Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shoes, Shoes, I must have those shoes!

I love shoes, always have, always will. The higher the heel, the pointer the toe the strappier the sandal, I love shoes.  I am not ashamed to admit that at one time I owned 110 pairs of shoes! 

A few years ago,  I  broke my right foot and ankle in a car accident.  NASTY Business having a broken anything especially a foot.  When I was able to wear shoes again, Fly Guy purchased  a pair of  sensible Born shoes.  I took one look at and shuddered....they were the most GRANONLA shoes I had ever seen.  I stuck my feet in them, couldn't get past the Sunshine Family/Birkenstock look of these shoes and stuck them in my closet for two years until I felt I could pawn them at a yard sale to some unsuspecting woman.  (Shame on me!)

Fast forward to three years laterm I broke my foot again (Twelve bones) and that was the end of my high heel, pointy shoes wearing days.  I was delegated to flats and comfortable shoes much to my heart break.

The Mister came through again, bought me another pair of Born shoes, this time a brown sandal with a kicky heal and brass colored buckle.  What could I do....?  I tried them on, wore them and fell in love with these shoes.  I held out for a while because the shoes are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, but pricey.  (interject stoopid girl here for getting rid of the other pair!)  I noticed a wide variety of these shoes in yard sales and thrift stores.  I started looking in earnest for another pair.

While "killing" time in a Goodwill in another part of town with I spied the most darling shoes.  Imagine my glee when I discovered they were BORN CROWN and they were in my size!  Further investigation revealed another pair of BC shoes.  They were brand new and priced $6.99 each.  I had to bring them home along with another pair of shoes without a name brand (someone put cushioned insoles in them) that feel like buttah.  Total Investement $18.00 for over $300.00 worth of shoes.

I have decided to make it my goal to own several pair of these lovely shoes as they are hip, funky and do not look "Granny".  This is what the BORN CROWN site had to say about the shoes. 

A little sleeker and smoother. Decidedly more structured and modern. And ultimately more refined. Our signature Børn Crown Collection is classic Børn infused with a higher degree of sophistication, style and craftsmanship. Exquisite in every detail, these authentic Børn Crown designs are wrapped in the softest, most luxurious leathers and meticulously handcrafted to exacting standards. Luminous finishes and artful touches complete the signature look, a study in timeless sophistication.

I am sure you will agree with me that these shoes as well as the shoes from the BORN site
are beautiful, fun and functional without sacrificing comfort.  I am a convert, I love, love, LOVE Born shoes.

Here is my collection for your review..... The first two pair are pump style heels.  Goodwill $6.99 each Hardly worn!

The beloved brown slide my Mister bought me and the new thong style flats I found yesterday at Savers while waiting for The Reluctant Teenager's play practice to end.  I paid $5.00 for the thong/sandals and they are BRAND NEW!  Frugal Score.   The brown shoes are the lovelies my Mister bought me the second time around.


Next up are two pair of shoes both purchased at a yard sale for $1.00 each.  The yellow pair is  from Simple and a bit out of my regular style but they feel like buttah!  The brown pair feel like I am walking on clouds!

The other pair of leather "no name" shoes that feel AMAZING!  $5.00 at Goodwill!

While visiting my sister I stopped at a neighbors yard sale.  NIB Naturalizer black flats.$5.00.They remind me of the ballet flats I use to wear in the 80's!

I know some people are creeped out by purchasing "used" shoes, but I think of it this way.  Every pair of shoes in the store has had someone else's feet in them and the same with the clothes.  I only buy high end leather shoes and I definitely will not buy anything that smells, is dirty or looks bad.  I figure I have over $500.00 worth of shoes here and I paid less than $40.00 for all of them.  

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Beth said...

Cute shoes! I feel your pain on breaking the foot story. I broke my left foot back in Feb and things are just not the same after you 'heal'. I can not wear the same cutsey, high heels I wore before w/out being in complete pain 10 mins later :( I have found a new love for well made, comfortable, and stylish shoes. I like Clarks and I did break down and find a pair of Birkenstocks at Goodwill (almost new!) for $9.99. I hated them until I wore them (after the foot break) and they are some of my favorite shoes. LOL

2sisters said...

Those shoes are all darling! I will have to be on the look out. I do love a bargain! Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving a comment, hope you stop by again. I'm sorry about your job :( That is very stressful. My hubby and I had to relocate 15 mos ago, and both have jobs that we don't love, and both took a pay cut, but like you we are thankful to be employed.
Teri @

Jane said...

Not only do I love shoes, but I love shoes without paying $60 or more! And it looks like you've scored some fabulous shoes! Oh, and I love Born shoes too...very comfy!

Thanks for linking up to Frugalicious Friday!

Jane @ Finding Fabulous

The Queen of Clearance. said...

I hate shoes :) My feet are size 11 and I can never ever find cute ones. its horrible. I own over 50 pair of flip flops and try to wear them 9 months out of the year! lol.

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

It's great that you joined in on the Born bandwagon! They are the best!!

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