Monday, July 26, 2010

Men's Shirts at a Super Thrifty Price

Hello, hello my lovelies, sorry to have been MIA...things to do, cars to fix, crises to avert.  My short staycation went by faster than I wanted, I was able to accomplish six things on my list of 42 and I still have not finished with any project I set out to complete.  What to do, what to do.

On a happy note, I did manage to pack up my dishes and even gave a set to my little sister and donated a few odds and ends.  This is only the tip of the ice berg, I still have more things to go through, both mine and Fly Guy's (though I am better at purging then he is..ssssh!)before I feel like we are making progress.  A little unnerving seeing my life in boxes, deciding what can go, what gets sold, donated, given away etc. Sigh...

I have promised not to bring loads of things into the house as we are packing up, but when I saw St. Peter's Thrift was having a half off sale, I just couldn't resist.

Sorry for the crummy quality of the pictures, I was in a rush to show these to you.  I also have a beauty that I have been wanting forr...evvvv...eeerrrr, now in my possession.  But that is tomorrows post.

I picked up nine shirts for Fly Guy and Reluctant Teenager...Seven for FG and Two for RT for the small, small price of $12.00!  Yes, $12.00!  Five of them were new with tags!  How amazing is that?

First up, Reluctant Teenagers shirts...
Kind of Rockabilly looking, but he really loves these shirts with converse and jeans.  For $3.00 for the two, the yellow plaid one is marked $49.00 originally, so I seriously scored.

The one on the left has frayed color and cuffs and is now being refereed to as the "Joe Dirt Shirt" by Fly Guy.  
I tried to get them to model them for you but they declined then promptly left the vicinity. 
This trio of shirts starting left to right...REI hiking shirt, though Fly Guy loves them for fishing, they are absorbant and dry super fast.  Brand new...$1.00, Van Huesen shirt $1.00, Ralph Lauren Polo nwt..$1.50
Brand New OP (remember this brand) Hawaiian inspired shirt nwt $2.00
Axist washable silk shirt $1.00.  Not something Fly Guy would pick out, but perfect for his second job at the cigar store.
Another cigar, tobacco, pipe shirt.from Pierre Cardin, nwt $1.00  Not something FG would normally pick out but a conversation starter for sure!

Haggar shirt nwt $1.50  Performance wear shirt promises to" keep you cool, keep you dry"
I can't tell you how thrilled I am when I can find new or nearly new clothing for FG and RT.  Reluctant Teenager was raised on wearing thrift, consigned and hand me downs.  Fly Guy was a bit creeped out when I first started buying him "used" clothing.  Until I reasoned with him.  Most clothes you buy in the store have been worn by someone in the past, whether they try them on or return them.  

He saw my point.  Good for him!

Check back tomorrow for giveaway news and my yard sale find of the year...ok...month!
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Linda @ A La Carte said...

That is such a buy! I love buying thrift clothes. I find NWT all the time and you can't beat the price. Looking forward to your best find of the month?

Mimi said...

What a great buy on those shirts, most of them new...I love the ones you bought Fly Guy to wear at the tobacco store, they are cool!

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

HELLO, girlie!
If I lived nearby, I would sure be happy to help you by taking those things that you don't want to pack off your hands.
It would save you time!
Can I be a little sister?
You did get a great deal on the shirts! OH MY!
My Sarah starts her first job tomorrow at a Used Bookstore--she will be in absolute heaven!! Woohoo! And she needs a few items of clothing for work, you know- I'd better go out with her today and shop. Poor me.
She has a pair of black and a pair of pink Converse hightops :)
Blessings to you sweet friend, as you move and pack and watch your life be wrapped and boxed before your eyes!
P.S. You make me laugh: "I tried to get them to model them for you but they declined then promptly left the vicinity."

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Great finds!
I love to shop for clothing in thrift stores, makes it hard to ever pay retail prices again.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Aubrey said...

awesome deals lady!!! Hoping to make it to the thrift stores this week for some much needed school things for the kids. Hope you are doing good! Have a wonderful weekend!

Ricky said...
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Rubada Jahan said...

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