Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy

No, not to the blogging community, I love you all and especially my followers. Thanks ladies, I never thought I would have "followers". Shout out to Meg who was my very first follower even before I had any postings!

Back to the title.... My last post had to do with purging the stuff I have accumulated over the last seven or so years of owning this house. I love to decorate, somehow I get "shiny ball syndrome" and move from one project, style or decor faster than you can say SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPALIDOCIOUS!. I have bought/sold more stuff over the last few years, never hanging on to much, always bringing more to the house in my quest to find "my style".
I am still unsure what "Style" I have, although I know it's strongly French inspired.

The past few days I have been going through things, deciding what stays and what goes to the big yard sale. Sometime the task is easy, I am done with this or that and it's out of sight, out of mind, into to the yard sale box. Other items are harder to let go. Things that never saw the light of day in my house, still sitting in the garage for their turn to shine. It's difficult as I am fortunate to find lots of pretties, harded to let go because "I may want/need those one day". That sounds like the mantra of a pack rat which I fight hard not to be, as it runs in my family. Oh, yes, lots of horders/packrats/collectors in my family. I think my husband may be one as well!

Hardest of all is letting things go that I remember what yard sale or thrift store I purchased from. If there is a story attached...Agony, I tell you, straight and true. Like a stab to the heart!

I keep holding out for strength to go through these lovelies, pass them on to someone else to love and return home with a renewed sense of purpose. Learning to love my home, what ever style she takes on.




Aubrey said...

I have empathy for you! I couldn't tell you straight up what my style is either. LOL It is evolving I tell myself. I watch clean house sometimes and they always say if you bring something in take something out...maybe that helps with the adored and not-so-adored things we hold on to? I hope you find a happy medium..there were some things when we moved and I had to sell everything that I held on to because of sentimental value...the other "stuff" I couldn't even tell you what I had then, because it WAS just "stuff"...:) Hope you have a good holiday:)

Audra said...

Thank you Aubrey, you are right, it is just stuff....

In the grand scheme it really is just clutter and not what makes life worth living.