Monday, June 28, 2010

Estate Sale Reflection....

Hiya!  Been busy this past week, getting things gone through and cleared out.  Now that I am through half of the house I am loosing steam but still eager to keep up the motivation.

Boxes set aside for sisters and friends to take what they wanted, then the Reluctant Teenager and I carted them to various thrifts in the area.  Deciding not to keep them in the garage so I don't pull the items back in, which is a nasty habit I have.

Don't you love how cleaning, purging seems to fuel the creative juices?  I am finding items I didn't know I had or had put away and forgot how perfect the would go some where in the house.  I keep discovering new places for items that had been out of sight or were not being utilized.  It's like Christmas...well sort of.

Now on to the title...I have scaled back on garage sales etc, just to keep the clutter down.  I am still going out but trying to bring in less and make sure the items are exactly what I need or wanted for my space.  So far it's working out great.

Dropped R. T off for a work shop on Saturday in a part of town I rarely frequent, though it use to be my old "stomping" grounds.

Dismal yard sales, though I perked up when I saw the Estate Sale sign.  I know, I know, these sales are usually jacked up pricing and not worth the effort, but something drew me in.  So glad I stopped by.  Sale was HUGE...I mean it was GINORMOUS and it was only half of the house.  The children hired Kathy's Estate Sales to inventory and run sale for them.  It was phenominal.  The husband was a four star General and had passed years earlier, however his wife just recently passed.  They were both quite the collectors and the wife was a serial shopper.  Ladies, there were 350 pairs of shoes in size 10 and 11, thousands of pieces of clothing, t shirts in every color times five, 141 wigs, most of them still in the boxes, 500 cook books, vintage items, dust collectors and miscellanea of 50 plus years of life together.

I was in awe, then I realized I didn't have my camera to snap some pictures because this place was unbelievable.  I walked on to the patio and the entire back yard was filled with tarps two to three feet high of clothing.

Then I felt sadness, wondering what brought this woman to this point of buying nine green coffee makers, sixteen orange sweater sets, several identical shirts and massive amounts of scarves, bedding and hand bags.  It was like that show Horders but the home was clean just filled to the brim of STUFF.   That fueled me to be on my guard about taking items that are offered to me "just in case I find someone to use it" or "maybe I will need this one day".  I am terrified this could happen to me down the road (maybe not...but you never know) and I don't want my life to be summed up by my purchases.  I don't want people pawing through my stuff wondering how one woman could accumulate all of this and still be buying right up to her death. 

I am even more determined to clear out, organize and re-evaluate my home and be free of "stuff:".  It's my sole mission this summer.  I hope you will hang in there for the ride and the updates. 

Ta Ta For Now.


Mandi said...

Holy crap. 500 cookbooks? What do you do with 141 wigs? Wowsas. Good thoughts on hoarding. Every time I watch a show on it I start cleaning.

Kristi said...

WOW that does sound like a lot of STUFF! I know what you mean how stuff accumulates! I have started cleaning out because we will be selling in the next few months and it has kept me from shopping!! I now have a list of things I want or need and don't deter from it and that is working well!!!

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

I feel better when I can clean out and purge some items. I am also trying to only purchase items I really want instead of "what a deal" items. What good are they if we can't use them? What a sale!

Mimi said...

I could have had fun perusing the cookbooks trying to find one I don't have!
So...what did you buy, Audra?