Thursday, December 30, 2010

Musings of a Frugal Missus...

I sit in front of my ancient computer tapping out a post to share with you.  I came to her because she saw me through the start of this blog, assisted in lurking around other blogs and even helped me make friends in the blogging world.  

I couldn't just let her sit by while I wrote a post about the holidays and the end of the year, now could I?
btw...I kind of have separation anxiety ... I get something new and I worry about the old things and their feelings.  (I's a bit manic, but I have always been this way!)

Our first Christmas in the new house and I didn't decorate the entire house.  I really didn't decorate much this year at all.  

I wanted serenity, peace and calm..or someone else to do it for me. Ok, maybe not do the entire decorating for me, but help me put it all together, without being over the top or too much.

Then I started reading posts from others who were scaling back, doing less and enjoying more...and I felt..comfortable and relieved.  This house and I are still getting acquainted.   I didn't want to put too much out and feel claustrophobic. 

Just a few little touches here and there.

Surrounding myself with a few of my favorite things and the people I love....

Having a wonderful time catching up with my College Diva, thrilled to have this alone time with her.

Watching her bake tasty treats and talk about Psychology and Anthropology,  in awe of her intellect and beauty.

Eating popcorn with the Teenager while we watched our favorite holiday movies.

Talking about his plans for the summer (Alaska) and getting a job.
Seeing my little boy as a young adult and knowing he will always have a soft spot for his Momma.

Sitting around a fire pit talking with my husband about the craziness of this year and the new course our life has taken.  Precious moments we rarely get to share due to his work schedule and soon his studying for new certification that could mean a huge promotion.

In all of this, I realized that some how, I have managed to accomplish the feat I have been working on for five years.  I. learned how to slow....down.  How to stop trying to out Martha, Martha and  trying to make everything perfect.  Instead live for the perfectness in the moments I share with my family.

The realization that I don't need stuff to make me happy, but that I have all that I could ever need right here, right now.
 Christmas flowers from Fly Guy

Knowing that even when I thought about giving up this blog, that there were still people who wanted to read it and  the realization that I still wanted to write, to share my thoughts and to get to know the wonderful people hose blogs I, read.

I realized for the first time in my life that I am truly satisfied with what I am, what I have and who I am.  Though I will always strive for beauty and creating a feathered nest, I don't have to make it look like the decorator magazines.  I have what I need, love, happiness and sanctuary.  These are greater gifts than anything wrapped under our tree.

Thank you for reading this, for taking the time to say hi and leave a comment.  I hope the new year brings you all the love and joy you can embrace!

PS:  just so you know...I plan on still garaging, thrifting and junking, just looking into avenues to share them with others!

Bonne année!



Mandi said...

Loved your thoughts, Audra. I love LOVE the thoughts especially on slowing down. Just being yourself. Being happy with what is and not with things. It's been on my mind soo much lately.


Crystal @ Ordinary Days said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed your post. I need to learn to slow down also and enjoy life at the moment. This will be one of many goals for the new year. Happy New Year!!