Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thifty Holiday Ideas from Real Simple

While scanning MSN today, I came across an article about every day uses for ordinary things - holiday edition.  I loved the ideas showcased that  I had to share it with EVERYONE and what better way than to create a post about it?  You can these frugal ideas and more at Real Simple.

In my attempts to use what I have and to stay frugal not only in my everyday life but the holidays as well, I have looked at everyday items in a new light.  Who knew that five or six winter scarves could become a tree skirt? 


I know this idea has been around forever, newspaper or comics as wrapping paper.  They take it a step further with maps and enlarged copies of dictonary pages. 

How about using photo corners to secure home made tags?  Fabulousness!

Anyone for pasta bows?  This is darling tied with raffia and plain paper.  I found several rolls of plain and holiday printed brown paper at the dollar store.  I love the simplicity of this.

What about paint sample cards and twine to add a modern twist to your package?

Or a hand towel or kitchen towel to wrap a bottle of wine or home made cordial in?  Two gifts in one!

If you are anything like me, those pesky Christmas lights get tangled and you spend half a day trying to get them staight.  How about this idea?  A hose storage wheel for lights!  Incredible!

Check of these and more frugal and thrifty ideas at Real Simple magazine.  All photos property of Real Simple.

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Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Now the scarves as a trees skirt is just THE cutest idea! I love that one! Amazon just had a special where you could get Real Simple for a year for $5 - I signed up for that one. They always have good ideas! Love the paint sample cards as tags too (I have a million of those)!

Thanks for showing these ideas!