Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snow Days

"Uh, Mom, if you don't hear from me for a couple of days, don't worry".... Ooookaaayyyy...  That's about as effective when your husband starts the conversation with "Don't be mad....", you know where this is leading.  That comment is enough to stop a heart right in it's tracks. 

My daughter, College Diva attends Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona where they are getting HAMMERED with plenty of the white stuff.  The past three winters have seen extensive snowfall, after nine years little snow fall.   I guess Mother Nature is making up for lost time.
Pretty yes, scarey when your child tells you that the television reception is gone, the internet is sketchy and the administation has advised that cell phone towers may be affected next.  Oh, I am not ok with that!  I have to know my baby girl is just a speed dial away.   Thank goodness Mimi's daughters both attended NAU, so she knows what I am talking about...Her family just returned from a weekend trip to Flagstaff last weekend.  I am sure they are so glad they picked last weekend to travel!

Interstate 17 going into Flagstaff is closed at Camp Verde because the snow plows can't clear the falling snow fast enough. 

This snow plow is saying..."I think I can, I think I can, I think I CAN!".  College Diva says the NAU Snow Plows have had to stop plowing, they can't get around all the stranded cars, or are becoming stranded themselves.

Here's what the web cam shows now.  NOTHING!  UGH....

On an aside note...sure glad it's not me up there, I would have to go into hibernation!

News about uploading pictures.  Will be getting my hub this weekend or by Monday.  Looking for my cord that came with the camera that has been "misplaced" by Murphy and his danged LAW, so I might be able to load pictures again.

Not a show stopper but a major nuisance none the less.  Stay tuned, hope to be back with lots of lovelies to show and tell!




Gwen said...

At least she gave you a warning right? I will be in your shoes soon, worrying about ours far away in storms and such.

Hang in there mom:)

Mimi said...

Audra, they won't thaw out until August, if they get the amount I had heard was predicted! I talked to a friend in Prescott and she said some unheard of amount for Flag...hope it was something she dreamed and not so.

Beth said...

When I think of AZ snow does not come to mind. That sure is a lot of it too!

Mimi said...

Oh gosh!!!
I know what you mean!!!
I think the years from 98 til 05 were tough for me, I was always worried about them driving back and forth and the winters!!!!I hated thinking they may be driving and slide off the road, or no Power ----NO Heat!!!!When they were up there together it wasn't to bad!!!!
I hope and Pray everything is ok, I know how much a MOM worries!!!!
If you need to make an emergency drive, I could go!!!! I would be an hour to get to you though!!!haha
I have no 4 wheel drive though!!!!!
WOW, I am so Glad we went last weekend!!!!
I am trying to organize a ladies day in Prescott for Friday Feb. 5th, Ceekay wants to see snow so bad!!! I know that the snow will be around for 2 more weeks!!! As more is expected next week!!!!! YEAH for NINO years!!!!

decorator to the stars said...

oh, no, audra protect those lemon trees!!!!! gio

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know those kind of snowstorms! Flagstaff is so beautiful but not when your daughter is under forced snow arrest. I'm the same kind of mom, I like my girls at my dialing or texting tips, just so I know they are ok.

Thanks for stopping by and wishing me happy birthday. I woke up this morning feeling almost human again. Yesterday all four of us in my home had fevers but the end is in sight now!

All My Yesterdays said...

Oh, this reminds me of when my Grandma die back in the mid 70's. My brother lived in Phoenix so my dad and I had to drive there from Utah to get him..long story. It was this time of year and we had to go through Flagstaff. The snow on the road was almost up to the bottom of the car plows through yet, but I just kept going. So odd to go through that then on to Phoenix where it was in the 80's..Hope your little gal will be ok and stay warm. Keep us informed.
"keep calm and carry on"

Melissa Miller said...

~WOW! Look at all of that snow. Stay warm!