Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Frugal Flowers

I love me some fresh flowers.  I remember back when Fly Guy and I were first dating, he would bring me flowers every single date.  Sometimes three or four times a week.  Well...I knew it was getting to be expensive and so casually mentioned that he didn't need to buy me flowers all the time.  

I didn't realize that he took it to mean that I didn't like him to buy me flowers!  He slowly trickled off to only buying flowers for Valentine's Day, our Anniversary and the anniversary of our first date.  What was a girl to do?  Being frugal I can't see buying flowers ever single week, even if I love fresh flowers on the entry way table or the center of the dining room table.  

Then I realized, I don't need large bouquets to make me happy, just a few blooms will brighten up the area and make me smile every time I see them.

My favorite places to get flowers are the grocery store, if they are on sale...yep, I rarely pay more than $5.00 for a bunch of flowers, doesn't matter what type they are, I just can't see spending more than that, since they last four or five days tops.

Then I discovered Fresh and Easy!  They have lovely flowers and I can usually find flowers deeply discounted during the week.  
These beauties set me back...
One dollar.  Yes indeed, marked down from $6.00 to one dollar.  I put them in a vase...uh glass on my desk and had beauty for three days...for only a dollar.  How can you beat that?
btw...drinking goblet/vase, was a freebie from a garage sale.  Only one of them, so I took it to work to drink my ice tea out of and discovered what a handy vase it transformed into.
Why a glass goblet to drink out of?  Why not?  I read Frugal Luxuries by Tracey McBride a few years ago and was touched by the message, live life frugally but elegantly.  Take pleasure in the small things, enjoy the beauty around you.   Drinking out of this goblet makes me feel amazing, I slow down, enjoy my tea and let it refresh me.  All in a tiny cubicle workspace..and it makes a great vase for enjoying roses.

I had several people stop and ask what the occassion was ...why I had flowers, not my birthday, anniversary, etc.  Nope..."I am the reason.."  (You know they think I am a little touched in the head at work...right???)

I also picked up a gift for Fly Guy while buying flowers for me.
A mint and a rosemary, marked down to the amazing low, low price of... (disregard my messy, messy table...I am moving...remember? You might see the Tori Spelling book off to the left, I told you I was spending some time reading it...caught in the act!)
another $2.00 and my husband was thrilled.  I guess he kind of likes getting flowers...uh herbs. I will love them once they are large enough for me to pinch a little off for cooking~

jusqu'à ce que je vous reverrai


Anonymous said...

Yes, the beauty is the small and simple things is the best. Love it that you get your flowers and keep it thrifty :)

Audra said...

Thank you Marla...that is so true, sometimes the smallest of things bring the greatest of joys.

Mandi said...

I love that idea of living frugally and enjoying the beauty. Maybe I need that on a sign on my wall.

And I am soo jealous you can get flowers for a dollar! Holy cow-- I would visit that joint all the time. I was just telling my sister on the phone yesterday that I am super obsessed with flowers these days- and I don't even know what any of them are called. If it wasn't such an expensive hobby, I'd pick up flower arranging in a second. :)

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries™ said...

Oh Audra...I'm in complete frugal/floral/herb envy right now!!! I can't believe the great prices on all of those lovelies! Your desk looks charming...and the herbs can be pretty inside and then planted in the garden! All for little more than three dollars! Soooo clever...and your pictures say it all! Love, love, love this post (and not just because you said those nice things about my book...thank you so much by the way!;)! You ARE worth it...and then some.
P.S. I did a similar thing with Mike regarding flowers...but I told him to start buying me those little rose bushes instead of cut flowers and then he plants them in the garden for me when they outgrow the pot! xo

Blondie's Journal said...

What a great deal you got on the flowers...I would have bought bunches! I used to love buying them at the grocery store and then they were marked up to $10.00 a bunch and I thought that was too much for something that wasn't going to last. Now I just pick flowers that I grow or go to a florist and get carnations, which last forever!

Thanks for popping in, Audra...I hope you come by again!


The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Fabulous! Buying marked down flowers at Kroger is the only way I actually buy fresh flowers. Good deal on those marked down herbs!


Aubrey said...

beautiful flowers and what awesome deals!!! love fresh cut flowers on my kitchen table....cheers to a fabulous weekend my friend~

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

Such great deals!
Herbs, too?
I think flowers inspire creativity and enhance joy--and I agree that if we want flowers, it's okay to go get ourselves some!
Blessings to you!
How's the packing/moving going?

Mimi said...

I love those roses!!
A what a great deal you got!!!
how is everything in your household???
Could it be any hotter!!
OH MY --where is fall!!