Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to Little Sis!

Yesterday was my little sisters 34 birthday.  I can't believe she is 34.  The same age as our mother when she had me.  A change of life baby for my mom, a real life doll for me to cherish and adore.

And I did...she would fuss and I would get her up and hold her on the couch.  My mother would find us like that hours later, watching Saturday morning cartoons.

My little one.  Wanted to sleep in the "girls" room when she was four.  She had her own bed, specially made for her, before "toddler" beds were fashionable, my mom and a family friend made a bed out of her crib mattress, springs and headboard/foot board.  I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen, just like a dwarf bed out of Snow White.  Little sis rarely slept in that bed, she always wanted to have a slumber party in my bed.  I moved to the bottom bunk so we could.

Little sister who couldn't dance a lick but laughed at my lip-syncing and 80's hair styles.  Five year old face with turquoise eyeshadow and frosted pink lip gloss as I practiced make up secrets from Teen and Seventeen.

Miss Piggy for Halloween with dress made from orange curtains, fake fur stole and ears and nose made from egg cartons covered with ivory foundation.  Hours of Chutes and Ladders, Hi-ho Cherry O and Operation.  

Funny stories shared under the covers with a flash light.  First person I told that I was pregnant (with College Diva)even before I told our mother.  Gave her my favorite pairs of Guess Jeans when they got too tight. Curled her hair and painted her face for her first "date" to the Winter Formal.

In many ways I was the "other" mother for my sister, filling in when my mother worked or had to tend to life.  Funny how life turns around and now she who is more like my mother in patience and temperament, now more like my surrogate mother than I am hers.

Happy Birthday little sister.  I love you twenty-bunch-a-muchas!



Anonymous said...

This is just the sweetest post! Happy Birthday little sis.

I am the little sis to the big sis and I don't know what I would do without my big sis.

Rhonda in OK said...

what a sweet relationship! I always wanted a sister

happy bday to your lil sis.

Mimi said...

HI Audra!!!
Oh what a sweet post to your little sister!!! My husband was 14 when his baby sister was born, and he says he was like a DAD to her, he would hold her alot, his MOm was young, she had my hubby at 15, so she was young even then with a total of 5 kids!!!! I loved my older and younger sister and we all slept in the same room, we were 5 years in total years amongst us!!! So very close!!!!
Sisters are the best!!!!!

tara said...

What a nice post for your little sister Audra! I hope you two have fun celebrating together...enjoy your weekend, blessings, Tara

Lori said...

Happy Birthday lil sis!!! My sister and I are very close... She's my other bff.. My hubby is my bff..

Anonymous said...

Awww... Thanks! Sorry it took me WAY to long to comment. You know how my life seems to be getting crazier and crazier!