Monday, June 14, 2010

Decorating My Little Sis' House with Yard Sale Finds

You all know I couldn't pass up the chance to help my baby sister, Suddenly Frugal decorate her new place, did you?  Of course I had to help, it's in my DNA...

I knew she wanted wanted a new look, something homey, country without being too cutsey and some thing that blended her husbands "Cowboy" stuff in.  I was thinking.. Folk Art Style. It would blend with the western and cowboy items as well as the few pieces my sister loves.  

I hit the jackpot at one sale a few weeks back.  Multi-family sale, the mother was downsizing from six bedroom home to a three bedroom place at half the size.  She had tons of Americana, Folk Art, and Country decor.  So much I had to call Sis on the phone to ask her what I should get.  

Seller over heard me saying..."Ok...I promise not to spend more than $15.00" and told me to get all that I wanted in those styles and she would only charge me $15.00!  She said not many people go for this look and she was going to donate it anyway.

Here's a look at what I picked up, already decorating my sisters home.
Metal flag picture.  I had the shelf, Suddenly Frugal painted it black and we added the candle holders and candles from my decorating stash.
Three pack of pictures still in protective packaging and red metal star.
Two barn red picture frames and families are forever plaque.
I just loved this sign...
Hanging above her small pantry.  (yes, she has a walk in pantry and a small pantry with shelves for spices and canned goods.  I am so envious!)

I purchased a wrought iron fork and spoon and will be hanging them above this picture.

Another red tarnished star with red gingham bow and ivy that I added for color.
Hanging above her stove.
Another lovely plaque hanging by the sink.  Off to the left, is a tiny bit of the set of curtains I also got from this yard sale.  Red gingham with tan accent.
I picked up these bottles because they were just so darling with the rusted bells and twisted wire.

Hard to tell in the picture, but the little flag is made to look like a shutter!
This is at the end of a long hall way to break up the plain beige wall.

The "pot" shelf in the kitchen.  This is the only place to display treasured items in the kitchen, so I helped her pick out things that were the most important to her.
1. Blue pitcher, belonged to our late mother.
2. Milk bottle, came from Verde Lea Dairy in Cottonwood.  Belonged to our Grandmother, mother, me an now my little sister.
3. Stuffed Cow pull toy. Birthday gift from her.
4. Shaker boxes from Pennsylvania Amish country.  Gift from other sister to our little sister.
5. Vintage egg beater, belonged to Grandmother, mother, me now to little sister.

I also located our Grandmothers potato masher with chippy yellow paint on handle.  Will be putting that up there as well.

I promise to get over to her house soon and take a few more pictures of the decor now that we are nearly finished.  

Not too bad for $15.00 and a few family treasures?  The best part?  Spending the afternoon with my sister and talking about our homes, family and lives.  

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Linda said...

You did hit the jackpot with that sale. So many cute signs and pictures. Love the items on the top shelf!! Looks great and fun to be with family.

Mandi said...

I am in love with that flag up top! Great job, girlfriend. :)

Beth said...

I love it! You did a great job helping your sister. Now get over here and help me get my place put together!

Mimi said...

Oh gosh I love that look, my other house was country and I had 1 room that was exactly that folk art look, I miss that stuff, I need to hit some sales and get some country artsy kind of stuff for my HO HO HOE DOWN HOLIDAY PARTY!!!!!!
Just some cute country farm looking things to sit around!!!!!
Great job and how fun to spend the day with your sister!!!!!
Have a fun week

Sue said...

You sure found a lot of patriotic accessories! Perfect for Independence Day next month. My favs of your purchases are the bottles w/the rusted bells and the red star. I'm sure your sister appreciated all of your help. :-)

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries™ said...

lucky, lucky little sister! So charming...rustic...and so many good thoughts!

Karen said...

Love the look! How sweet of you to help out your sister and even share some of your keepsakes with her. Nothing like sisterly love!
Ladybug Creek

Anonymous said...

You're a wonderful sister! Always taking care of others, and with such style and heart.


Mimi said...

Audra, you did great...finding so many items and decorating! You can come do my house anytime!

Rhonda said...

I love it! you are lucky you are not it Oklahoma as that stuff is very popular here and would of sold for way more than $15.

your story makes me just a little sad though, I always wanted a sister but I just have 2 bachelor brothers, don't even have a real SIL! I really am glad you and your sister are pals.

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

You found some great treasure, for only My Sis and I have such different taste but we still try to help each other. I'm a little eclectic and she is

Debbie @ said...

Wow, what great finds, and then wonderful how you decorated. Don't you love it when you have an idea and then you find great bargains to pull it off. I'd say you did a beautiful job. She is blessed to have you!

Brandy said...

Wow, you did great. I love all of the finds!!

miss corner cape said...

i can't believe you got all those great and similar items at a sale! that's the best. you (or your sister) would hate that i am planning on painting over the americana stuff i just got.

thanks so much for stopping by the cape on the new idea for that bucket is to paint it like a jack o lantern and stick a mum in there come halloween. now i need to find cheap orange paint!!

Diann @ The Thrfity Groove said...

What a wonderful group of fun finds! they look terific all displayes. I bet your Sis is lovin' it!!

Debbie said...

You did a great job Audra....I do believe we can decorate on a low budget when need be....I did for years...I have helped others do the same....and I still love to buy things from garage sales, thrift stores etc.......did you see I have a party going on? I would love for you to join us...this is a great post. My party starts every Friday, runs til Monday night.

sexy strapless dress said...

You decorated the home very beautiful. The collection is really adorable. Thanks for sharing the photos here. I like that tarnished star very much.