Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Frugal Missus Is Back!

Wow!  I can't believe I have been away from blogging for so long!  Yet, here I am, writing a post and thrilled to find that my followers are still...following me!  Not only have I missed blogging, but I have missed reading, following, keeping up with the blogs I follow.  I ...missed...you...all of you!

The move is complete but not without a few hiccups, let me tell you.   There was all this business about getting ready for the move, then waiting for the house to be ready, waiting for the paper work, more waiting for more paper work, inspections, then this and that, well it delayed our move by four days!  As you can imagine we were in panic mode trying to get moved out before the new owners closed on the old house.  We moved in 12 hours!  Thank goodness for great friends and family with strong backs and lots of muscle!

I had a plan formulated for our move…it went right out the window. It came down to putting most of the stuff in the garage and sorting through it after the move.   I spent the better part of two weeks trying to locate boxes, unpack and figure out where to put our stuff.  

If that wasn't crazy enough, College Diva brought four sorority sisters home for Thanksgiving!  It was great offering a home to these lovely ladies who were unable to fly home for the holiday.  Then things turned topsy turvy and we ended up hosting Thanksgiving in the new house instead of at my SIL's!  Always up for the challenge I jumped in and with the help of five lovely ladies, we were able to pull it off!  Saved having to host a house warming party!  
Now that things are back to "normal" around here I finally have a few minutes to visit my poor neglected blog and all of you lovelies.  Will be posting pictures of the new place and the few attempts at decorating.  Still trying to figure out what I want to do, taking the time to let the house speak to me and get settled in before making any changes.

I can't leave you without a few pictures, most of them are the tables the ladies set for dinner.  The kitchen/family room area is quite spacious, since I don't have furniture to put in this area, the ladies set up the tables and Danielle from Alaska arranged the table settings.  She did a fantastic job scouring the house for things to decorate with.

Table One...my kitchen table.  Fly Guy bought this for me seven years ago for my birthday from a friends yard sale.  Wrought Iron table and chairs, this has to be one of my favorite pieces I own. I have painted it green, white and finally black.  
 Table Two has dining room chairs as we were a bit short on wrought iron chairs!
 Table Three has the patio chairs from outside, vintage patio set from 1960's.
I promise you we moved that hideous box from out of the corner...I told you I am still trying to find things in boxes!

Wanted to show you the chairs...various layers of fabric coverings from over the years, both from my friend and from me...

 The one of the right was the original chair covering, I had to remove three other fabrics to get to this one. The one in the middle was from my shabby chic days when the chairs were white and the one on the left was the last fabric I covered them in before putting them in storage for a few years.  

Finally, out of storage and into our new home, recovered with upholstery fabric found at thrift store three years ago, three yards, three dollars!  I hung on to the fabric hoping to use it for these chairs.  Thrilled to have room for this table after all this time.

Happy you stopped by for a visit, I promise to post more pictures and tales of the new home, decorating and garage sale/thrifting adventures.

Ta Ta For Now!
The Frugal Missus~


♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I love the new stripe on the chairs.
Welcome back to blogland..

Holiday Hugs

Mimi said...

Audra, can't wait to see your new home...are you still in the NW Valley? Your chair came out great, love the fabric.

Rhonda said...

hi Audra and welcome back!!!!! looking forward to seeing more pictures

Mandi said...

Missed you! Glad to hear the moving nightmare is now over. Yay!

Let's see this new house!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Well howdy stranger. Nice to see your face and I'm glad you're back.

So happy to hear you've finally moved and are settling in and I look forward to hearing all about the adventures youve been having in your absence.

Debbie said...

Welcome back!

Melissa Miller said...

Hello Audra!
I did not realize you had recently moved. WOW! I'm so happy to see you back blogging and getting all settled in. I know that can be time consuming. We will be here for you when you post.

Thanks for checking out our big ole' boy and his silly holiday photo shoot. He is a mess.

Happy week sweet friend!
Warmly, ~Melissa :)