Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Finding Treasures In The Most Unlikely Places

I scoured my brain to find a perfect title for this post.  If the title doesn't grab you, perhaps the story will.

I yard saled, uh, garage saled, uh, no...more like dock saled today at work.  Yes, you read that right...I shopped at work off of the loading dock.  
Now this isn't like a warehouse sale in the garment district of New York or buying from the boats off the docks in San Diego.  
Nothing that chi-chi, piles and piles of stuff in crates on the loading dock.

 The company I work for was selling items from various stores that had closed down.  The scene was reminiscent of American Pickers show.

There were watermelon crates full of bakery items from closed stores.  Pans of every size and type, all types of bowls, cake stands, dough knives...the list goes on.

Everything a dollar.

Those American Pickers have nothing on me...

This is the first lovely I picked up...just needed a good cleaning.
Then I spied the pans.  Holy Bundt Cake, did they have pans, bread pans, loaf pans, bundt, round, retangular, every size, every type. 

It was hard not to go over board and buy cake pans in every size because they were a dollar and they were aluminum.  Do I need to remind you how giddy aluminum bake ware makes me.  Yeah, it's like school-girl-giddy-head-over-heels-in-love-giddy.

The tiny 6 x 2 pans went fast and I was only able to get one, I didn't get the mondo sized pans, perfect for baking wedding cakes, because I just am not the type of girl...who bakes wedding cakes. (Trust me on this...)
I can't wait to wash these and bake something!

I spotted a huge stack of these small bundt pans and bought three.

Let's add something in here for scale...
I passed over cupcake pans, muffin tins and even a few chaffing dishes when I spied this....

hiding under a pile of stuff.  I have been wanting one of these!
My boss was so envious!  She loved it and had the perfect place for it.
Today was her birthday....
You are thinking that I gave this lovely to her?  
Uh-huh! No... way.  I dug, I hunted, I moved heavy stuff around until I found another one exactly like this, for her.  Happy Birthday Boss Lady!

So here is my new scale...with a lick and a promise.
Isn't she lovely?

Just goes to show you never know where treasures might turn up...



Linda @ A La Carte said...

Very cool baking pans but of course the scale is the SCORE of the hunt!!

Rhonda said...

you did good! so, did you bake a cake with all your goodies yet?

Mandi said...

Umkay girl you totally SCORED!

The scale just rocks the free world.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love it!!!!!!! This is insane crazy creative innovative and talented Audra just like you are!!!!!

decorator to the stars said...


Marigene said...

Wow, you hit the mother lode, Audra!
Merry Christmas to you and yours.