Monday, September 20, 2010

Where Does The Time Go???

I was SHOCKED! to find out that I had not posted in nearly THREE weeks.  Mouth-droping-eye-popping-tongue-hanging-out-shocked!  Where did the time go?  I am so looking in the yellow pages for a detective agency to find my lost time... So beside packing...a few more of these

I might have been busy with a few other *important* things, like ...

I could have been drooling over this,  "sigh"

or this...

"double sigh"

I may have wasted a few minutes here and there reading this...

heck, I am a push-ovah...for biographies and well...Tori Spelling.  I just love her, seriously...the only reality show I ever watched besides, Rock Star INXS and Rock Star Super Nova.  Yes...I watched all three of her shows and will even admit under duress to having them on TiVo...

It's a sickness people.  I am trying to deal with it, one episode at a time.

I may have been having a yard sale...yes, Y.A.R.D. because this sale was so huge it went from my Garage, to the Drive Way, to the Yard.  Three families brought stuff, I pulled out a third of my stuff and we sold until the Arizona sun about fried us up.  Had to wrap up at 10:30 am because the shade was gone, no breeze and I just don't do sun, ladies.

Planning one more big sale  in exactly four weeks, where I will bring out the best of the best, the items I thought I could not move out of this house with, but now..have seen the light and I am reformed!  Ahhh, would you believe semi-reformed?  Okay... are you all still with me?

Yes, I am paring down my treasures, belongings and making things much easier for the Frugal Missus.  It seems this movement is gather great steam along blog land, everyone is doing letting go and freeing up space.

I think this post from Nester at Nesting Place says it all.  I wish I could hug her!  She is like a best friend/sister/blogger who knows what I am going through.  Heck, I am sure you all have been there one time or another. I am owned by my stuff and it was getting a little stuffy around here!

Anyway...didn't get pictures of the first yard sale because I was busy setting up, selling and making money.  This lovely stash of cash is going to go towards the move and a little sumptin' for the new place.  Some thing from Pottery Barn perhaps?  Can I just get an AMEN from all of you who are in love with the fall catalog?  Show of hands? Fly Guy woke me up the other night asking if I intended to sleep with the catalog every..single...night..???  Ooops.  Fell asleep dreaming of this...

and this....

and these...

So just in case you missed me..(because I did miss all of you), now you know what I have been up to..oh, yes, I have been packing, unpacking, going back through packed stuff, getting rid of packed stuff and repacking unpacked boxes. 
I have an extra tape gun if anyone wants to join me!

Ta Ta For Now....



Beth said...

Welcome back! I want that leather club chair SO bad! I drool over Pottery Barn and Ballard Design catalogs 'em. Maybe someday I can afford to order something! Ha!

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

How funny, Audra!!
YES! The fall PB catalog is on my nightstand as I type!! LOL!
I read Nester's post, too...I have been, since the end of August, paring down, too.
We are looking to down-size in about a year and move near downtown Greenville. It's truly unbelievable the stuff we accumulate!
So, I am going room to room, staging as I go--32 spaces around our home and yard to ready.
(I am using my special HIS and HERS signs when I stage and taking them with us, too!)
I gave up on yard sales, and am just itemizing each item for tax deductions/donations.
Last year we got $700 back (we got $3000-ish total) from donations of household stuff alone!
That's better than any yard sale, to me :)
I am curious to see the next yard sale you have!
You will post about it, I hope!
Well, keep up the good work, I am sure you won't miss having to maintain all the stuff, and can find much more leisure time to read many more ahem, biographies ;)

Anonymous said...

I confess I like Tori Spelling also. She seems so down to earth considering her life and background. Tori is about as old as my daughters and I just want to adopt her when she has had those awful times with her mom. She really needed her mom.

Aubrey said...

That's so funny you listed the pottery barn catalog, because I just got mine in the mail yesterday!!!! So many wonderful ideas in there I plan to use! I'm a cheater... Wonderful hearing from you again...hope you continue to post and keep in touch!