Monday, June 28, 2010

Estate Sale Reflection....

Hiya!  Been busy this past week, getting things gone through and cleared out.  Now that I am through half of the house I am loosing steam but still eager to keep up the motivation.

Boxes set aside for sisters and friends to take what they wanted, then the Reluctant Teenager and I carted them to various thrifts in the area.  Deciding not to keep them in the garage so I don't pull the items back in, which is a nasty habit I have.

Don't you love how cleaning, purging seems to fuel the creative juices?  I am finding items I didn't know I had or had put away and forgot how perfect the would go some where in the house.  I keep discovering new places for items that had been out of sight or were not being utilized.  It's like Christmas...well sort of.

Now on to the title...I have scaled back on garage sales etc, just to keep the clutter down.  I am still going out but trying to bring in less and make sure the items are exactly what I need or wanted for my space.  So far it's working out great.

Dropped R. T off for a work shop on Saturday in a part of town I rarely frequent, though it use to be my old "stomping" grounds.

Dismal yard sales, though I perked up when I saw the Estate Sale sign.  I know, I know, these sales are usually jacked up pricing and not worth the effort, but something drew me in.  So glad I stopped by.  Sale was HUGE...I mean it was GINORMOUS and it was only half of the house.  The children hired Kathy's Estate Sales to inventory and run sale for them.  It was phenominal.  The husband was a four star General and had passed years earlier, however his wife just recently passed.  They were both quite the collectors and the wife was a serial shopper.  Ladies, there were 350 pairs of shoes in size 10 and 11, thousands of pieces of clothing, t shirts in every color times five, 141 wigs, most of them still in the boxes, 500 cook books, vintage items, dust collectors and miscellanea of 50 plus years of life together.

I was in awe, then I realized I didn't have my camera to snap some pictures because this place was unbelievable.  I walked on to the patio and the entire back yard was filled with tarps two to three feet high of clothing.

Then I felt sadness, wondering what brought this woman to this point of buying nine green coffee makers, sixteen orange sweater sets, several identical shirts and massive amounts of scarves, bedding and hand bags.  It was like that show Horders but the home was clean just filled to the brim of STUFF.   That fueled me to be on my guard about taking items that are offered to me "just in case I find someone to use it" or "maybe I will need this one day".  I am terrified this could happen to me down the road (maybe not...but you never know) and I don't want my life to be summed up by my purchases.  I don't want people pawing through my stuff wondering how one woman could accumulate all of this and still be buying right up to her death. 

I am even more determined to clear out, organize and re-evaluate my home and be free of "stuff:".  It's my sole mission this summer.  I hope you will hang in there for the ride and the updates. 

Ta Ta For Now.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Decorating with Garage Sale Finds

Hello, Hello!  I know I have been MIA, but girls, I did not plan on the adventures I had over the past week.  First College Diva had 21st Birthday and a few of my friends and I took her out for a drink and some karaoke.  Good Times!  Then Friday I had a surprise visit from my middle sister Sassy Frugal who has been kind of MIA in my life for nine months. It was fantastic to catch up with her and have her go through my stuff I have been getting rid of.

Seriously...I have been trying to purge so much in case we move...I can not handle packing up all these treasures even if I love them.  So I had both sisters over to go through some things then called a few friends to do the same.  Then four boxes dropped off at St. Peter's Thrift and I am starting to see the light of day!

Saturday big family gathering for father's day, birthdays and an engagement celebration.  Sunday was Father's Day and another family gathering with In-Laws and Monday spent getting College Diva ready to head back to Flagstaff.  Waited to take her up until Tuesday morning just to see what the fires were going to do.  

I had been going through boxes, closets and misc. places I like to hide things.  While I have been lamenting on what my "style" is, I realized that I like many different styles but I wanted to make things more cohesive. 

Here are a few pictures of my attempts.... All items purchased at Garage Sales, Thrift Stores, Clearance or with gift cards or birthday cash.

These pictures were purchased with birthday cash from my mother in law.  On Wednesday I stopped by New To You Upscale Resale in Peoria, Arizona.   This fabulous store is worth the drive ladies as it has clothing and home items.  These pictures were on serious clearance from $39.99 each to $10.00 each.  I have been looking for some pictures to put on this wall and I just love the colors and West Indies feel to them.

 They are over four feet tall and two feet wide.  The little wrought iron piece I picked up a few weeks back at a garage sale for .50 cents.

The two metal "vases" are brand new from Home Interiors that I picked up NIB for $3.00.  The chest next to it was purchased from a consignment store, My Sister's Attic for $6.00.  Books from various thrift stores $1.00 to $2.00 each.
Cloche, $5.00, metal base $2.00 both from Garage Sales.  Crowns $2.00 each at Hobby Lobby as well as the tassel which was on the 80% mark down aisle costing $.90 so I bought two of them.  Lamp also from My Sister's Attic $15.00.
Apothocary jar purchased in Massachusetts and carried on the plane to Arizona, thrift store purchase $5.00. Plate holder $1.00 at Garage Sale and Harvest Gold Platter from Pier One, purchased at New To You with Birthday money $8.00.

Chanticleer, purchased at Garage Sale, for $10.00.

With the exception of the pictures and the platter, all items were previous purchases that were either in another place in my house or waiting for me to discover them.

I am pretty pleased with my progress....
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A Tout Alors!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy 21st Birthday College Diva!

My first born turns 21 today. My little girl.

I promised you I won't get mushy...I am not sure I could type through the tears... of joy and maybe a little sadness because you are moving on with  life,  growing as an adult and I still want to think of you as my little girl.

I know..."You will always be my little girl"... somehow it's not quite the same is it?  Besides, were never really good at being a little person.  You didn't know how to be a baby, walked at 7 months and ran at 7 months and 1 day.  Watching you grow and evolve into an intelligent, free thinking and independent woman has been the most amazing gift I have ever been given.

My best friend, one who has my back even when I say I want to rock a red wedding dress!

I promise to always have a shoulder to cry on, lean on or an ear to bend if you ever need it.

and I will always move over so you can come snuggle in my bed and share pillow talk.

I can't take the pain away of loosing your best friend but I will share that pain and those wonderful memories you created with Ashley.

Your smile lights up the room. You make me laugh harder than anyone ever has.
You are a strong sister, a loyal friend and a generous person. You are the champion for the underdogs and defender of all that is right and good in this world.

Thank you for making me read "Annie Bananie" a million times to you, until it was and is permanantly embedded in my brain.
and that year you wouldn't wear shorts and wanted to wear nothing but cowgurrrl boots.
 No matter what, no matter how  old you are....

 you will always...always be my little girl.  For-Ev-Errrr!
Happy Birthday to my little, little.  I love you.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Decorating My Little Sis' House with Yard Sale Finds

You all know I couldn't pass up the chance to help my baby sister, Suddenly Frugal decorate her new place, did you?  Of course I had to help, it's in my DNA...

I knew she wanted wanted a new look, something homey, country without being too cutsey and some thing that blended her husbands "Cowboy" stuff in.  I was thinking.. Folk Art Style. It would blend with the western and cowboy items as well as the few pieces my sister loves.  

I hit the jackpot at one sale a few weeks back.  Multi-family sale, the mother was downsizing from six bedroom home to a three bedroom place at half the size.  She had tons of Americana, Folk Art, and Country decor.  So much I had to call Sis on the phone to ask her what I should get.  

Seller over heard me saying..."Ok...I promise not to spend more than $15.00" and told me to get all that I wanted in those styles and she would only charge me $15.00!  She said not many people go for this look and she was going to donate it anyway.

Here's a look at what I picked up, already decorating my sisters home.
Metal flag picture.  I had the shelf, Suddenly Frugal painted it black and we added the candle holders and candles from my decorating stash.
Three pack of pictures still in protective packaging and red metal star.
Two barn red picture frames and families are forever plaque.
I just loved this sign...
Hanging above her small pantry.  (yes, she has a walk in pantry and a small pantry with shelves for spices and canned goods.  I am so envious!)

I purchased a wrought iron fork and spoon and will be hanging them above this picture.

Another red tarnished star with red gingham bow and ivy that I added for color.
Hanging above her stove.
Another lovely plaque hanging by the sink.  Off to the left, is a tiny bit of the set of curtains I also got from this yard sale.  Red gingham with tan accent.
I picked up these bottles because they were just so darling with the rusted bells and twisted wire.

Hard to tell in the picture, but the little flag is made to look like a shutter!
This is at the end of a long hall way to break up the plain beige wall.

The "pot" shelf in the kitchen.  This is the only place to display treasured items in the kitchen, so I helped her pick out things that were the most important to her.
1. Blue pitcher, belonged to our late mother.
2. Milk bottle, came from Verde Lea Dairy in Cottonwood.  Belonged to our Grandmother, mother, me an now my little sister.
3. Stuffed Cow pull toy. Birthday gift from her.
4. Shaker boxes from Pennsylvania Amish country.  Gift from other sister to our little sister.
5. Vintage egg beater, belonged to Grandmother, mother, me now to little sister.

I also located our Grandmothers potato masher with chippy yellow paint on handle.  Will be putting that up there as well.

I promise to get over to her house soon and take a few more pictures of the decor now that we are nearly finished.  

Not too bad for $15.00 and a few family treasures?  The best part?  Spending the afternoon with my sister and talking about our homes, family and lives.  

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Ta Ta For Now...


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Frugalista Fashion Friday

This is a subject that is close to my heart.  I love clothes, I have had a love affair with them since birth. I also love fashion but only if it's frugally affordable.  I learned my lesson a long time ago, when I purchased a pair of boots in the 80's, white leather fold down tops with large "rhinestones" on the cuff and straps that criss-crossed on the boot with silver studs.  I paid $90.00 of my hard earned baby-sitting, stall shucking, yard work, chore doing money on these boots.   A year later they were still beautiful but SOOO out of style and I saw them in a clearance center for $9.00~  I wore them for another two years until the late 80's and moved on to another fad.

I purchase most of my clothing second hand, gently used or new from garage sales or thrift stores.  I will even buy something on 75% off at Old Navy or Target.  I never pay full price.  Nope...I refuse to. 

With this in mind I have instilled in the College Diva the need to look for formal wear at discounted prices.  She is always in need of a formal or special occasion dress for sorority events.  I am always on the look out for them everywhere.  Here's College Diva and her room mate Alaska Darling modeling dresses I picked up for...fraction of the original cost.

CD's Torrid dress $9.99 (retails for $89.00), matching shoes $4.99 and AD's David's Bridal dress $8.00 (retail $168.00)and I had a $3.00 coupon from donating making these outfits under $20.00!

Here is another sorority sister borrowing another semi-formal dress that I purchased for $8.00 at a consignment shop.
The orange dress retails for $110.00 at David's Bridal.

Nearly $300.00 worth of dresses for less than $30.00?  I call that Frugal Fashion!

Ta Ta For Now!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Birthday Yard Sale Finds and A Church Rummage Sale

I love, love, love to yard, garage, estate, junk, and rummage sale.  Any day that I can do that is a wonderful day.   You can imagine how stoked I was that my birthday fell on a Saturday this year! I headed out to spend a little birthday cash.  

I like to get an early start, because it is getting warm, hot, nuclear here.  The early bird catches the worm so they say, but the early bird is less likely to get sunburned or heat stroke I say.  Though we can sale all year round, summer is kind of a drag.  Start by 6:00 am and wrap it up by 9:30 am because it's just too hot to stay outside unless you want to melt.

I had seen the signs for a Church Rummage Sale, but no time was listed.  Headed on over about 7:00 am after hitting a few sales on the way.  Desert Springs Church had half of one of their parking lots full of stuff.  Great items, great prices and...they even had cold soda, water and bake goodies for sale.  I will admit that I purchased the Reluctant Teenager and I the most amazing Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookies that I have ever tasted.  Wish I would have taken a picture of them, but we gobbled them up.  Decadent I tell you.

Just a quick shot from the parking lot.    7:00 am and there were several people already in line to pay for their goodies.
Furniture, appliances, toys, clothing, house hold items, decor, you name it, it was there.
I wished my kids were little, the prices on these items were fantastic.  Little kitchen with pots and pans..$10.00, looked brand new! Strollers from $5.00 to $15.00!

Tools, fish bowls, dog kennels...oh my!
This was a little stand with four baskets.  Brand new Pottery Barn Kids...$15.00.  I know!  Caa-uuute!
Little girl and grandma were tired of watching Mom and Dad.  I was tempted to crash on this couch with her.  $25.00 for blue denim couch.
I also seriously thought about getting this game for my brother in law.  I passed, but at $3.00 it was tempting!

Here is what I did get from the sale.
Oh Yes!  I saw these from across the parking lot and tripped over there in a hurry.  Looking over my shoulder to see if any one else had spotted these lovelies.

Six dollars for all three of them.  Can you believe it?  How Pottery Barn are these?  They are wooden thread or yarn spindles.  I have two more of these at home and was over joyed to find these hanging out waiting for me. Then I spied this next to them.  Uh...Yes!
Wooden shoe form for $3.00.  Yes, I snatched it up too!
Miller Cast Company, West Hampton.    Several people stopped me and asked what the spindles were and what I was going to use them for.  I just smiled and said "I'll think of something".

As I am paying for my lovely haul, the cashier asked me  the same question, then she asked if I saw the scale?  Scale???? What Scale???

She looked around and found it on the ground behind the cashier station.  She asked and no one knew if anyone was purchasing it, so she offered it to me.
How could I say no???  I love it!  $4.00! Chippy paint and everything. Sigh...this is some serious love here.

Headed out to another sale where I found this beauty.  I didn't even try to offer another amount when I found out how much the seller was asking.
She had wanted $15.00 but offered it to me at $10.00!  SOLD!  I don't have enough counter space so this will solve problem of where to put all the fruit from my produce co-op basket.    
Loving the detailing on these baskets!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my birthday yard sale antics.  I had a great time getting out and finding a few treasures for my home.  Head on over to Tales from Bloggeritaville for Thrifty Thursday and showing up late to Coastal Charms Thrifty Tuesdays.  Leigh shows you some more Pottery Barn  reproductions of vintage soda crates.
I have seen actual vintage crates at sales and passed them by because I felt like $15.00 was a little to pricey.  Uh.  Think again!  Next time I am grabbing them up! 

A biento!


PS::  Thanks for all of you who wished me a Happy Birthday!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fantastic Birthday Gift!

My wonderful husband, Fly Guy is a Geek.  Certified computer, gadget,electronic geek and I love him for it. Last year for my birthday he bought me an iPod Touch.  I am rarely without that lovely, thoughtful gift.

I usually do not ask for a certain gift, I am content to let my birthday pass without much hullabaloo. This year was no exception, I didn't even make a cake (dieting).  So when I came out this morning to find a large box sitting next to a bottle of Vampire wine (I tell you this man GETS me!)and some organic chocolate bars, I knew there had to be a gadget in that box.

Large wooden box tied with string.  My man isn't much on fancy wrappings but there is lots to be said about simplistic presentation.  Inside was this beauty.
Yes...a little Cannon Elph SD1300 IS camera.  *sigh*...A baby sister for my larger Cannon Power Shot G1, which is fantastic camera, but a little cumbersome to tote around for blogging pictures.  This. is. real. love.  Seriously small enough to put into my purse and snap pictures to my hearts content. 

Isn't he just the greatest?  I sure think so!  Love that man of mine! He even bought me a case and a memory card.  Seriously...this man thinks of everything.  I *heart* him, big time!

While both cameras are charging, I am going to fix a nice cup of tea and eat a piece of toast with Nutella (dieting but still have to celebrate a little) put this bottle of wine in the wine chiller and wait for the sun to rise before hitting a few yard sales.

A biento!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy "Almost" Birthday To Me!

Hello!  I feel like I have been gone sooo long! 

I suppose if you consider I hardly posted in May and am just getting around to getting my life back to some semblance of abnormal then yes... I have been gone a while.

As the title states, it's almost my birthday.  I remarked to a co-worker that I am only "celebrating" the ones with zeros at the end of them.  This year is a null and void. 

In light of the major purge I have been doing, I am desperately trying not to bring more stuff into the home....unless...I really. really. really. love. it.  I need a clean slate....back away from the stuff Audra.

Yeah...I know, I sound tough, until I am walking down the aisle of my grocery store and spy these.
Uh Huh...  On sale?  Only a dollar each?  *GASP* (seriously, I did gasp, right there in Albertson's home stuffs aisle)  I. must. have. these.  They are on my list of must haves....really.  honestly.  for reals!

Brown square plates.  Have you ever seen such gorgeousness? Four lovely chocolate brown plates.  Yep.  Do the math...four dollars.  I held back from buying eight of them.  It was hard, but I only got four.

Uh-huh.  I wanted...I coveted...I NEEDED them!

See why?

They have been on my hit list for nearly a year now.  Every time I look I can't find brown plates and here they are in MY grocery store.  Who da thunk it? 

I felt like the universe dropped an early gift into my lap.  *sigh*....  Happy....Birthday...toooo....meeeee!

I refrained, restrained...from buying the brown squarish bowls.  It was hard, but I did it, well at least for today I did.  Whose saying that tomorrow I won't need to buy four bowls as another almost birthday gift?  I'm just sayin'!  I might need those little tiny bowls for something.

Oh, by the way!  Thanks for all of you who left comments or emailed me telling me that this is a regular thing that bloggers go through.  I was really feeling put out with myself.  Now I feel like I am on the right path.  You all RAWK!

I am thinking of a cool giveaway coming up on June 5th. (the real birthday...) stay tuned, who knows what kind of craziness could be coming your way.

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Ta Ta For Now...