Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day

I remember my first brush with beloved cousin Michael was killed in Vietnam just days before he was due to come home. I was only 3 years old but that image still haunts me, family members sitting in the living room as the Marine Captain came from Phoenix to deliver the flag they had draped over his coffin for the trip home.  As he handed the flag to my uncle and Sylvia, Micheal's 19 year old widow, he said "I am truly sorry for your loss sir, your country owes a deep debt of gratitude to your son".

Perhaps this is why I have a true appreciation for the men and women who serve in our armed forces. I am deeply moved when I see these soldiers in their camouflage or uniforms.    I get goosebumps and  a lump forms in my throat when the nation anthem is played. Patriotic songs touch me and bring tears to my eyes, deep gratitude for the job our soldiers are doing and have done. I bawl like a baby when I see those images of the soldiers overseas, I do not know any of them personally but I feel for them and their families.

Just this week the loss of a soldier hit closer to home then I expected.  A dear friend posted about her sons best friend who was killed in Afghanistan just three months before coming home.  I have another blogging friend whose husband is a soldier who recently deployed and we pray for his safe return every day.  My son is in JROTC in high school and is considering enlisting in three years.  I am proud of his dedication and knowing his is following a long line of men in our family who have served our country since World War I.

To those who have served our country and paid the ultimate price for our freedom and those who are protecting our freedom at this very moment, I am honored and humbled. May you return safe to your families, there are many of our brave men who never come home.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Merci Beaucoup!

Merci beaucoup to all of you who commented.  I appreciate the feed back as I am still a bit of a novice at this.  I think I will stick with Frugal Missus, it's my baby and who I am.  Regarding Junque in my trunk...well I may use this as my featurette showcasing yard sale and thrifting finds.  I use to sell on e Bay and am going to start that up as well.  I also want to be able to offer finds to you in blog land so I may open an Etsy shop in which to do that or use Junque in my trunk to offer items for sale.

You all mean the world to me!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Just takin' a break....

I have been remiss in keeping up with my blog.  I miss it.  I miss you.  I miss all of you and your blogs! (little bit of whine...)

I have been so busy this month with the wedding, graduations, baby shower and a bridal shower for another wedding in July.  Not to mention trying to work and have a life in the middle of this chaos.

So..I am taking a short breather.  Staying busy with de-cluttering the house and the cupboards.  Helping my sister decorate her new home on a super tight budget and spending a little time with my kiddos.  College Diva is down for the week, not much work at this time so they gave her a couple of weeks vacation (NO PAY) until June 1st.  The two of us are going through my house ruthlessly clearing, cleaning, donating and tossing things.  I can't believe how much I accumulate that I think I need to hang on to.

In the midst of all of this, I am changing my decor.  Going for a more cohesive look instead of the hodge- podge that I ended up with.  I subscribe to the theory that most of what I love will work together some how, some way.  I just have to find a way to make it less cluttered and more organized.  I am working on falling in love with my house all over again.

As you can see I have my plate full and trying to clear it off and get back into the swing of things. 
I promise to be back soon.  With stories, pictures and details of my crazy antics.

I am also entertaining the idea of starting a new blog solely dedicated to my yard sale pursuits and making this blog about the frugal pursuits. I hope I can keep the two straight or I might crash and burn.  I also am entertaining the idea of offering some of my lovely yard sale finds for sale...maybe start an etsy store?

Thoughts, comments or ideas?  Help a sistah out...I am feeling strung out and not very put together.
Just know I miss you all and I am coming back with a fresh outlook and clean home!  

PS:  Merci beaucoup to all of you who commented.  I appreciate the feed back as I am still a bit of a novice at this.  I think I will stick with Frugal Missus, it's my baby and who I am.  Regarding Junque in my trunk...well I may use this as my featurette showcasing yard sale and thrifting finds.  I use to sell on e Bay and am going to start that up as well.  I also want to be able to offer finds to you in blog land so I may open an Etsy shop in which to do that or use Junque in my trunk to offer items for sale.

You all mean the world to me!

A biento mes amis!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Frugal Wedding Bouquet

I am back from Cottonwood and rested up from the whirl wind week of wedding planning and wedding!  Of course in my rush to get up North I remembered my camera but not my CF Card!  UGH.  So I have to depend on others for photos of the wedding.

A few minor set backs, a couple of tense moments but the wedding went off without too many bumps.  Here is the DIY..bouquet.

This was a bouquet from a friends daughters wedding a few years back.  My dear friend had the presence of mind to triple wrap bouquet before storing it in a box.  The whites were still bright and the flowers were not crushed.

I added six light blue roses and five light blue rose buds from Hobby Lobby.  Purchased when floral items were 50% off.  Also purchased rhinestones at half price when the bridal/wedding items were 50% off.  I added ten more white roses around the base of the bouquet to make it stand out.

Added more greenery to make the blue pop and added some to the cascade to fill it out.  All in all, the total cost of the bouquet was less than $12.00!

Just goes to show what a little imagination and a lot of frugality can come up with.  We had so many compliments on the bouquet.  I want to thank my dear friend Kat and her sister Candy for creating the base of this bouquet for me to work with and for being so generous to give it to us for Sunshine Girl's wedding.

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A tout alors!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Gift (Yard Sale Find)

This weekend I was in Cottonwood helping the family for Sunshine Girl's upcoming wedding.  My Aunt asked me on Friday night if I could make an early run to drop off several bags of donations to the Good-Buy Shoppe in town.  As it benefits the Animal Shelter, my family and I try to donate to this worth while cause as often as possible.

What is it about weddings, family reunions and remodeling that makes you realize how much crap uh, treasures you have.  I made my drop off to the shop and notice a fetching site.

Yep....Yard Sale sign.  Uh, huh.  You know my car (or in this case Fly Guy's trusty X-Tera) navigated itself right to that blessed sale.  

I spotted a gorgeous clock as I started up the walk...I rushed over.  Uh...Muh...Gaaawwwdddd!  This guy had wonderful, collectible stuff, but man oh man was the pricing OUTRAGEOUS! 

His prices were three times more than I was willing to pay.  I wandered around trying to get a feel for him to see if I could talk him down from the $25.00 price tag on the lovely French reproduction-knock off pendulum clock. I asked questions,  I chatted him up.  Come to find out he is a "Picker" a term he uses to describe his shopping style.  He picks things up here and there and if he likes them he figures they will some how go with what he has.  

I waited for a break in his "one that got away stories" and inquired about the clock.  He said he could go down to $20 on the clock.  I told him that I had been looking for a large French style clock for a bare wall.  I was just afraid this one might be too small for the space (a ploy to hopefully get him to come down a few more dollars).He then says he has a bigger clock in the garage.  

Can I tell you how awesome this garage was?  I wish I had more cash to spend because he had it ALL...Shutters, windows, architectural salvage, iron door nobs, hinges, screen doors, rusted ceiling tile and more.  Lots and lots more.   I died and went to Junkers Heaven.  Sigh.

He pulls out the object of my desire.  HUGE...Ginormous, Mega Large31 inches of gorgeous French wall clock.  I tentatively ask how much, he says...:"Whadda I offer the other one for $20.00?  How about $15.00 for this one because the metal hands are bend and a bit crinkled".  UH...I could have hugged him.  

So here she Mother's Day gift ala yard sale....after I straightened her bent hands and put a new battery in her.  All the way from Cottonwood, Arizona for her Frugal Missus debut....

I have coveted these large clocks for years but found the price tag tres chère.
Now she is mine and I love her... 
Just so you know.  I love her lots and lots.
Huge...31 inches across!  OMG!
 I just checked for this clock on the internet.  Original cost $237.00, on sale at Simply Wall Clocks for $157.00 a difference of $142.00.  Do I need to mention how much I *lurve* yard sales?

Linking up with Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality for Thrifty Treasures.  Please head over and see her Mothers Day finds and her post about The Lovelady Center.
A biento, ma chère amies! 


Friday, May 7, 2010

Dying "Silk" Rose Petals

I recently posted about helping with a super frugal wedding of my cousin, Sunshine Girl.  To say they have a shoe string budget is not correct...these kids have a dental floss budget., crap dental floss.

They were trying to make do with very little when their fairy wedding planners took over.   I offered to do decor and flowers.

Dollar store to the rescue.  Founds some reasonably realistic looking white roses for the bridesmaids bouquets and some white "silk" polyester rose petals for the flower girls to toss. 

"Wouldn't it be pretty if we had some light blue rose petals mixed in with the white ones".  Sure Sunshine girl, that would be lovely. Now where to find said petals?

I went on a search.  David's Bridal has them for $10.00 a box for 110. The internet had them for $6.00 for a package of 300 but it could take up to 10 days to get them. (cutting it close)   A package of 300 for a dollar from my new wedding headquarters Dollar Tree...$1.00.  I picked up three.

Then inspiration hit.  Could I???  Would it work???  Should I try it????
Dying the cheap polyester silk rose petals with Food Coloring.
Yep.  I . Am. That. Crazy.

So I did it...

I will show you how I did it and you can be the judge if they look....bluish.

One bag of dollar store flower petals and one blue food coloring
Total cost $1.25

Warm water and paper towels.
Half bottle of blue food coloring to half a pitcher of warm water.

Submerge hand full of petals in mixture. Let sit for five or so minutes.

Drain petals on multiple layers of paper towels.

Blot dry (I recommend rubber gloves) then let dry.
White petals on left, tinted light blue petals on right.

Total expenditure for aproximately 300 light blue petals...$1.25. $1.00 for the package of flowers and .25 for the blue dye out of a box of four colors.  A frugal savings of $8.75. 
Thinking outside of the box saved nearly $10.00. 
These light blue petals mixed in with the white petals will add a little pop to the tables, aisles and vases.

I am heading up to Cottonwood this weekend to help with more wedding plans.  Here's hoping we have what we need or can find a work around to make this the most memoriable day for Sunshine Girl.
Toujours économisé!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm dreaming of a blue wedding...

No, not mine.  I had more of a black, dark red and ivory wedding.  My cousin or my second cousin if you want to get technical.

Sunshine girl is getting married on May 15th.  She and her groom are young, just starting out, with little money.  As families do, we have rallied around them all working on parts to make the ceremony beautiful on a shoe string budget (my favorite!)

Her colors are pale blue, silver and white.  Unfortunately an illness has kept her mother from being as involved in the planning as she wanted to be.  I was thrilled to be asked to help out.  They were impressed with my  Super Frugal and very beautiful (if I am allowed to brag...)

She will be getting married in the same spot with the same arch that Fly Guy and I were married under nearly three years ago.

Yes...I rocked a red dress.  More on that later.

I have been traveling to Cottonwood nearly every weekend for the past month in order to help get things ready for her wedding.

Thanks to a lovely friend who gave us several items from her daughters St. Patrick's Day wedding a few years back, we were able to save a bundle on bridal bouquets, center pieces, toasting glasses for the wedding party and misc items.  Change out the green for some silver and blue and VOILA... a beautiful bouquet.  Another cousins co-workers son got married three weeks ago, their colors were also light blue, silver and white.  She has generously donated the wedding and reception decor from their wedding. 

We are all re purposing items from our homes, vintage table clothes, crystal bowls, silver serving trays to may Sunshine Girl's wedding extraordinary.  College Diva is doing Sunshine's hair and make up saving her a bundle at the beauty salon.  Our goal is to have a gorgeous country wedding for less than $1200.00.
These are not the brides flowers...but aren't blue roses gorgeous? I found some light blue silk roses at Hobby Lobby (did I mention just how much I love this place?)to add to the brides and bridesmaids bouquets.  I will be posting more on the items I have picked up on the cheap and the wedding preparations as we go along.

Meilleurs voeux....