Friday, January 29, 2010

Microwave Saga Continues

When the microwave surrendered to Murphy’s curse, I was sure I would run right out and replace it. After all, how would I reheat Fly Guy and The Teenager’s meals? How could we make microwave popcorn, reheat cold cups of tea? How could we cook without “warming” up veggies or nuking “baked” potatoes? How could I function in my kitchen with just a stove, oven, toaster oven, convection oven, pizza oven, steamer, roaster and electric skillet? How was I to function without the microwave?

I even went to Target to purchase another free standing model to hog the already cramped counters. I did, I saw them priced them and….had an epiphany. Now to convince Fly Guy and The Teenager we could do without one for a little while longer. With debate team skills backing me up, I argued my point. why make an un-necessary purchase at this time, since we were planning on buying a replacement microwave and stove combo in stainless later this year. Why spend the extra money to purchase one for “instant” replacement and gratification, when going without is means making a few minor adjustments. Why not see if we could last without the microwave for a few months? Not knocking microwaves, just basing this on NEED or WANT.

IF I can find a microwave at a thrift store or yard sale for ¾ less than what it cost new, I would purchase it. Until then, we remain microwave less and I am ok with that.  I will learn to adapt to the convience of having the microwave and maybe learn a few new cooking tricks.

Here is a link to a site I discovered on living without a microwave and reheating foods conventionally. Like our mothers and grandmothers did, before the “box”. I found this site when googling “living without a microwave”. Wardeh has an incredible site, wonderful stories and yes, she cooks and lives without a microwave.

Who knows what I might find in tomorrows yard sales?

UPDATE:  In the name of all sanity,   I just came home to find Fly Guy ordering a new microwave.  UH.  What. Happened. To. Our. Agreement?

His comment..."I never really signed on for that's a man's right to heat his food quickly.  Besides, Teenager needs one too". 

Sell Out!  I love him anyway.  Next time I will hide his debit/credit card!  

Waiting for the new microwave to be delivered and installed next week. :)



Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I guess our mothers managed without microwaves. Then again they weren't trying to cram 27 hours of stuff into a 24 hour day. I dont use mine that much but I would probably miss it if it was gone. It's convenient for defrosting and sterilising baby bottles.

One the subject of the frugal acquisition of one, maybe someone from your local freecycle group has one to give away, if the going gets too tough for Fly-Guy and Reluctant Teenager.

Anonymous said...

You are very brave to live without a microwave. Growing up we never had one and didn't think anything about throwing food in a pan or the oven.

Gwen said...

I see microwaves at garage sales, but it is usually at the end of the school year when the Cal Poly kids are running home for the summer.

I am sure that you can make it, but we shall see about the boys.

Audra said...

You know it! I just came home to find Fly Guy ordering a new microwave. UH. What. Happened. To. Our. Agreement?

His comment..."I never really signed on for that's a man's right to heat is food quickly."

Sell Out! I love him anyway. Next time I will hide his debit/credit card!

Mimi said...

I would love to get rid of ours for the simple reason I could use the counter space, but I know how that would go over, just about like at your house, Audra!

Anonymous said...

Hello, thanks for stoping by to leave a nice comment. I hope you have a great day!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Laughing my socks off here at "it's a man's right to heat his food quickly."

Are you sure we arent married to brothers because that sounds like the kind of justification Mr. Pyjamas would do.

Ah tried. The family outvoted you. You get to win next time.

A.B. said...

...."it's a man's right to heat is food quickly."....That is so funny!!!
If it weren't for your Mr. I would try to convince you that it is actually quite do-able.
We have been "microwave-less" for three years, and I rarely even miss it anymore.
But hey, enjoy that new microwave!

decorator to the stars said...


All My Yesterdays said...

So funny! How did we ever do without them? Easy, just like any bad habit, it takes some *Gumption* But who am I to say...I have one now but have gone without frequently. I still cook with a cast iron skillet!
Oh well, enjoy your new one, then put it in a yard sale when you get your other new one (O:
Dang Murphy anyway...

The Queen of Clearance. said...

I was going to be so proud of you...until I read that update! lol. I could never go with out one either and I was shocked that you were going to! Oh well....there is always ten years from now when this one stops working...right?

Jenny said...

Audra, how funny. I love your husbands comment on this. I don't have much counter space in my kitchen either. I was actually thinking about trying to find a way to put it in a cabinet.