Sunday, February 28, 2010

100th Post and A Give Away!

On July 21st I wrote my first post on this blog.  I couldn't fathom having 100 posts, 108 followers (thanks to all of you) and several others who lurk, and everyone who visits and leaves a comment.  I have met the most amazing people while blogging, a new world of friends I never new existed.

In honor of my 100th Post...let's celebrate with a giveaway.  It's open to anyone who leaves a comment on this post or any of the posts in the next week.  That's it.  Easy Peasy!

When I found this at Marshall's (like T.J. Maxx) I knew I had to have one, then I saw they were on clearence, I had to get one for a give away.

  You can move the squares around to mark the month, day and date.  Isn't it the most darling thing you've ever seen?  I saw one similar to it at Feathers In My Nest's office redo.

Leave a comment and be entered in the drawing. which runs through February 28th to March 7th.  Name will be picked by the Reluctant Teenager.

Bon Chance!


Favorite Cabinet

It has been a while since I joined in on the fun over at  Happy to Design for Sunday Favorites.  This is Chari's 45th post and the second one I've joined in on.  I need to get better about joining in on this party, it's one of my favorites.
This was one of my earliest posts about my beloved green cabinet.  Tracey McBride had a post on Use What You Have~Ancient Amoires~Vintage Linens.  She asked if anyone else re purposed an piece in the home and I raised my hand.  Since this was an early posting, I thought it deserved another go around.

Originally Posted July 24, 2009

Have you ever had something in one part of your house where it was doing a perfectly good job storing, holding or decorating? Then out of the blue, inspiration hits and you realize that this piece would be perfect in another room? 

This was the case with my vintage cabinet, holding my stereo and cd's in my living room and doing a great job. I was in need of additional space in my kitchen, trying to think how I could create additional storage, my eyes fell upon my cabinet. Moving the cabinet into the corner of my kitchen between the two windows... Voila! Perfection. How I had this piece for four years and not once did I think to put it in my kitchen! It even has lovely fruit decals on the doors that match the french provincial fruit theme. I can't believe I didn't make the switch years ago!

Purchased at my friend Lewis' store Garden Party for $30.00 after waiting for the vendor to put it on sale. This is one of my favorite pieces I own, it is shabby, hard working and easy on eyes. It now has become the focal point of my kitchen.

These shelves provide more storage for all my cook books, misc. small appliances and measuring cups and items too large to fit in my narrow drawers.  All of the baskets have been picked up at yard sales for very little cost.
I think my cabinet is happier here in the kitchen.

À tout à l'heure

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thrifty Groove's Give Away

Diann over at Thrifty Groove is having a Give Away for her One Year Anniversary!
  Head on over, leave a comment, be entered in the drawing, become a follower and get another entry, or blog about it and get 3 additional entries.
She is giving away two absolutely beautiful Rooster plates.  See them below...
I love these and would be thrilled to add them to my collection! Aren't they divine?

Be sure to head on over for a chance or chances to win. Be sure to read some of her other posts, as she is always finding great items for fabulously frugal, thrifty prices.

ta ta for now.....


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Frugal Fashion Friday

Jen over at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam has a post called Frugal Fashionista.  I live for this post, it is one of the great high lights of my Friday,!  Jen sports frugal fashions and does it with class!  She invites others to send in their pictures of their thrifty/frugal outfits and she posts those as well.  Her criteria is that the majority of the outfit be thrifted, yard saled, or free. 

Since she has the catchy Frugal Fashionista tag, I just went with Frugal Fashion Friday.  What I would like to show case are my "fashions" found at Garage Sales, Thrift Stores, and Swaps.  Unfortunately I don't have any one to snap my photos on Friday am since I leave so early in the morning.  The Reluctant Teenager and I are working out a deal to have him snap some of me on a weekend or evening so you can see my whole outfit.

I love black, it's a main stay in my wardrobe.  Fly Guy calls it my "urban camo" and he is right.  I feel taller, thinner, more confident when wearing black.  It's just how I am.  I have been trying to introduce some color into my wardrobe.  Seriously, this has been more difficult than it seems, though I did get a compliment the other day on my  "not black" outfit.

Here are a few tops I picked up for just a few dollars each.  
Lane Bryant Sheer Shirt, Brand New w/Tags attached.  $3.00.(retailed for $49.50)

Soft Surroundings Sheer Shirt, Brand New w/ Tags $3.00 (retailed for $148.00) Silk!
Woot Woot!

Lane Bryant T Shirt, New w/o tag.  $1.00.  Retail ($29.50)

New w/Tags Apt. 9 Shirt $2.00 (Retail 28.00)
New w/o tags Apt. 9 Shirt $3.00.

Over $250.00 worth of new clothes for $12.00.  All purchased at a yard sale...
How is that for a Frugal Score?

On aside note, a co-worker pulled me to the side to tell me that "she" had gotten up on Saturday and went to yard sales and a rummage sale.  She said I inspired her with my out fits and finds.  This woman has never been to a yard sale before, spent $12.00 on two brand new pair of Etienne Aigner sandals, a purse, two tops, three dress pants, a pair of jeans and two outfits for her son.  She was giddy from the thrill of the hunt!  Ladies and Gents, I believe we have a convert!

Happy Treasure Hunting....


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thrifted Books

I love books.  All kinds of books.  I use to read three or more books a week when I was younger, I devoured them!  Now, life keeps me from enjoying that type of voracious reading, so I am lucky if I can finish one book every two weeks.  

Imagine my surprise when walking down the book aisle at my local thrift and seeing these three books hanging out in the Young Adult section.    L.J. Smith has several books out with vampire/gothic undertones and I have been curious to read her work. As Alma pointed out, she is 
the author of The Vampire Diaries, another sought after series. I grabbed these and headed to the register.

Normally books in this thrift store are priced according to the original base price of the book.  These had a price tag of $9.99 each.  I check the price list...$2.99.  Ok, still a bargain to get three books for the price of one.

The woman at the register looks at the books and asks, "did you get these out of Young Adult/Children's section?"  "Well...yes, yes I did...."  She rings them up at.... are. you. ready. for. this?
.69 each.  Yep!  $2.07 for $30.00 worth of vampire stories.  I was doing the happy dance all the way to the car!

I am linking up to Leigh at Tales from Bloggeritaville:Thrifty Thursday.    Head on over to see who else is joining the party.

ta ta for now...


Wordless Wednesday




Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Thanks for everyone who commented on my giveaway post.  I had so much fun reading all of the comments, waiting to see who would be the proud owner of this handsome rooster.  There were sixteen participants, but only one winner.
Giveaway was sponsored by Garage Sale   I had the Random Teenager draw a name out of the silver ice bucket....(only the best for you ladies) Drum roll please....

The winner is....


Congratulations Jan.

I wanted to let everyone know I will be having another give away for my 100th post.
Keep watching....

À tout à l'heure...


Monday, February 22, 2010

A little apothecary jar love....

I have always loved apothecary jars, but for whatever reason, I never picked them up at thrift stores or yard sales until recently.   I was inspired by all you wonderful bloggers and the fabulous things you do with these jars.

I have my eye on a couple of larger scale jars, just waiting for them to get closer to my price range. Until then I will continue to collect all the jars I can at thrifts and yard sales. 

Here are the few I own...

None of these cost more than a dollar, which is pretty frugal in my book.  The jar on the left is similar to the one that bit the dust at Christmas time, although it was an astonishing 15 inches high.  This one is maybe 11 inches tall.

Here is what it looked like when I purchased it.  It was scary.  Looked like something my Grandmother had on the back of the toilet in the 1970's bathroom.

Nothing a little soap and water, a good cleaning and tossing the "stuff" out. I am sure it had been in there since the 70's!

She is now hosting these vintage snooker balls I found on a recent excursion to a local thrift store.  I wished there had been I am putting my thinking cap on and either using ping pong balls or wooden balls purchased at Hobby Lobby to make more to fill up the jar.  

What do you think?

Not bad for a four dollar investment?

Getting ready for spring cleaning and decorating with these jars. I will have pictures as I fill each jar up with frugal finds.

Ta Ta For Now....


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring Flowers

Friday afternoon, quick trip to a small market to pick up Fly Guy's favorite organic coffee.  I spy bunches of roses and colorful bouquets of flowers marked down from Valentines day.  Several in remarkably wonderful condition.  

Three bouquets of lilies reduced from $6.99 each to $1.75.  Three bunches of not opened blooms waiting to suprise me with their color and fragrance.  $5.25 seemed a small price to pay for their beauty.  Two days later they are starting to breathtaking, promising to brighten the rainy weekend we've had.   Making me smile at their loveliness.

bon dimanche!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Frugal Missus Give Away

That's right, a Frugal Missus Give Away... Remember this fabulous guy?
The lovely metal candle holder with rustic chanticleer/rooster?  Yep, that's him!  Stands proudly at 20 inches high and is made of metal with an antiqued bronzed paint job.  He will  be a fabulous addition to any decor and proudly guard your home as only a rooster can. 

Leave me a comment on this post to be entered in the drawing which runs through Tuesday, February 23rd. Sponsored by Garage Sale Tracker.Com

Bon Chance!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Yard Sale Finds And Perfect Weather

I headed out dark and early 6:30 am on Saturday morning with a mission.  I had great weather, money and a sponsor!   I was beyond thrilled when I was contacted by Garage Sale Tracker.Com to write a post about garage sales or as they are referred to in my area "Yard Sales".

What could I possibly tell you about yard sales that you don't know?  I don't have a specific set of rules or a formula that I follow.  I do have a "flinching" point on pricing and I try to be knowledgable about the cost of items.  Fair rule states that when pricing an item for a yard sale you can realistically ask for 1/4 to 1/3 of the original price of the object.  In many cases I have paid less than 1/16 of the price and in these times, why not make that money stretch as far as it can?

I set out with $25.00 and a goal to find some new decor items for my home that wouldn't break the bank.  I am in the midst of changing my theme and wanted core pieces that would make an impact for little cost.  I am all for discount stores, but you can't beat the deals to be found at yard sales.

I keep a small notebook in my purse with wants/needs and must haves listed.  I also keep a small photo album I purchased at the dollar store with paint samples, fabric swatches and measurements for windows, walls and spaces in my house.  This comes in handy when shopping the "sales".

First sale was a moving sale.  Love, Love, Love the moving sales.  Items are priced to move and you can usually shop for a look depending on the seller style.  This sale had so many items that I had to pace myself, Home Interiors, Party Light, Pottery Barn just to name a few..

Set of four Tabletop Unlimited plates in Rustico with the original price tags attached. $9.99 each. $40.00 worth of plates for $2.00.    I have been looking for round plates to mix with another set of  
Tabletop Unlimited dishes I own.
Don't these Fruation plates look great with the Rustico plates?

Four Zebra chargers $2.00 for all four.

These two Home Interior plates were $1.00 each.  I have been looking for wall decor for my French Indies inspired guest bathroom.
I love the Harlequin pattern on the rims.

This plate was $.50!  It will go perfectly with another set I own.

A set of metal vases from Home Interiors, $3.00, brand new in the box.

and the piece de la resistance!  A chanticleer for my table...

He stands 30 inches high, this photo doesn't do him justice.  The colors are fabulous.  His price...$7.00.  On the bottom of this piece is a price tag of $139.50 from a design store in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Every time I look at him, my heart skips a beat!

Next sale was another moving sale with three house holds worth of items.  A daughter, mother and sister-in-law getting ready to move to the East Coast, selling everything under the sun.  I forgot to charge my camera, so no pictures of this sale.  It was Fantastic, looked like a swap meet!

This little dove was $1.00, it's hard to see the beads draped over his wing, but they are light green as well.  
Green floral jar, $1.00.  Price tag on the bottom is $14.99

Heirloom white crest $1.00. Going to put it over a cherub picture in my living room.
Wire basket $2.00.  I have two other pieces in this same design, a smaller basket and a wine holder.  
Rooster candle holder. $2.00  Isn't he gorgeous with his antique bronze paint job?
Another Rooster?  Trash bin has price tag of $32.50 on bottom, my cost?  $1.00.
As I paid for my purchases, I felt excited and exhilarated.  I have lovely items to add to my home, I spent $24.50 and I enjoyed it.  I often hear people say that they can't find anything at yard sales.  My pearls of wisdom, go often, get an idea of the look you are trying to achieve and think out side the box.  That rooster "trash bin" is going to become a planter or storage for in my laundry room.  The small crest will add details to a picture, the plates will be the stars in a dinner table scape.

Please check out Garage Sale Tracker for Garage Sales, Flea Markets and Consignment Shops in your area.  You can also list your upcoming sale on the website.  It's FREE!  How much more frugal can you be?  

Also linking up with Leigh at Tales from Bloggeritaville for Thrifty Thursday.

Don't Forget to enter the Frugal Missus GiveAway!

À bientôt!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Perfect Thrifted Dress

Can you believe it?  I have not done a thrifty Thursday post this year.  Guess with company, getting the Diva ready for school, Fly Guy and Teenager sick and then migraine madness I just have not been out to the Thrift stores. 

Today I headed to the thrift store just down the street from my house.  Had a few moments to spare while waiting for The Reluctant Teenager to finish Drama practice.  College Diva  called me.  "Mom, I need a huge favor"...  Diva's room mate and sorority sister  had a small issue.  She was waiting on a semi-formal dress that her mother had shipped, except it hasn't arrived.  Doesn't know if she will get it in time for the event.  Was planning on wearing dress to convention next week and Mai-Tai Party following week.  To say "Sis" was stressed... to...the.. MAX.

Unfortunately she and Diva are not the same size and none of the dresses offered were dressy enough or they were too formal.

 What could I do?  I headed to  Savers, hoping that I might find a dress in a size 8 formal or 6 non-formal in a price range that wouldn't make me gasp.  (Lately the formals at the thrift store are running $20.00, $30.00 or more! NOT FRUGAL).  Had to find something to work for her since I will be taking it up there tomorrow.  Time crunch baby!

Usually, I don't head to the thrift store with a specific idea, ie: size 8 dress semi formal under $10.00.  I may think it, but I try to keep my options open when looking in case I have to go with a different style than I planned. 

Looked through the dresses, nothing.  Looked through the formals...too formal, just when I thought I might have to head to Good Will, I spied a flash of red and a David's Bridal Tag.  Could it be?

Oh, blessed thrifting gods have smiled upon me!  It is, size 8 David's Bridal Apple Red Dress.  Not satin, but a polished cotton making it a perfect dress, not too dressy, not to casual.  The price?  $7.99! SCORE.  They had just put it out today!

I googled this dress. It's on David's Bridals Web Site currently and listed at $135.00.  This dress looks like it might have been worn once and washed.  Since I don't have time to have it dry cleaned.  I will steam it tonight and touch up the hem with an iron.  It will be in Sorority Sis' arms tomorrow in time for the big date on Saturday.

Best part besides seeing my little girl?  Will be seeing her lovely room mate wearing a gorgeous dress that we save $127.00 on! Thank you Thrifting Gods, this is why I refuse to pay retail pricing for anything, anymore! 

Say it with me....FRUGAL SCORE.

Linking up with Leah over at Tales from Bloggeritaville, Thrifty Thursday.  Be sure to head over and join the party.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things...

Do you recall the saying "time flies when you are having fun"?  It also flies when you are recouping/recovering and trying to catch up on two weeks worth of house work.

Thank you all  for the wonderful, thoughtful comments on my migraine post.  I have been working with a nutritionist and a new doctor to get these episodes under control.  I appreciate everyone sending their good wishes my way, I certainly needed them, as I had back to back migraine episodes and had to get some serious "horse tranquillizer" at the Emergency Room just to be able to sleep. I highly recommend it, NOT! 

Back to work this week, playing catch up and sorting through tons of emails.  Also trying to get the kitchen back in shape after Fly Guy and The Reluctant Teenager had to fend for themselves for 11 days.

I have did manage to pick up my produce basket on Saturday, what a load of stuff we got this time around.  So much that I will not have to buy for at least two weeks!  


Mmm. pickling cucumbers are perfect for sandwiches.  Can't wait to steam the asperagas tonight for dinner.  It's Fly Guy's favorite.

I am seeing some salsa in our near future!  Tomorrow perhaps?  Avocados still hard as a rock.  Trying to rippen them with paper bag and apple method. 


Limes and tomatillos.  I have only made tomatillo salsa once, and really liked it, however this time I am going to roast the tomatillos first then make a chunky salsa instead of a sauce.

Being a huge fresh fruit fan, I was thrilled to see citrus,pears and pink lady apples in the fruit portion of the basket.  Bosc, Bartlett and Anjou pears...
Pink Lady Apples, Organic Bananas, tangelos

Ruby Red Grapefruit.  This is so sweet it's like eating an orange. 

I am thankful to be able to participate in a produce co-op, the savings are astronomical.  The co-op I belong to is called Bountiful Baskets and is in, Arizona, Idaho, Utah and Washington. This is not a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture where participants purchase a membership and receive a share(box or bag) of  the seasonal produce each week throughout the farming season.

Glad to be back, will be posting more frugal tips, finds, and treasures this week.  Be sure to check back for a giveaway coming up this weekend.



Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Migraine Madness

Sorry I have been MIA, I woke up early Sunday AM from a dream that I had been in a car accident and had a head injury.  Nope, migraine.  Nasty ol' kick me in the left side of my head, migraine.

I woke up Fly Guy to help then waited for those glorious drugs to kick in.  (just for the record...Frugal Missus does not condone drugs, prescription or otherwise, unless you suffer from migraines, back pain or any other mind blowing, mood altering, turn you into a psychotic babbling mass of pain type or illness, then it's on baby!)  For nearly three days I have been a captive to this headache.  If you suffer from migraine episodes, you know what I mean.  I can't sleep unless I am drugged, nothing I mean nothing can be louder than a whisper and heaven forbid if one little bit of light comes through the window.  I will turn into a screaming banshee.  Not.Pretty.

Tonight I think it's leaving.  Although like most unwanted guests it's leaving a mass of destruction behind.  I feel like CRUD...No, Maybe CRAP.  

So please forgive me for not posting about Saturday.  About the microwave saga..or any frugal tips.

Maybe tomorrow.

Be well, behave and as always...

Be Frugal.