Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hobby Lobby How I Love You So...

First let me say...if you do not have a Hobby Lobby near you... I apologize, for it is the single-most-satisfying-shopping-experience-this-girl-has-ever-had-bar-none!  It is that amazing! I console myself that while I have HL right down the road, Arizona does not have Christmas Tree Shops...which make me envious. of those states with these fabulous stores.

   I guess we will hope  pray that Christmas Tree Shops come to Arizona and you get Hobby Lobby in your  neck of the woods.

I had a $50.00 gift card from Christmas burning a hole in my wallet. I just needed some Retail Therapy.

I have been inspired by Mandi to try my hand at a few new creations, but that will have to wait a few more months.  Instead I picked up a couple of items to decorate and inspire me.

Caution...drool fest!

All of these items were 50% off ( I love that they have 50% off sales every week on select items. ) This week...Wall Decor and resin pieces were showcased.
My heart skipped a beat...I have been looking for one of these fleur de lis to put in this very spot.  This would be the amazing four pane window with a missing pane that I found at THAT amazing Church Rummage Sale...

Then I spied this...only one left.  I clutched it close and started dreaming where I would put it.

As I walked down the aisles in awe and amazement, I spied this beauty.  Ooh La La!  I must have it.

And this one as well that was right next to it.

I might have bought more if they would have had a few others, but how many crowns does a Queen need?
Answer: As many as she wants!
My total on this trip. $23.47!

Forgive the pictures, I had to take them with the camera phone, Fly Guy has my camera on a Fishing Trip.  He is going to start a blog about...FISHING and Cigars.  Uh...yeah.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments about my Aunts place.  I just love her use for everything and the way she makes it come together effortlessly. I am feeling better so I will be headed up there this weekend to help with my cousins wedding preparations.  Only two weeks until the big day!

A biento! 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Favorite Place to Escape....

My most favorite place to visit is the home of my Aunt and Uncle in Cottonwood, Arizona. My Aunt is an amazing woman, she raised five children as a single mother when her husband was killed in a mining accident, sold Avon to supliment her income and was a die hard Rummage Sale/Yard Sale hunter for years.  She was raised on a ranch during the Depression and learned to use "everything". 

She has done just that in her yard, gardens and patio areas.  I love the eclectic use of pots, pans, old toys and miscellania she has spread about with flowers and tress.  I hope you will enjoy these pictures.


Flowers in old washer "tub"

Old Andirons from torn down Hotel in Jerome, Arizona

Old bottles found at one of the old dump sites in Jerome, Arizona

As you can see she uses everything and has a use for just about everything.
Old toys found in Jerome
I love that everything has a place!
I found this rusted pot belly stove at a sale for $3.00.  It's her newest pride and joy.
She is planning on putting succlents inside and on top.
Flower wheel my Uncle made for her. (She married him after being widowed for several years...)
He is another die hard frugalite and made this from reclaimed wood, metal and misc he has found or scavenged.
He also built this pond for her.  She has both koi and goldfish in it. 
Just beyond in the fore ground is the pecan trees that Fly Guy and I were married under...nearly three years ago.
Many more pictures to show you, I promise to post more tomorrow!
A Tout Alors!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Greatest Gift A Mom Could Ask For...

I had to lock myself away today to get some paper work done that needed to be done NOW!  I procrastinated thought I had another week to do it and found out I had to get it in by Wednesday.  I know, nothing like cutting it short.

I headed to the office, told the Reluctant Teenager I would fix dinner when I emerged.  

Two hours later I came out to fix dinner and this is what greeted me.

He cooked dinner!  I wish I had pictures of him doing it and all the prep, but you get the idea.  He made spaghetti substituting macaroni noodles instead of spaghetti noodles since I used the rest of them up in Prairie Woman's Chicken Spaghetti (which is FABULOUS!) and I haven't been to Costco to replenish my stock.

Now, Reluctant Teenager, enjoys helping out in the kitchen and will cook a few things to eat, but he doesn't normally fix dinner.

I am touched.  I cried.  It embarrassed him.  A bunch.  A whole, whole bunch.

Then he said, "Great, now you are really going to loose it when you see what else I did!  Please don't get all snotty on me!" ( Nice...I know, the stuff they say!)

Yep...those are my clothes.  He folded them for me!  

I lost it.  A lot.  I almost got a bit snotty...(cry so hard your nose starts running?)

I hugged the stuffin' out of that kid and thanked the good Lord for letting me have this one sweet boy.

My husband doesn't cook or do my laundry or fold it.  

I think my son might be pretty good husband material....someday.
I love this man-child!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thrifty Treasures Away From Home....

I am baaaack! 
What a whirlwind weekend!  I could have stayed another three days and visited with my lovely Aunt and Uncle.  

On a sad note...I forgot the cf card for my camera!  UGH!  I always forget something.  Being frugal I didn't want to spend beaucoup francs for a new one so I took pictures with my camera phone!  I hope they turn out and if not, well I will be back up there in a few weeks helping with preparations for my cousins wedding in May.

Got a very late start on Saturday.  We were feeling kind of lazy and I was a bit under the weather with the food I ate the night before. (Fast food ALWAYS tears me up...why do I even TRY???)

Even with a late start (10:30 am) I found some great items.

The fabulous yellow aluminum pans from Montgomery Wards.  $3.00.  I have a serious love affair with aluminum.  See more about that here.

My mother had a set of these in a dark boston baked bean red.  These are the pots I learned to cook with and I was far too cool to accept them as my first cook ware when I moved out, opting for teflon pans. UGH.

There was one large lid for the dutch oven, but no dutch oven and another pan missing the lid and the handle. 
Bottom of the pan....

At an Estate sale I found this lovely...It weighs 21 pounds
Of course I had to have it...I love old books and do you see the gorgeous crown?
Yep.  $1.00!
Date in book is 1963.

Then I found this small book...
The title is Le Chevalier de Maison-Rouge (The Knight of Maison-Rouge: A Novel of Marie Antoinette)
by Alexandre Dumas.
Inside is a label...Superior, Wisconsin Public Library

The book is in rough shape, I may use it for decoupage or just as prop book.

These really strange looking hangers, they twist at the ends and make a crazy loop.
.50 for eight.

Stopped at a wondeful rummage sale at the Vineyard Church and picked up loads of clothing and items for my cousins wedding.  Prices were phenominal! My Aunt and I walked away with loads of stuff and only spent $14.00 each!

Will post more of our finds tomorrow and some pictures from my phone.

Linking up with Rhoda at Southern Hospitality for Thrifty Treasures.

A biento!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Frugal Birthday Gift...

My cousin Suze had a birthday last month, unfortunately I was a bit under the weather and didn't send her gift to her.  I am so fortunate to have family that loves vintage, thrifted, antiqued, found or made gifts.  Suze loves Victorian inspired items, doilies and hankies.  She is also an accomplished seamstress, cake decorator and budding artist.

For her birthday this year I found some lovely items that will fit nicely in her home.

Pair of pictures featuring Victorian footwear $1.00 for the pair.
Seven hand made doilies and two small table scarves .20 each at St. Peter's Thrift.  $1.80

Four vintage hankies .50 each $2.00 for all
Set of ecru crocheted valences $1.00 for the pair.  

These two craft books... .50 each
and this one...

All wrapped up in a seriously discounted brown paper bag gift bag (Thank you Target, .19 each I bought 20 of them...)

Hand made tag from Someplace in Thyme.  Head on over...she has such beautiful things.

and my first ever handkerchief rose as a nod to this very talent lady, who inspires me daily to add pretty things to my surroundings and life.
Head on over to her blog, Frugal Luxeries where she is hosting a lovely give away of this book!

Rush on over, you will want this book I promise you!

Getting ready to pack up the car to head out tomorrow for a whirl wind visit with College Diva and my family.  I promise to get pictures of all that I can...
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Packing for a weekend trip....

Heading out of town this weekend to visit my family in Cottonwood.  
First a stop for a short visit with College Diva to deliver frozen home cooked meals, goodies and forgotten clothes (from her previous visit).  

Quick dinner with her then a drive down to the Verde Valley where my family lives.

This brings me to the dilemma and reason for this post.
I have a problem packing.  Oh, I can pack a lot into a small suitcase to be sure, I just have a major problem bringing way-hay more than I will need or ever wear.  Yep...I am an over-packer!

I tell myself each time I won't do it, but I do.  One more thing, what if I want to wear this instead of this...indecision kills me every time.

Every time I go on a trip, vacation, weekend trip, over niter...I over pack.  Every.Single.Time.

This time I promised I would only pack what I really needed with one outfit as an alternate.  BIG STEP for me.

This brings me to my second point in this post.  ALL the items..are either thrifted or picked up at  garage sales.  
I purchase 90 % of my clothing at garage sales, thrift stores or clearance.  Why shop retail when there are goodies like this to be had for pennies on the dollar?

Here is my clothing for the trip.

2 Chico's 3/4 sleeved shirts (St. Peter's Thrift $4.00for multi color/ $2.00 for the solid black one)
1 Lane Bryant tank top (brand new $1.00 yard sale)
1 pair of Coldwater Creek Jeans (purchased NWT from Savers Thrift Store I picked up 3 pair for 21.00! Original price of one pair was $78.00)
1 Caribbean Joe blue light weight hoodie brand new(St. Peters Thrift $2.50)
2 pair of Old Navy wide leg yoga pants (purchased brand new at yard sale..$1.00 each)
1 Vera Wang Pajama set (St. Peter's Thrift $3.00 for set) Brand New
1 Old Navy Black Tank Top ($1.00 yard sale)

1 pr. Born Espadrilles (Savers Thrift $6.00)
1 pr. Born leather sandals (yard sale $4.00)

Total cost of outfits $31.00.    FRUGAL SCORE! 

But wait...there's more.  I am always on the look out for duffel bags, totes and suit cases at yard sales.  A few weeks back I scored this brand new bag for...$2.00!  From Nine West.
My very own weekend bag!

That is why I am linking up with Leigh at Tales from Bloggeritaville for Thrifty Thursday.  Head over and see the great clothing items Leigh picked up for her family!

A tout alors!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One sided conversation

Ever have a day where you walk in and instantly know shenanigans have been underfoot while you were away.

I see the destruction as soon as I walk into the dining room. 

ME:  Are you KIDDING ME?
        What have you two been up to?

        Are you seriously telling me that my linen tablecloth is on the floor and you had NOTHING  TO DO   WITH IT????


        What the HECK do you have to say for yourselves?

        NOTHING?  Nothing at ALL?

       and you broke a glass?  What the heck were the two of you up to?  Who started the rough housing?  You....maybe You??? 

       Do YOU think you OWN the PLACE when I am not HERE?

       Long Pause......

       Ah, don't sit there looking right through me, you know what you did!  

      Don't you turn away...listen to me.  I pay the bills around here.  

       I am at your beck and call, I take care of you and THIS . IS. THE. THANKS. I. GET?????

     Oh, now you want to look right through me huh?  Ok.(deep sigh)  maybe you should just go to bed without any...  DINNER!

   What have got to say for yourselves?  Huh???  NOTHING???

I guess at this point I should mention I am launching this tirade at these two ladies.



(we thought she was a boy kitty!)

Uh huh.  It's official.  I have become the Crazy Cat Lady.  
I  talk to my cats like they are children. 
I need serious help...I think.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Made My Day....

Today was a rough day.  I was a bit run down, had to work an 11 hour shift and just dragging by the time I got home.  You know...bone. tired...deep. down. bone. tired.  I must of looked pretty haggard when I walked in the door, because The Reluctant Teenager said "I have something to cheer you up".

Was he ever right.  A package, pour moi, from my dear blogging friend Joan from Decorator to the Stars.  I can't tell you how much I adore this lady.  Not only is she an amazing woman, she is a decorator, jewelry maker, crafter, junquer, scavenger and seller of all things beautiful (imo...) she also provides props for Hollywood movies.  Now how is that for the perfect job???

In the package was this lovely key chain...Sorry the picture quality is not so great, but I am learning how to work this camera Fly Guy "gave" me.   
It says "Junque in my trunk".  How stinkin' perfect is that for me??? I will tell you, it's 100 % perfect.  I often joke about changing the name of my blog or the tag line to "I ALWAYS HAVE JUNQUE IN MY TRUNK".  Seriously.

She makes these gorgeous necklaces out of spoons and then stamps sayings and words on them.  The two I have purchased from her say... "Junk Gypsy" and "Bohemien de bazar"  I get loads of compliments on these when I wear them.  First of all no one realizes it's an actual vintage spoon!  The Reluctant Teenager calls them my "Junkin' Dog Tags!"

But spoons are not her only medium, see what she has done with watch faces. These also get me loads of comments and compliments.
Then there are the bottles.  I have three at present count but will be adding a few more to the collection ...perfect mothers day gift!

So run over and check out what Joan has going on her blog...I promise you, she will have something wonderful to show and sell!

Merci beaucoup Jean, du fond de mon coeur!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday Treasures 4-10

I want to thank everyone for the kind words and well wishes for my health and speedy recovery.  I had dental work done to crown two teeth and cap a broken tooth and I ended up with a infection in the jaw and palate of my mouth.  I can't tell you how uncomfortable I was, but reading your kind words made things so much better.

I am happy to report the infection is gone and I will be going back to the dentist for the final installment of work on Thursday, April 15th.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Saturday brought beautiful spring weather and a few yard sales.  Seemed to be less sales than usual, perhaps because of Nascar Races.  I do  not follow Nascar though I am appreciative of the revenue it generates for the city and for the company I work for that has an on site grocery store.

Without further ado here are the few lovelies I found this week.
Wooden boxes with potential.  I think I will paint them black and maybe stencil numbers or french words on them.  I have been so inspired by Mandi at Tidbits from the Tremaynes.  She does amazing things with wood and paint.

I am a sucker for tins, and anything with a rubbed bronze finish.
Again...I love urns and these beauties weigh 8 pounds each!
This sale was a couple down sizing from a six bedroom home after their 8th child is about to go off to college.
The kids ran the sale and it was darling to watch them take such an interest in the people buying their parents things. 

I love movies and at $1.00 a piece these were a bargain.  I have a flinch point of $3.00 on dvds and that has to be one I REALLY want.  I have gone to sales where the movies are marked $5.00 to $7.00!  I just won't buy them at that price.
These work out dvd's were .50 each.  For that I thought I would try them out before sending them on to a friend!

This had to be the second favorite find of the day.
$3.00 "Library" sign.  I *heart* french things and this was so going home with me.
At this sale, there was a customer standing next to the garage pointing things out saying, I will take that, that, this, that and that.  She then told the lady to hold all these items so she could go get the money.
I thought it was a bit RUDE but didn't say anything.  As I was looking at a food processor (I have been wanting one FOREVER!) she said "oh and that, I will take that as well.

I also picked up these books at the sale. 
The colors are amazing...I can't wait to find a place to display them.

That concludes my great shopping expedition.  I wanted to share one crazy yard sale sign I saw yesterday.  Now...I think signs should be large enough to see and should be easy to spy when driving.  This is what this couple thought would bring droves of people to their sale....are. you. ready???
Yep.. a 12 inch cone with a tiny sign that had "SALE" on it.
I drove past it three times trying to find where to turn in.

For the record the prices were about three times higher than from Marshall's, TJ Maxx or Home Goods.  Outrageous! 
I didn't buy anything.

Linking up to Southern Hospitality's Thrifty Treasures.  See what Rhoda and the others have found in their hunt for treasures.
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