Monday, January 18, 2010

Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law: 
According to Wikipedia " Murphy's law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong."

I think I have angered Murphy or stepped on his toes or tread on his law.

It seems he is to be blamed for a rash of computer problems affecting several in blog land.  I have a small problem with my pc, nothing catastrophic but still a show stopper none the less!  I can't upload my pictures!  My pc doesn't see the port that I have my hub plugged into, ergo, nothing works.    I have to wait for Fly Guy aka: Awesome Geek Guy to take a look at my pc when he gets back from his fishing trip.  I have faith he will figure out the problem or at least have an idea of a peace offering for Murphy.

Maybe I should write a note to Murphy.

Dear Mr. Murphy.

I am sorry, so terribly sorry  Murphy, I really didn't mean to piss you off.  I am not sure what I did to make you target me, but what ever it was I am seriously apologetic.  I promise to take note and remedy my behavior in the future so I don't tread on your toes. 

Can I please, please, please upload my pictures now?

Your friend most humble servant....


PS: I promise to be back soon with great photos of Saturday's Finds!  


Anonymous said... problems are soooo irritating. Hope it feels better soon,

Beth said...

Me and Murphy are very close. He seems to have been intruding on my life a lot in the last 10 years. Hopefully he will go away soon!

Mimi said...

I too am having a bit of problems!!! My son is suppose to fix me up!!!! It just seems to go dead and then says something like send error report????No I don't know what that even is!!!!
So I'm with you!!! My daughter says it is because I read emails that say Forwarded!!!! She says never open a forward, only a real message from a friend!!! OK!!!!

Lori said...

Murphy is my madien name, so we are really close. i've been blessed (cursed) with him all my life. If something is going to happen it's going to happen to me.... I just can't get rid of him..... Maybe I shouldn't post this comment, because I'll get it....LOL

Hope your problems are solved soon....

Mimi said...

HI again!!!
I was wondering if she was prepared with food and such!!!! I had heard school would be cancelled a least one day maybe two!!!!
I saw the news the snow falling was so amazing!!!!sad we missed that!!!

Gwen said...

We have our own special kind of Murphy's Law here at Murphy Grace Home. Anything that can go wrong, will & it will include pain for me. LOL. I hope that your PC woes are cured soon:)

Jenny said...

Let me know how this works out for you. I think his cousin is living pretty close to me. This is such an elegant blog color scheme. It's really different.

Mimi said...

HI again!!!!
Yes, I so Understand!!!
I made 2 trips for emergency issues with the girls!!! One was when Corie was so scik with strep throat, she had a stick shift car at the time, and her boyfriend did not know how to drive it!!! She had to wake her friend up to take her, and I drove up that night!!!!
Then one other time, she got her, she was at Collins that bar, and a fight broke out and she got in between some guys fighting and ended up with a mild concussion, was taken by ambulence and I drove up fast!!!!!
So I understand!!!! At least after that she never went back there!!! They were very nice about paying for the Bill though, they were probably afraid I was going to sue them!!!!
The sun is shining over here, I wanted to see it rain all week!!!!!
have a great day