Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thrifted Books

I love books.  All kinds of books.  I use to read three or more books a week when I was younger, I devoured them!  Now, life keeps me from enjoying that type of voracious reading, so I am lucky if I can finish one book every two weeks.  

Imagine my surprise when walking down the book aisle at my local thrift and seeing these three books hanging out in the Young Adult section.    L.J. Smith has several books out with vampire/gothic undertones and I have been curious to read her work. As Alma pointed out, she is 
the author of The Vampire Diaries, another sought after series. I grabbed these and headed to the register.

Normally books in this thrift store are priced according to the original base price of the book.  These had a price tag of $9.99 each.  I check the price list...$2.99.  Ok, still a bargain to get three books for the price of one.

The woman at the register looks at the books and asks, "did you get these out of Young Adult/Children's section?"  "Well...yes, yes I did...."  She rings them up at.... are. you. ready. for. this?
.69 each.  Yep!  $2.07 for $30.00 worth of vampire stories.  I was doing the happy dance all the way to the car!

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All My Yesterdays said...

Hey, great catch! You're probably still doing the happy dance! You'll have to tell us what vampires do now....

Have a great Thursday!

see ya yesterday..

Patti said...

Nothing like a god book to make you relax and get away from everyday stress!

Mimi said...

What a great buy!

Alma said...

OMG--aren't those written by the author of The Vampire Diaries?! Wow...that is one lucky find! I love vampire books, too! Oh, and if you like these, you are sure to love the "Southern Vampire Mysteries" by Charlaine Harris. Great stuff!