Friday, May 7, 2010

Dying "Silk" Rose Petals

I recently posted about helping with a super frugal wedding of my cousin, Sunshine Girl.  To say they have a shoe string budget is not correct...these kids have a dental floss budget., crap dental floss.

They were trying to make do with very little when their fairy wedding planners took over.   I offered to do decor and flowers.

Dollar store to the rescue.  Founds some reasonably realistic looking white roses for the bridesmaids bouquets and some white "silk" polyester rose petals for the flower girls to toss. 

"Wouldn't it be pretty if we had some light blue rose petals mixed in with the white ones".  Sure Sunshine girl, that would be lovely. Now where to find said petals?

I went on a search.  David's Bridal has them for $10.00 a box for 110. The internet had them for $6.00 for a package of 300 but it could take up to 10 days to get them. (cutting it close)   A package of 300 for a dollar from my new wedding headquarters Dollar Tree...$1.00.  I picked up three.

Then inspiration hit.  Could I???  Would it work???  Should I try it????
Dying the cheap polyester silk rose petals with Food Coloring.
Yep.  I . Am. That. Crazy.

So I did it...

I will show you how I did it and you can be the judge if they look....bluish.

One bag of dollar store flower petals and one blue food coloring
Total cost $1.25

Warm water and paper towels.
Half bottle of blue food coloring to half a pitcher of warm water.

Submerge hand full of petals in mixture. Let sit for five or so minutes.

Drain petals on multiple layers of paper towels.

Blot dry (I recommend rubber gloves) then let dry.
White petals on left, tinted light blue petals on right.

Total expenditure for aproximately 300 light blue petals...$1.25. $1.00 for the package of flowers and .25 for the blue dye out of a box of four colors.  A frugal savings of $8.75. 
Thinking outside of the box saved nearly $10.00. 
These light blue petals mixed in with the white petals will add a little pop to the tables, aisles and vases.

I am heading up to Cottonwood this weekend to help with more wedding plans.  Here's hoping we have what we need or can find a work around to make this the most memoriable day for Sunshine Girl.
Toujours économisé!



Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea!! Who would have thought and so darn easy!

Mandi said...

Smart idea, girlfriend! I can't wait to see all the other stuff you come up with.

Linda said...

Wonderful and inexpensive and fabulous! It can be done just have to be creative!!

Beth said...

You rock! Doncha just love Dollar Tree?!

Linda said...

That really turned out well! I would never have thought of food coloring!

Debbie said...

What a fun project that was! Love the color blue, and it looks like the theme of your cousins wedding is going to be gorgeous! Have a Happy Mothers day weekend!

Leslie, the Home Maker said...

I would have dyed them, too!!
Are we brilliant or what!?
I CANNOT wait to see the pictures from this cheap dental floss wedding!
I think you and the Wedding Fairy Godmothers will prove that a wedding can be done beautifully and frugally!
I didn't know the Dollar Tree had petals!
Who knew?
I am praying for you all that you will find everything you need, in time, and within budget!