Thursday, July 15, 2010

Time Out Thursday....

I am on vacation...well a staycation of sorts.  Was going to visit a my best friend, Michelle, in California, drop off the Reluctant Teenager in San Diego to visit his Grandmother and get a quick trip into Pasadena to hit the Rose Bowl Flea Market...then, "sigh" stuff happened.

Yep...Stuff, with a capital S.  Car started making a funny whining noise when I started it.  Air conditioner started blowing less cold and..door shows ajar even when it's closed.  On top of that, my windshield was the victim of a few chips that decided to spread during the summer heat.  Nasty mess.  Then there is the impending move.  Looks like Frugal Missus and Fly Guy will be looking for a rental.  Yep... "sigh".  We will be staying in our general location, but moving residences.

Needless to say I have been downsizing anyway and going thorough things to decide if I love, hate, want, need, desire them.   It's been an education for sure. Realizing that not everything I see needs to make it's home with me!

Anyhoo...back to Time Out Thursday.  In light of all the craziness going on in my already hectic life, I decided to enjoy my Thursday.  Take time for me.  

Headed out to browse the clearance and mark downs at my local grocery stores.  Hit Fresh & Easy first.
Now this is a store I don't frequent often, but now and then I find a great today.
Every thing on this table bought on mark down at F & E!
Two bags of Spring Mix salad for .67 each!  Making one up for salads for Fly Guy and me to eat for lunch and one for tomorrow nights dinner.
One pound bag of green beans .94 also going to be part of tomorrow nights dinner.
Three pound bad of golden potatoes (I love these!) $1.15!  Half will be roasted for tomorrows dinner and the other half cut up and fried for fried potatoes for Sunday breakfast.
1 pound container of red flame grapes for $1.05 each.  Bought two, because I kinda love grapes...a lot!
Container of four roma tomatoes .58 each.  Bought two, one for salad, one for sandwiches or just eating with salt and pepper.
Huge Honeydew melon....87 cents.  This will be two meals.  One with cottage cheese and cantaloupe and one half cut up and served with Sunday breakfast.

I also picked up a container of grape tomatoes, two pound bag of peaches, bag of croutons and bag of tortilla strips (for salads).

My total was $13.43!  Wowee!

So I headed to Albertson's where I know they always have marked down breads...and this is what I scored.
I love this bread...any bread from the California Sourdough Bread Company.  This loaf usually sells for $2.29
I picked it up for....
Uh-huh.  Will freeze half of the loaf and use the other half along with our salads for lunch. The frozen half will be used for bruschetta.  Yummo!
This is similar to what mine looks like...I sometimes just make an olive and pesto topping too.

Stopped by Bashas' to see what they had on mark down...little disappointed, though I found these beef franks on sale for .99.  Picked up two packages, because I rarely eat them though they are a main stay for Reluctant Teenager.
Maybe I will make some chili dogs for him on Monday.  That is always one way to get him to wash my car!

Since I have the rest of the day to myself, I headed over to our neighborhood movie rental place.  They rent new releases for $1.49 a day.  Yes, I know that Red box and Blockbuster Express have them for .99 cents, but this store has EVERYTHING... and their older movies are only .69 cents a day.
Picked up these two to enjoy this afternoon.
and this little treat to enjoy while I am watching movies.
Yes...this cake is divine.  Triple layers of chocolate.  Yummo!  

I would be happy to share, there is plenty and it's so decadent that a few bites is more than enough.

A tout alors!



Rhonda said...

well, I was going to pat you on the back for all your healthy food selections,
until I saw your chocolate dessert - it does look really yummy!

good job on your bargains, and enjoy your staycation.

Beth said...

Why does it seem like when it rains it pours? At least you have chocolate cake!

decorator to the stars said...

OH SWEET AUDRA, I'LL BE RIGHT OVER, everything looks yummy :) GIO

Wendy said...

Triple layer chocolate cake looks and sounds delicious! We are in the process of downsizing, too! Isn't it such a hard task deciding what to keep and what not! Sigh...
Good luck!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Movies and chocolate cake...heaven! Sounds like you need it. Moving is so hard and stressful. Hope the car issues are taken care of soon.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Oh Audra I'm sorry to hear you have to move.

We've been having what feels like a bad run too but I'm sending positive vibes your way angel!

Mimi said...

Sorry you had to cancel your vacation to California...sometimes a stay-cation can be lots of fun.
You found some great grocery deals, never anything like that is this little burg, unfortunately. Have a great weekend watching movies, Audra!

Audra said...

Thanks ladies! I loved the cake...took three tries but I did manage to finish off. Bounty had a hard time getting into it. The Family Wedding had me laughing so hard I nearly wet my pants! Seriously!

Thanks for the kind words...You all are the bestest a gurl could ever have in her corner!

Aubrey said...

Well I'm sorry to hear about the car woes...I hope you were still able to enjoy your staycation. What super good deals...I wish we had that store here...thank goodness the farmer's market is in session now and I can find good produce at a reasonable price. Have a wonderful weekend!

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

So, what was better, the movie or the chocolate cake?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bargains you got on the veggies! WooHoo! After that, you DESERVE cake!
Are you looking forward to moving?
If you need any help or have questions about staging your house, lemme know!!
P.S. Did you see all the red in my wedding day pics?

ellie said...

well Audra some great food deals esp. at fresh and easy..I was there last week and did not do as well...I'm wondering if there is a certain day. Thanks for stopping by my you have me in the mood for some bruschetta!