Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Perfect Thrifted Dress

Can you believe it?  I have not done a thrifty Thursday post this year.  Guess with company, getting the Diva ready for school, Fly Guy and Teenager sick and then migraine madness I just have not been out to the Thrift stores. 

Today I headed to the thrift store just down the street from my house.  Had a few moments to spare while waiting for The Reluctant Teenager to finish Drama practice.  College Diva  called me.  "Mom, I need a huge favor"...  Diva's room mate and sorority sister  had a small issue.  She was waiting on a semi-formal dress that her mother had shipped, except it hasn't arrived.  Doesn't know if she will get it in time for the event.  Was planning on wearing dress to convention next week and Mai-Tai Party following week.  To say "Sis" was stressed... to...the.. MAX.

Unfortunately she and Diva are not the same size and none of the dresses offered were dressy enough or they were too formal.

 What could I do?  I headed to  Savers, hoping that I might find a dress in a size 8 formal or 6 non-formal in a price range that wouldn't make me gasp.  (Lately the formals at the thrift store are running $20.00, $30.00 or more! NOT FRUGAL).  Had to find something to work for her since I will be taking it up there tomorrow.  Time crunch baby!

Usually, I don't head to the thrift store with a specific idea, ie: size 8 dress semi formal under $10.00.  I may think it, but I try to keep my options open when looking in case I have to go with a different style than I planned. 

Looked through the dresses, nothing.  Looked through the formals...too formal, just when I thought I might have to head to Good Will, I spied a flash of red and a David's Bridal Tag.  Could it be?

Oh, blessed thrifting gods have smiled upon me!  It is, size 8 David's Bridal Apple Red Dress.  Not satin, but a polished cotton making it a perfect dress, not too dressy, not to casual.  The price?  $7.99! SCORE.  They had just put it out today!

I googled this dress. It's on David's Bridals Web Site currently and listed at $135.00.  This dress looks like it might have been worn once and washed.  Since I don't have time to have it dry cleaned.  I will steam it tonight and touch up the hem with an iron.  It will be in Sorority Sis' arms tomorrow in time for the big date on Saturday.

Best part besides seeing my little girl?  Will be seeing her lovely room mate wearing a gorgeous dress that we save $127.00 on! Thank you Thrifting Gods, this is why I refuse to pay retail pricing for anything, anymore! 

Say it with me....FRUGAL SCORE.

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Mimi said...

Wow, you sure lucked out, Audra! Beautiful dress, love the color. Has the snow melted in Flag, yet? Glad to hear you are feeling better, now to get the men in your life healthy, again.

Linda said...

Big Frugal Score!!! This is why I thrift! I could not pay retail for a dress like that! Great Job!

Beth said...

Awesome find on the dress!

Rhonda in OK said...

pretty dress! and I am giving you the award for going above and beyond for the roommate

All My Yesterdays said...

Great Find!! Hope she appreciates you...

Room to Inspire said...

You totally scored with this dress!


decorator to the stars said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh -- that's a wonderful deal, and a beautiful dress. Our good will has gotten out of site -- TOTALLY. I hardly even go there anymore. The last time I was there, I saw a faux fur coat. I asked the price...are you ready??? $40. I was shocked. I could buy it cheaper at the store.

You did real good though. I signed up to follow you. I thought I already had, but in reviewing today, I saw that I missed you. I'm sorry about that.

I really love your blog!