Sunday, December 19, 2010

O Christmas Tree...O Little Christmas Tree

I have not been keeping up on my promise to post more and keep up with my much neglected blog.  I blame my computer.  It has not been cooperating since the move.  I suppose it was happy in the old house and is having separation anxiety.  Needless to say, this on it's last leg with a crippled knee.

I am hoping that Santa will bring me one of these lovelies...
HP Mini...sigh, this would make blogging so much easier!  Please Santa leave this under my tree!
Speaking of my tree...
I am going to show you my much down sized Christmas tree. is really a little Christmas Tree.
Usually I have a huge tree with tons of lights and loads of ornaments.
Then I slowly started downsizing from a 12 ft to an 8 ft then a 6 1/2 ft to this lovely 4 1/2 ft.
Big change...I know.  I think I really like it.
Less hassle and more time with the family.

Isn't that what it's all about?  
I use to drive my self crazy trying to out Martha...Martha and on a Shoe String Budget.
I always ended up stressed, run down and sick. It seemed like I spent all this time getting ready for the holidays and rarely had time to enjoy them.
Can you relate?

So...when I spied this lovely tree at a Garage Sale for $10.00 I knew I had to have it.  Thrilled when the people accepted my $7.00 offer, I packed it away for seven months waiting to show it off.

Not needing all the ornaments from last years tree I checked the "new" items I picked up at Target Christmas clearance sale.  Most items were purchased at 75% to 90% off.
I found these...
and these...
I knew I had some green and gold items from last year that I could probably incorporate with these items to freshen up the new little tree.

Then I went to St. Peter's Repete Boutique last Saturday to find four tables of new Christmas decor that had been donated by a parishioner who decorates large Christmas trees for business.
I found these...

and these...both from Martha Stewart Home.... for a dollar each!
then.. I spied this
The prices were originally $10.00 each.  I picked them up for $1.00 each.

Then there was this....

Which was orginally this price
$9.25 then marked down to $8.78.  I paid $.50
and these...

$.50 each.
Didn't use them on the tree this year. 

Then I saw these lovely poinsettas at Wal-Mart and I had to have them
So I picked up 10 of them at a $1.00 each.
Then I set to work on the little tree.

Voila! Un petit arbre de Noël!
 Purchased $7.00 worth of ornaments from church thrift store, 
$10.00 from Walmart and $3.00 worth of Target clearenced items and we have a new addition to our living room.

C'est magnifique?

The relief of down sizing the tree is just another step I have taken in reducing the stress of the holidays.  Less stress means more time with family and friends. This is something I can get use to.
Funny thing????  I really don't miss all the extras I use to do, the things I thought that made me happy that were really making me crazy.

So with this new found freedom I plan on decorating the house as I feel comfortable.  If I feel like it's too much then I won't do it.
Simplify and enjoy.
My new motto.

A tout a lors!



Mandi said...

You have every excuse in thee world to not blog when you just moved PLUS a poopy computer, girlfriend!

By the by, I think that tree is lovely.

Mimi said...

That tree is amazing!!!
LOVE those peacocks feathers, that makes it look like a million dollars!!!!I think downsizing is great , it works for you and now you can do other fun things, if I worked full time, I would do the same thing!!
Merry christmas!!!
hugs 2 u,

Beth said...

Your tree is beautiful!