Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

If you haven't added your comment to my Giveaway Post please do! These are the CAAUUTEST Bags ever! I always get great comments when I use my bags at the store, such a fashion accessory! I am planning on using all of the comments in a post about how others are finding ways to cut back and save the green for the wallet.

Today I had to drop off some things to the thrift store that I knew would not "move" in our yard sale. For my donation I received a coupon off of a 10.00 purchase. Knowing I needed to find the Reluctant Teenager some pieces for his Halloween costume we hit the aisles.

The store was also having a half off sale on ORANGE Tags. I found these two pair of Issac Mizarahi Sunglasses for $1.00 each after the 50% off. SUPER FRUGAL SCORE as they were $17.99 last year at Target. $36.00 worth of sunglasses (a Year Round MUST HAVE in AZ) for $2.00! I try to snatch up sunglasses on the cheap since I am ALWAYS loosing mine!
Also found these cardboard letters for $1.00 after the 50% mark down price. Looks like it was an art project or something, lots of work went into these. Don't care for the colors, will paint tonight and showcase tomorrow!
Found white pants for Reluctant Teenager's costume, silver hat that we will spray paint white, black gloves and white face make up.

We just need to locate a white tie, (I may end up making one) and a white jacket, (looking in the ladies section) to finish his costume. He has a black dress shirt that we will use. His costume is inspired by a character The Spirit of Jazz, from the television show, The Mighty Boosh.
The total was $12.98 and with my coupon my out of pocket, $9.98. Fantastic! It was like getting the sun glasses and letters for FREE! I lurve FREE!

Linking up with Leigh at Tales From Bloggeritaville and Holly at Homebody Holly to show off my thrifty finds, be sure to head on over to see the treasures others found!

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Holly said...

Oh gosh, is it time to think about Halloween costumes already? The thrift store is certainly the place to do it.
Thanks for joining the party :)

alanna rose said...

Nice score on the sunglasses! I'm always looking for them super-cheap because my baby loves to grab them (and he's so gentle with them, not!), for some reason I've never thought to search for them while I'm thrifting - now I will!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Sunglasses -- great buy! And I love the cardboard letters -- what color will you paint them?

Wendy said...

I love the letters!

The Persimmon Perch said...

You can do some fun things with those letters. I'm already thinking about halloween too...hard to believe.