Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Migraine Madness

Sorry I have been MIA, I woke up early Sunday AM from a dream that I had been in a car accident and had a head injury.  Nope, migraine.  Nasty ol' kick me in the left side of my head, migraine.

I woke up Fly Guy to help then waited for those glorious drugs to kick in.  (just for the record...Frugal Missus does not condone drugs, prescription or otherwise, unless you suffer from migraines, back pain or any other mind blowing, mood altering, turn you into a psychotic babbling mass of pain type or illness, then it's on baby!)  For nearly three days I have been a captive to this headache.  If you suffer from migraine episodes, you know what I mean.  I can't sleep unless I am drugged, nothing I mean nothing can be louder than a whisper and heaven forbid if one little bit of light comes through the window.  I will turn into a screaming banshee.  Not.Pretty.

Tonight I think it's leaving.  Although like most unwanted guests it's leaving a mass of destruction behind.  I feel like CRUD...No, Maybe CRAP.  

So please forgive me for not posting about Saturday.  About the microwave saga..or any frugal tips.

Maybe tomorrow.

Be well, behave and as always...

Be Frugal.



Linda said...

Audra I am so sorry you have had this migraine! I have migraines and I know what you mean about feeling like crap afterward. It's amazing how your body feels like you have been hit by a train! Rest and feel better soon.

Mimi said...

Audra, sorry you have been suffering with a migraine...I have never had them but a couple of friends suffer them. Hope it is gone by morning.

Beth said...

Sorry about your migraine.I have them too so I know how you feel. Hope you feel better tomorrow!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I've never had a migraine in my life but I understand they're sheer torture. When you get better, pop on over for a visit. I mentioned you in my blog recently.

Hope you feel better soon. Miss you!

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Audra,
Sorry to hear about your migraine, I get them too every so often so I know how difficult it is. Take care and feel better soon!

Marla at Always Nesting said...

Oh, so sorry. I've only had one migraine in my life, after an epidural. I thought I was going to dye from the pain in my head. My doctor convinced me that an epidural would be great since I already knew what it was like to give birth naturally. Yeah, great, huh. A week long headache that stopped my life. That's not easy.
You have my sympathies and I hope you feel better soon.

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries™ said...

Glad that is over for you Audra. I suffered from migraines for years and years. They were especially frequent during the first six months of my pregnancies (argh). Several years ago, I began cutting sugar, yeast and wheat from my diet (i.e. all the sweets and baked goods I was addicted to) to lose weight. The happy results were not only weight loss but NO MORE MIGRAINES!! This made my life so much better that I pretty much stay away from sweets and breads. I know everyone is different, but it was such a successful result for me I thought I'd share it, just in case!
P.S. Loved your story about the Fly Guy's right to hot food fast and the new microwave...soo funny!!

Frenchy chick said...

I am so sorry migraines are the worst. I dread them. Come see my blog.
countdown to Valentine here...www.lechateaudesfleurs.blogspot.com

Lynette said...

Hi there - popping in from my sister's blog - Life as Lori - and caught your catchy title about migraines - aren't they a beyoatch? I've suffered (actually been diagnosed) since I was around 18 - I'm 42 now - and I dread them and like you - they are really only eased with some heavy duty narcotics! I just came down from a week long one, yep ONE WHOLE week of wishing I would just die - OK, not literally but you know what I mean, I'm sure!

Have you tried Topomax? I take 150 mg a day and it really has helped - truly. I haven't had a horrible one like this past week in several years! I know everyone has probably offered their 2 cents worth, but I know how it feels!

Hope you're better soon -

Lynette said...

Hi again - OK here's the thing with Topomax -I'd been on it before (several, several years ago) and couldn't tolerate it - did funny things to my eyesight and made my toes and fingers "tingle" (almost like they were alseep) and I got off of that pretty quick. Doc got me hooked on narcs and I was eating them like candy!

Fast forward a couple of years and I'm seeing a new doc (who I just love) and he puts me back on Topomax and tells me that people that have taken it before, stop, and then get back on it, rarely experience the same side affects - and I didn't. One of the known side affects was weight loss - didn't have any of that on the first go round - but certainly did with this go round! Although, I wasn't really interested in that - I wanted my head to quit hurting. I had to gradually build up to 150 mg's and new doc helped me get off all my pain meds and caffeine (which is a pretty big trigger) and prescribed valium for sleep (and only sleep!). I have really done very well with the Topomax.
Oh, I also take 400 mg Sodium Magnisium (sp?) in the evening - that helps with some of the other side effects of Topomax and I really tolerate it well! If my doc wasn't so old and well, my doc and married and well, just plain gross, I'd want to have his babies - ;-)

I looked for an email address for you but didn't find any - so there is my medical history for you!

My email if you want/need to chat is on my blog -

Good Luck!

Tara said...

hi Audra, I sure hope you are feeling better, and yes I have had a migraine that has rocked me for a week straight, no fun for sure...thank you so much for your comment on my blog post...I felt like i got a big ole hug from someone who understands, you are the best!

Mimi said...

Oh gosh, I am so sorry about this, my cousin has them so bad, I have never had one, I have had some bad headaches but nothing like this. Take care and nothing wrong with some MEDS when needed.
I will say a Prayer for you. Have you suffered with them for a long time or only as you have gotten older?????
Have a great weekend

Jenny said...

Oh Audra. How well your pictures depict the pain of a migraine. I'm sorry you have them. Does caffeine help at all? Hope they pass soon.