Monday, March 29, 2010

Saturday Treasures!

It has been a while since I posted any of my great finds.  I have been incognito..out of town, busy and visiting new blogging friends.  I have managed to sneak a little yard sale and rummage sale action in as well.  Not to mention a funny story about a carry on Apothecary Jar...

I joked with the ladies at the AZ Bloggers Spring Tea that I should change my tag line from "Trying to live fabulous on a shoe string budget" to "I Always Have Junque In My Trunk".  It's a sickness and I sure hope there isn't a cure.

Look what treasures I found on Saturday....

This lovely cork board with two push pins still attached.  $3.00!  I have been looking for one for my office space and here is the perfect board.  Ideal place to hang my tag from Meri.  This uber talented lady made these to pass around at the tea.  I took the SILLY to remind me to lighten up!

I spied this beauty at an Estate Sale...covered in dust and grime, I almost face planted in the dirt trying to get to it.  You know I am not the most graceful of girls and when I get excited....
No price tag so I hefted this baby over to the lady running the sale.  "How, gasp, Much, wheeze, For, uh...This??? 
She looked at me like I was crazy and said $3.00.  Girls I almost dropped this on my foot I was so shocked.  SOLD!  I am sure at one time there was a lid to the top, but it's ok with me just the way it is.

Look at this lovely crown close up and personal like....
This is real love ladies...Real, unadulterated love!

Next sale I spied this gorgeous creature...She beckoned me and I tripped right on over.  No price tag??? Is it for sale???
The gentleman said $5.00 and it was mine.  Of course he nearly threw out his back trying to put it in my car.  This thing weighs 40 pounds or more!   I would hug her but she might hurt me!

My cousin is getting married in May and we are looking for large, very large vases to fill with flowers for the head tables and food tables.  Look what I found for FIVE DOLLARS!
She is beautiful, n'est ce pas?  I don't know if you can grasp the size of this vase...hold on....
Motrin bottle next to vase...This is huge!  btw...not a crack on the side, just a piece of plastic from the wrapping.

Another sale brought this beauty to me.  Again a $5.00 find.

Slightly smaller than the other vase by three or so inches.  Impressive don't you think?

I wanted to show case one more thing I found at the Cornerstone Christian Church Rummage Sale from earlier this month.
Yep.  I love them.  Love, Love, LOVE at first sight.  I paid $5.00 for the set of three.  I am so in love with these. 

Last but not least...the Apothecary Jar story.  While in Mass. visiting my step brother and family, I had the chance to visit a local Good Will.  Let me tell you.  I wish I had a trailer to bring back all the goodies this place had.  I spied this lovely Apothecary Jar and bought it for $3.00!

Over 17 inches high, this is the largest jar I own.  Now how the heck to get it home. would cost about $15.00 to ship it UPS or Fed Ex.  Not Frugal.  To ship it USPS and insure it $13.25.  Also not so frugal.  Only one thing to do.  I put it in my carry on and prayed to the good Lord and the decorating gods and hoped that I could take it through.

When they scanned my bag in security, the man reading the scanner stopped it, looked at my bag three times and asked..."What is in your bag ma'am:".  "Uh...a Apothecary Jar".  He shook his head and asked if I had anything inside the jar...""  The lady asked why I was carrying a jar back home.  So I explained that this wasn't an ordinary jar...but an APOTHECARY JAR and I had been looking for one FOREVER. 

At this point the scanner guy looks at me and asks (SWEAR TO GOD LADIES!) "Did you get this at Hobby Lobby?"  OMG!  He knew about HL!  I stammered "Good Will"... he said... "Guess I will tell my wife to look there's a sickness with you girls isn't it?"

He let us go through with my lovely jar!  I carried her very carefully all the way to Phoenix. I felt kind of teary eyed over our journey!  I don't know what I would have done if they had not let me bring it on...

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Best Wishes for a wonderful week....


Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Super Saturday~AZ Bloggers Spring Tea

I had the opportunity to attend the AZ Bloggers Spring Tea yesterday!  Hosted by Sherry from Country Wings in Phoenix and Jamie from Queen Mimi Corner.  Held at the lovely Front Porch Tea Cafe in Mesa, Arizona, this was a wonderful get together of a few of the Arizona bloggers. 

I had never met any of these ladies so I was excited and thrilled to meet them and make new friends. 
I forgot my camera, (head in the clouds again) so I borrowed pictures from several of the ladies who attended.  Thanks girls!
I had mapquested the directions to the Tea Cafe only to learn half way here that one of the freeways was closed!  Not to fear, called Fly Guy who googled me to another street and gave me directions on how to get there.  I arrived on time, but about 20 minutes later than I had hopped to!  (Dang freeway construction!)

In attendance were
Charlotte @
Tracey @
Marty @
Julie @
Oliva @
Sherry @
Liz @
Char @
Sandy @
Meri @
Donetta @
Loretta @
Jamie @
Gail @
Audra @ (ME! I am the one with the dark hair and black shirt on fourth from the left)

I had not met any of these ladies before so I was excited and a little nervous. These ladies made me feel right at home and I had a wonderful visit with everyone.  Special thank you to Liz for making me feel extra comfortable!  She and I have daughters nearly the same age and headed towards the same goal...Law School!  She is a fabulous lady, please head over to her blog and see for yourself.  Also a shout out to Donnetta and Meri who sat next to and across from me.  Wonderful, expressive women.  Meri made these lovely tags to pass around.  I chose this one to remind me not to be "SO SERIOUS!"

Sherry brought a  yummy cake with Cherries on it ( LOVE THOSE THINGS!) and darling plates and napkins to match. 
A few of the ladies at the end of the table during the gift exchange.Sandy, Lorretta and Charlotte.

Wider shot of the entire table.

Can I tell you how much I really don't like this picture of ME????

As you can see, lots of great conversation flowing and sharing of stories and ideas.  These ladies are inspirational, fantastic and lovely.  I was honored to be a part of this group.

I encourage you to meet up with the bloggers in your area, it is an experience that is uplifting and inspiring.

Joyeux Dimanche


Friday, March 26, 2010

Napkin Rings??? Bud Vases??? Both???

I *heart* napkin rings. I love dishes, but there is just something wonderful about napkins and napkin rings that make my heart skip a beat. Like the tiara on top of a beauty queens head…it makes the table go from beautiful to STUNNING! (IMO…)

When I saw four glass bud vases/napkin Church Rummage Sale wrapped in bubble wrap, all by their lonesome. My curiousity got the better of me and I had to check them out. Were they bud vases or  napkin rings???? After getting them home and googling them…this is what I found. (All pictures from the internet..these are difficult to photograph)

For the dollar asking price, I was willing to take them and see what I could do with them. I haven’t had opportunity to use them yet, but I see them making a debut on our Easter dinner table. I hope I can pull off a nice table scape to compliment these lovelies  The possibilities are endless.....

Profitez du week-end 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sweeney Todd....

Where was my head!  Been gone, got back, yard sale, Flagstaff to take College Diva back to dorm.  Then, back to work on Monday.  That's when Reluctant Teenager called to inform me that he had been given the position of the constablel in the West View High School performance of  Sweeney Todd. (Not the musical..Not Johnny Depp...sigh...)

Woo Hoo...uh, wait...Isn't that THE PLAY that is going on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday  of THIS WEEK? (GASP)  Thankfully he was the understudy for this part as well as two others so he had a fair idea of the role.  We've been cramming, learning lines and baking dozens of cookies for the cast and crew.  I have not had one second to myself...except now, in between doing make up for a dozen or so one knows why the make up girl didn't show???  I knew my Theatrical classes in High School and College as well as countless years of doing my make up and many others would pay off.

So... I will be MIA for most of this week, but I promise to have pictures to post of the play, rummage sale and anything else I have been taunting you with but forgetting to post....

I will be back soon!  Also Thank YOU all for such wonderful comments and well wishes regarding my step brother.  :)

ta ta for now....


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring "Break"

Haven't been around much lately to post.  Things have been hectic in my life as of late...called out of town for a step-brothers illness.  I am sad to say that John lost his fight with Stage 4 melanoma last Sunday.  I was scheduled to fly home the Friday before, but he took a turn for the worse and we stayed to be with him to the end.  After the services, we flew back and after a week and half of not being here, I had much to catch up on.

This Saturday some friends and I hosted a yard sale for another friend who lost her husband on St. Patrick's Day to Stage Four Melanoma. College Diva was home and also had a yard sale to help offset the cost of her medical bills not covered by insurance.  It was a major yard sale and where was my camera?  That's right at home!

Happy to report I did not bring much back with me, we raised over $250.00 for College Diva and $200.00 for the friend. Plus, we did loads of spring cleaning by clearing out and donating the rest to a local charity thrift store. 

Today I am taking College Diva back to Flagstaff, I wish she was staying another week!  Hard to watch her head back, though the weather should be fabulous!

Have lots of pictures of stuff picked up at the Church Rummage sale from a few weeks back.  I will get those posted later and hopefully, get back to a semi-normal life around here.

Much love....


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day!  As they say in my family...
La fheile Padraig sona duit! 
Happy St. Patricks Day!

May you always have walls for the winds,
a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,
laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
and all your heart might desire

Irish Proverb.

Enjoy your day...even if you aren't Irish.
I will save a plate of brisket and cabbage for you.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Unicorn Love....

Remember in the 1970's when Unicorns decorated everything?  T-Shirts, posters,puzzles, purses, unicorn stickers on trapper keepers?  They were everywhere!  Even Barbie had a Unicorn!  I was not immune, I had a serious love for unicorns.. like every other pre-teen girl in my town. On a Saturday shopping trip to town,  six of my friends and I cleaned out the entire stock of  a ceramic statuette of a unicorn  leaping over a rainbow from our  local Hallmark. 

I have fond memories of that day and of the mythical unicorn.

Until I see something like this.....

Found by my amazing friend Michelle, at a Goodwill in California. She took the picture and sent it to me,  because...we sort of send pictures of the oddities we find in the thrift stores to each other and then laugh about it.  (I know, we are soooooo coool!)

Kind of disturbing...a little bit nightmarish... Wondering why someone created this...until...

Until...She....Sent....Me....This..... You might want to hold your breath.....

What in the name of all things holy was this person thinking?  Who told them this was ok???  

I leave you with the lovely pictures and hope you all have peaceful dreams tonight because I am sure I will have nightmares...of...this...abomination.

Oh...Michelle purchased this lovely for $1.50!  I know, you are all wishing it was yours, wondering how you could have this precious in your home....but she plans on giving it  as a gag gift to some unsuspecting soul.  I hope it doesn't end up at my house...

Ta Ta For Now...


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Window To My Soul

I spied this wonderful rustic window at THE Rummage sale a week ago, I had to have it.  Taking the first load of goodies to the car, I saw this leaning against a piece of furniture on the way back in.  Rushing over I asked the worker how much ... He said..... are. you. ready...he said...ONE DOLLAR!

GASP!  YES!, one. dollar.  One little bitty dollar for a majestic beauty.  For those of you who follow my know I have a hard time containing my glee and have to restrain myself from the happy dance.   I did...I really held back, I said "I'll TAKE IT!" and  I paid him immediately, lest someone come back for this beauty.  He was still shaking his head trying to figure out why this crazy woman wanted this window with a broken pane. N'est-ce pas?  She even had the hanger thingy on the back already!

Oh he of little decorating knowledge and ability...I saw the potential.  My husband did not..."What color are you going to paint it?"  I think I almost screamed "ARE YOU NUTS????".  I apologized for my fit, but she is so gorgeous just the way she is. 

I have been out of the state the past week on family business, not much opportunity for blogging .  I promise to show case all the pretties I found at this rummage sale and catch up on everyone's blogs when I return.

Linking up with Rhoda at Southern Hospitality Thrifty Treasures. Head on over to see what lovely items she and the others joining the party picked up!

beaucoup d'amour à vous tous


Sunday, March 7, 2010

100th Post Winner

Whew...this weekend just flew by.  Went to a fabulous Rummage Sale at Cornerstone Christian Church in Chandler, Arizona.  This place was AMAZING!  Furniture, fabrics, home goods, clothing, art work,  you name it they had it.  Lots and lots of items donated from model homes.  Fantastic prices.  I promise to post the lovelies I picked up soon.  Just wish I had remembered my camera, I was so excited to go, I left it sitting in on the entry way table.

Now...without further ado... I give you the winner of the 100th Post Give Away.

That's right, Tara from Tara in the ATL... was the name picked by The Reluctant Teenager.  Tara, send me your address and I will ship this lovely calendar to you. 

Thank you to everyone who entered the drawing, I had a wonderful time reading all your heartfelt comments and compliments.  You know how to make a girl blush....

Passe une bonne semaine


Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Poor Man's Silver

If silver is the poor man's gold and pewter is the poor man's silver, what is aluminum?

Vintage Aluminum baking pieces are making a come back in a big way.  I have fond memories of the aluminum pans my Mother and Grandmother baked with, the aluminum pitcher and glasses that my Aunt served her special sweet tea and lemonade out of.

I pick up odds and ends of bake ware at thrifts or garage sales when I can spot them.  Believe me, what use to be easy to find is getting harder to locate or pricier to collect.

Sooo....when I saw these lounging in a box marked 1.00 each, I did the happy dance, while sashaying sideways to get to the box before ANYONE else saw these....
And this....

I was shaking and twitching...the lady running the sale asked me if I needed to use the bathroom. 
I am serious!

This pitcher is the exact same Ware Ever that my Grandmother had!    It's a little beat up, but the sweet tea and lemonade won't mind a bit.

Better yet, I smiled sweetly and asked if she would take $5.00 for all of it. She probably thought I was going to spaz out right there. (for the record, I do usually contain my excitement when I find something fantastic...but sometimes I can't...this was one of those times)

I know there were people talking behind my back as I tripped to the car.  
That's okay....I can live with that!

Don't forget to enter my 100th Post Give Away!   Drawing will be held March 7th.

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A bientot mes amies!