Friday, July 2, 2010

Pottery Barn Pillows at a Thrifty Price

I love Pottery Barn...even the items that I wouldn't use in my own home, I still love the astetic.  The arrival of the Pottery Barn catalog is much like the thrill of the Christmas Wish Books when I was a kid.  I curl up in my chair, cup of tea and start oohing, aaahhing and droolin'.   I even keep back issues for reference, for DIY PB inspired make overs and hints on arranging items.  I even manage to score a few PB items from yard sales, thrifts and consignment shops from time to time. 

This was the case with these lovely pillows. 

I was thrilled to discover that My Sister's Attic is just a dangerous stones throw from my office.  It takes two minutes to get there ladies...D-A-N-G-E-R to my wallet!  I promised that I wouldn't go crazy in this store even though I had a very generous birthday check from my in-laws that I wanted to spend.  I walked in to this amazing space with every nook and cranny just stuffed with gorgeous items.  This is a decorator's nirvana, let me tell you.

So while I am perusing the store I spy these lovelies lounging on a couch.  I act disinterested in case they are fabulously out of my price range.  Then I spot the red slash and mark down pricing.  Still I had to be sure that these were THE pillows I had been coveting for so long. 

Oh...Yessssss... *sigh*, these.are.those.pillows.  Original price $83.00 smackaroo's, but MSA price $29.99 each and then 30% mark down price $20.99 each.  Oh the joy!  Still I had to make sure that I really wanted them.  So I walked around a little more. (FYI...I highly recommend that you do not do this, but if you are one of the two people shopping in the's probably ok.)

Walking around browsing at the gorgeous purple leather chairs, teak side tables, armoires, bedding and dishes, I noticed some other mark down pillows.  I headed over and spied these lovlies sitting on an overstuffed chenille chair. it?  Why, Yes it is!  The coordinating pillows to the lovely set I was just salivating over.  Could they possibly be marked down as well.  You know they were!  PB original price $63.00 each, MSA price $24.99, 30% off mark down pricing $17.49.  GASP!  I grabbed these and rushed over to the other larger set still waiting for me on black leather sofa.  I heard the angels sing as we headed to register.

I paid $80.00 for over $300.00 of Pottery Barn pillows.  Wool Jacquard  made in India with Velvet backs.  

These are scrumptious, divine and now reside on my leather couch. Along with the velvet PB pillow found at thrift store for $3.00 over a year ago.

I believe this is the start of a beautiful relationship.  We should be very happy together.

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rustandruffles said...

WOW!!!! what a find!
Happy day!

AshTreeCottage said...

Good for you!! What a great find and great price too. I save the PB catalogs for reference too.

Susan and Bentley

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

I'm gonna plop myself down right in the middle of these pillers, and put mah feet up! Hand me the remote, will ya? Oh, and since you is up, can you git me some popcorn, too?

Mimi said...

The pillows are perfect with your couch, Audra!

Cynthia L. said...

You are one lucky lady! Good thing you dropped in. They looks just lovely on your sofa.

Debbie said...

FA,N FAN FANTSTIC!!~ I would have been jumping for joy...they are so pretty too, look great on your couch. Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks you so much for joining in. Always great to see you!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Oh My goodness...I just want to sink into that couch and start reading a book. Invite me over.

You got a fabulous deal and they look stunning .(They really compliment the wall hangings as well )

Fate Audra - it was pure fate!

Rhonda said...

that is great that you got what you wanted for not much.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

They are very pretty and look great on your couch. Glad you found them at a price you could afford!!

Kati @ Obscured Flair- said...

those are perfect for your couch! great finds!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's great. How funny that you heard the angels singing. They are beautiful.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

What a find, I have got to get out to regular stores (Instead of thrift) everyone is getting garage sale prices at regular stores!


Pam said...

What a great find. I love to find things that I have been coveting, but at ridiculously prices. The pillows look great on your couch.