Monday, July 26, 2010

Men's Shirts at a Super Thrifty Price

Hello, hello my lovelies, sorry to have been MIA...things to do, cars to fix, crises to avert.  My short staycation went by faster than I wanted, I was able to accomplish six things on my list of 42 and I still have not finished with any project I set out to complete.  What to do, what to do.

On a happy note, I did manage to pack up my dishes and even gave a set to my little sister and donated a few odds and ends.  This is only the tip of the ice berg, I still have more things to go through, both mine and Fly Guy's (though I am better at purging then he is..ssssh!)before I feel like we are making progress.  A little unnerving seeing my life in boxes, deciding what can go, what gets sold, donated, given away etc. Sigh...

I have promised not to bring loads of things into the house as we are packing up, but when I saw St. Peter's Thrift was having a half off sale, I just couldn't resist.

Sorry for the crummy quality of the pictures, I was in a rush to show these to you.  I also have a beauty that I have been wanting forr...evvvv...eeerrrr, now in my possession.  But that is tomorrows post.

I picked up nine shirts for Fly Guy and Reluctant Teenager...Seven for FG and Two for RT for the small, small price of $12.00!  Yes, $12.00!  Five of them were new with tags!  How amazing is that?

First up, Reluctant Teenagers shirts...
Kind of Rockabilly looking, but he really loves these shirts with converse and jeans.  For $3.00 for the two, the yellow plaid one is marked $49.00 originally, so I seriously scored.

The one on the left has frayed color and cuffs and is now being refereed to as the "Joe Dirt Shirt" by Fly Guy.  
I tried to get them to model them for you but they declined then promptly left the vicinity. 
This trio of shirts starting left to right...REI hiking shirt, though Fly Guy loves them for fishing, they are absorbant and dry super fast.  Brand new...$1.00, Van Huesen shirt $1.00, Ralph Lauren Polo nwt..$1.50
Brand New OP (remember this brand) Hawaiian inspired shirt nwt $2.00
Axist washable silk shirt $1.00.  Not something Fly Guy would pick out, but perfect for his second job at the cigar store.
Another cigar, tobacco, pipe shirt.from Pierre Cardin, nwt $1.00  Not something FG would normally pick out but a conversation starter for sure!

Haggar shirt nwt $1.50  Performance wear shirt promises to" keep you cool, keep you dry"
I can't tell you how thrilled I am when I can find new or nearly new clothing for FG and RT.  Reluctant Teenager was raised on wearing thrift, consigned and hand me downs.  Fly Guy was a bit creeped out when I first started buying him "used" clothing.  Until I reasoned with him.  Most clothes you buy in the store have been worn by someone in the past, whether they try them on or return them.  

He saw my point.  Good for him!

Check back tomorrow for giveaway news and my yard sale find of the year...ok...month!
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Time Out Thursday....

I am on vacation...well a staycation of sorts.  Was going to visit a my best friend, Michelle, in California, drop off the Reluctant Teenager in San Diego to visit his Grandmother and get a quick trip into Pasadena to hit the Rose Bowl Flea Market...then, "sigh" stuff happened.

Yep...Stuff, with a capital S.  Car started making a funny whining noise when I started it.  Air conditioner started blowing less cold and..door shows ajar even when it's closed.  On top of that, my windshield was the victim of a few chips that decided to spread during the summer heat.  Nasty mess.  Then there is the impending move.  Looks like Frugal Missus and Fly Guy will be looking for a rental.  Yep... "sigh".  We will be staying in our general location, but moving residences.

Needless to say I have been downsizing anyway and going thorough things to decide if I love, hate, want, need, desire them.   It's been an education for sure. Realizing that not everything I see needs to make it's home with me!

Anyhoo...back to Time Out Thursday.  In light of all the craziness going on in my already hectic life, I decided to enjoy my Thursday.  Take time for me.  

Headed out to browse the clearance and mark downs at my local grocery stores.  Hit Fresh & Easy first.
Now this is a store I don't frequent often, but now and then I find a great today.
Every thing on this table bought on mark down at F & E!
Two bags of Spring Mix salad for .67 each!  Making one up for salads for Fly Guy and me to eat for lunch and one for tomorrow nights dinner.
One pound bag of green beans .94 also going to be part of tomorrow nights dinner.
Three pound bad of golden potatoes (I love these!) $1.15!  Half will be roasted for tomorrows dinner and the other half cut up and fried for fried potatoes for Sunday breakfast.
1 pound container of red flame grapes for $1.05 each.  Bought two, because I kinda love grapes...a lot!
Container of four roma tomatoes .58 each.  Bought two, one for salad, one for sandwiches or just eating with salt and pepper.
Huge Honeydew melon....87 cents.  This will be two meals.  One with cottage cheese and cantaloupe and one half cut up and served with Sunday breakfast.

I also picked up a container of grape tomatoes, two pound bag of peaches, bag of croutons and bag of tortilla strips (for salads).

My total was $13.43!  Wowee!

So I headed to Albertson's where I know they always have marked down breads...and this is what I scored.
I love this bread...any bread from the California Sourdough Bread Company.  This loaf usually sells for $2.29
I picked it up for....
Uh-huh.  Will freeze half of the loaf and use the other half along with our salads for lunch. The frozen half will be used for bruschetta.  Yummo!
This is similar to what mine looks like...I sometimes just make an olive and pesto topping too.

Stopped by Bashas' to see what they had on mark down...little disappointed, though I found these beef franks on sale for .99.  Picked up two packages, because I rarely eat them though they are a main stay for Reluctant Teenager.
Maybe I will make some chili dogs for him on Monday.  That is always one way to get him to wash my car!

Since I have the rest of the day to myself, I headed over to our neighborhood movie rental place.  They rent new releases for $1.49 a day.  Yes, I know that Red box and Blockbuster Express have them for .99 cents, but this store has EVERYTHING... and their older movies are only .69 cents a day.
Picked up these two to enjoy this afternoon.
and this little treat to enjoy while I am watching movies.
Yes...this cake is divine.  Triple layers of chocolate.  Yummo!  

I would be happy to share, there is plenty and it's so decadent that a few bites is more than enough.

A tout alors!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Sizzling hot thrift store finds

Arizona might be great for year round yard sales however, between June and October, with temperatures reaching 95 degrees by 8:30 am, it's hard to stay out looking for the deals.  

What's a girl to do?  Why head to the thrift shops of course, which is where I found this lovely chair.  

Wicker and wood chair, very Pier One, with Pier One cushions included.  Price was $29.99.  Gasp!  I really wanted this chair but would blow my entire budget for the week.  I walked around and thought about it and really, really, real-leehheee, wanted it.  So I started looking it over and that's when I discovered this...

I know it's hard to tell, but the trim has been pulled away from the back, then I discovered that the back was also pulled away from the chair.  Oooh.  Dang It!  Not a happy camper.  Then the Thrifting Gods tapped me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear to "ask for a discount".  
I did, they asked when I was taking it...I said "Right Now, if the price is right" (don't cha love bargaining???) The gentlemen at Savers says..."Uh, how's $14.99?"  Hello! Gorgeous!  You are coming home with me.
This is what she looks like without the $45.00 worth of Pier One sage green cushions.  I repurposed another cushion from the patio to give it a little more was a bit uncomfortable before.

You can see the floral cusion under the fabu Pier One cushion.  Glad I hung on to these!  I will find another coordinating fabric to recover the bottom cushion, making it less obvious.  Don't you just love the braided trim?

She is in need of a little TLC but for $15.00 I am willing to take the time to make her shine.  Funny thing is...the cushions coordinate with another chair I have in the living room!  Love it when that happens.
One day...I hope to have chairs like this...

or this....
sigh...oh how I love this chair from Pottery Barn.  Can I have two puhleez?

I digress...back to thrifting!  Then headed to Savers today and look what I spied....Uh-huh...this is so flippin' fabulous, I almost tripped trying to get to it before anyone else!
I had visions of Pottery Barn dancing in my head!

A real melon crate...for $3.99.  Score!  

Then if things couldn't get any better, earlier today, the company I work for had a dock sale...sort of like a garage sale of epic proportions...they are cleaning out a warehouse of all the items that have been stored there FOREVER!  There was mid century modern pieces, patio sets, washers, dryers, bbq grills, rattan furniture and even some gorgeous rugs.  I didn't see anything I really wanted/needed until I spied this little rattan table with a solid wood top.

 $10.00!  Yes, $10.00 and a visit to my spray paint salon for a couple of coats of black paint, then a new home in the kitchen.  When I told Fly Guy that I bought a table from the company we both work for...he remarked..."A garage sale at work?  Isn't any place safe from you?"  Uh...No!

Just wanted to show the items I purchased at the Estate sale a few weeks back. This was the sale where the lady had tons of everything?  I gingerly made my way through the maze of people and tables to a stand with these four plates and cups.
Yes!  I spied these as soon as I walked in and had to have them as they match the four dinner and salad plates I picked up last year.   Prices were 50% off marked so I paid $5.50 for four dinner plates and four cups.  Now to find four more salad plates!

Then as luck would have it, the next weekend was the 50% off sale at Goodwill.  I nearly forgot myself and did the happy dance.
Four green bowls from the same company Home for Target that coordinate with the plates.  Yes...I know...I got a bit excited when I realized they were only $.35 cents each.  Yessss!  (Fist Pump!)

Maybe summer time isn't such a bad thing after all...

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A biento!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Bride Rocked A Red Wedding Dress....

Three years ago, on July 7, 2007, Fly Guy and I tied the knot on the most popular wedding day ever!  I thought he was crazy when I proposed (well I was floored...literally, my knees gave out and I slid to the floor)even crazier when he asked if he could pick the wedding date of 07-07-07!  I wanted to have a quickie wedding but he wanted to give me a wedding!

So I decided to surprise everyone and rock a red wedding dress.  That's right.  I rocked the dark red taffeta dress and only my maid of honor and brides maids knew!  Fly Guy was a little shocked, but he was thrilled I didn't choose a black dress (my urban camo as he calls it).  Several of you asked me to show more pictures of the dress and the wedding so here they are....

Being the frugal fashionista, I chose a gown that could be used for a formal event later on and had the bridesmaids wear black dresses they could wear again.

 From left to right, Caitie my niece was the junior bridesmaid, in a Jessica McClintock dress I purchased for $5.00 at Savers still with the tags attached (retail $128.00)
Sammi a friend who stood in for a sick bridesmaid wearing a dress she picked up for $22.00 on clearence, Me, College Diva wearing a $185.00 dress that she wore to prom, wedding, 2 black tie events and a sorority event.   Ashley wearing a dress I picked up on clearance from my sisters closet for $12.00!

My veil was purchased for $20.00 off of ebay, retailed for $138.00, my shoes were also found on ebay, purchased for $25.00 retail $89.99.

I made the girls bouquets and we had my bouquet styled by a wonder florist at the Bashas' in Sedona.  Similar bouquets were pricing at $250.00, mine was $117.00

Black beauty roses, calla lillies and bear grass.

My nieces and a younger cousin were the flower girls. I made two of the dresses and a cousin made the third dress for her daughter Caillie.
 My brother's daughter Page, 

My sister's daughter Kimberlee, who was only 22 months old.
Here is my favorite picture of her spreading the petals.

My nephew Levi (r_and cousin Henry (l)were the ring bearers.
 If you notice Levi is wearing skate shoes?  He outgrew the pair purchased for him and we couldn't locate another pair anywhere in Cottonwood!  He also out grew his tuxedo I purchased a size larger in only six weeks.  (BOYS!)

My son walked me down the aisle and gave me away

He was so nervous he almost passed out!  Maybe the wool blend tux had something to do with that?

Fly Guy and I as husband and wife!

My favorite picture of us.  He just looks so happy.
We kept saying over and over again..."I can't believe we are married!"

My cousin Pauline made the cake as her gift to us.
Three layers, chocolate with chocolate ganache filling, white chocolate with raspberry vanilla bean creame and lemon with lemon fluff filling.
I DO..purchased off of ebay for $12.00, spray painted black.

Bride and Groom.

Here is the entire wedding party
and a few pictures of my daughter who was my Maid of Honor

and my son who was also a groomsmen

and Fly Guys son who was his best man

Wearing his JROTC Naval Uniform.

We had a lovely wedding and gorgeous reception without breaking the bank.  It just goes to show that you don't have to spend tons of money on the wedding, it's the marriage that matters.

Thank you for sharing our special day...
Thank you FG for marrying me, I would do it again in a heart beat.

Joyeux Anniversaire avec l'amour!