic's a fantastic place to shop..and their prices are great. It's like a Farmers Market and Specialty Food shop under one roof.

I usually visit the store by my office at least twice a week.  First stop is always the marked down bins in the back of the store.  Sometimes it's hit or miss, but was stock full.

I did the happy dance around another customer and started loading up my cart with these lovelies...

Yes, they were all on the mark down bin, as were these...

and these...

and these....

all marked down to the wonderful price of..

Yes... that's right!  Less than a dollar for each item!  No wonder I was grabbing and a stashing items as fast as I could.

Only a couple items are close to code, within two to three months.  The rest are good for a year or more. 
Ok...I definately won't have any of this food left in a year.

I make it a habit to check every stores mark downs, even stores in the same chain because they all mark down at different times.  

Today I spent $40.00 and walked away with over $200.00 worth of food items.  I encourage you to check out your stores mark down aisle, bin or even grocery baskets.  You might be surprised to find high end items for a fraction of the cost.

Another great find today was 93/7 hamburger for $2.19 a pound.  In order to get the low price you had to buy the family pack of five or more pounds.  Not a problem for this Frugal Missus, I just take it home and divide it up into freezer packages and use when needed.

What's a girl to do?  I have a flinching point on everything and my flinching point for hamburger is $2.49 a pound.  I bought 12 pounds of hamburger which will make approximately 12 meals because I am kind of crazy like that.

I see Spaghetti, Goulash, Meatloaf and Hamburgers in our future, which will earn me bonus points with The Teenager and Fly Guy!

Bon Appetite!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's the little things....

It's the little things that make me smile....

Little, itty, bitty things, that might not seem much to most people...

but are real treasures to me.

The little thing wrapped in paper...
laying on my desk....
waiting for me to open it.

A small treasure...
A hand written note...

"thought of you"...
that made me smile.

Initials of the giver....
someone thought of me and I feel warm all over.

a moment of suspense...
a thrill rushes through me as I uncover my gift.

A gasp of joyful surprise as I cradle it in my hand.

Grinning because I love it and the giver knew I would.

It's the small things that make me smile and make the world a wonderful place.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Calphalon take me away...

Yes, Calphalon and not Calgon...
When you see what I found for $10.00 at a yard sale.

That's right...All of these Calphalon skillets, saute pans, omelet pan and stock pot, for $10.00
The Teenager is learning how to cook and these anodized non-stick pans will do the trick nicely.

Best of all, they are already seasoned or haunted at The Teenager refers to them.
( This kid just cracks me up sometimes)
What I forgot to photograph was the lids...uh-oh.

Sales were kind of meager this weekend..but I did find these...

Rooster trivets for $2.00 which I hung here as decor and their close proximity to the stove.

I found two more apothocary jars to add with the larger one I found last year.
added some left over colored pasta and Voila!
My nekid kitchen window has some sassy decor...
I also found that plate last year and put it with the fleur-de-lis plate holder I picked up yesterday for $1.00.

Picked up a few smaller items to add to around the house.
Candle stick holder and vintage style dress form for a dollar each became
a pedelstal for Pier One glass candle holder. (house warming gift from SIL)
a great addition to the top of one of the book cases.  I am thinking of giving the form a face lift with some strips of newsprint or wall paper.

Then I added this guy from my friend Yvonne's yard sale...
on the other book case.  I really got him for my MIL...but I am growing fond of him hanging out among my collection of spindles. (I think that's what they are called...)

I have been wanting a garlic holder, so this was coming home with me for .50.
caaauuuuute!  Mais non?

Spent the rest of the day cleaning and organizing the kitchen and cupboards.  I believe we might just be settling in...finally!  Hope you all are having a fabulously frugal weekend...

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A biento, mon amies! 


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Garage Sale Recap

With both holidays falling on Saturdays, I suffered from garage sale withdrawls.

Big Time...
Not pretty...kind of pathetic, but I really wanted to look at other peoples stuff.  
No after Christmas sales for this lady, no what I really was in need of was a great garage sale to kick off the new year.

In style.

My wish...came true. 

My dear friend Yvonne hosted a garage sale two weekends ago, to clear out clutter and downsize.
I offered to help.
She said yes.

Yvonne has fabulous taste in furnishings so I couldn't wait to see what she had to sell.

I have been drooling over her dining room chairs for some time now and when she told me she was selling them well I just had to get them!
Pier One Rattan Dining Chairs....four of them.  *sigh*...I love them
(my cats always try to steal the limelight)
 Initial meeting with my underwhelming dining room table.  We are going to give her a much needed face lift soon.

I had been in search of a big girl desk for a long time.  She had this gorgeous desk ...
and it was love.  I just had to have it.  Excuse the cords and all, I had just set up my old pc...Ethel.
I know...she is a bit old, but she is the first pc I ever built and I have seperation issues.  Besides there is plenty of room on the desk for her and Lola my new little HP Net Book (Mini).

Look at this gorgeous distressing.....

Gorgeous, mais non?  If you could have seen what was passing as my desk for the past three years, you would completely understand.
Something sort of like this... a tight squeeze for Ethel, the keyboard and me.

Then I invited this beauty to the par-tay!

Yes, the chair I found back in August.  She also will be getting a much needed face lift with dark stain and burlap or leopard print fabric on the seat.

Then I spied these lovelies and since they were hanging out by the desk looking fabulous, I asked them to come along for the ride.

See how well they play along?

I had my eye on two divine mirrors as well.  I just knew they had to come home with me. 
Guess what???

Uh huh.  That's right....Yvonne gave them to me as a thank you for helping her with her sale.

Happy Dance!

One for the living room....

One hanging out in the family room until we find a permanent place to hang prop it.

No pictures, we got too busy selling to take any.

Last weekend was our community garage sale.  
Can I tell you how excited I was?  
New girl to the garage sale with lots of opportunity to meet neighbors....
see where I am going with this?


Seriously folks, out of 1000 houses in our community and only 30 participants?  
So...I only found a couple of items, 

A red cookbook holder!  $2.00
Nordic ware cake pan $3.00

Bamboo poles $5.00 for  three bunches.

Two bunches of black fronds $1.00
I also picked up several paper backs for .50 each.  

This is what I am reading now...

I just can't bring myself to pay full price for a book when I can find them for $.25 to $1.00 on drive ways of local sales.  
Finishing a good book is like leaving a good friend. 
William Feather

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A tout alors!