Monday, September 28, 2009

Saturday's Finds

It was a whirlwind weekend at la maison.  I picked up College Diva in Flagstaff and drove her home for a weekend visit.  She has been so busy with school, work, sorority, she hasn't had much time to visit.  I love having my baby girl home even just for a few days.  

Saturday I picked up my co-op basket with my sister, Sensibly Frugal.  We met a new friend who works and is friends with my next door neighbor Cate!  Small world.  Lynn and I are sharing cases of fruit as sometimes 48 ears of corn or 38 pounds of peaches are a bit more than one person can put up before they start turning.

I headed out to a few yard sales and though there were LOADS, they all seemed to be a few items strewn on sheets or tables trying to act like a sale.  No thank you!  After several "drive by's" I found one with size 6 clothes for my niece.  A quick call to Sensibly Frugal and a few dollars later I was in possession of some new threads for Frugal Toddler.   Will post pictures of those later.

Since I am embarking on a slow year, I do not buy retail for things I "want".  I wait and wait and WAIT until they show up at a yard sale!  The second sale I stopped at was AMAZING.  I could have stayed and talked/shopped with this couple F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  He had two uncle's pass within a few months of each other and he inherited all of their belongings.  This sale was terrific, new items, vintage, antique and a few curiosities to boot.  One of the uncle's was in possession of a young alligator head..a fine job of taxidermy if I say so myself.  I didn't believe it was real until I touched the teeth!  Didn't bring that home with me.

I picked up several things, his prices were fantastic.  First I spied this lovely and I almost tripped getting to it.

I LOVE crocks.  I have three and am always on the look out for another one.  He had this lovely sitting there for $5.00!  I grabbed it and said MINE!  He then tells me he has a smaller one but doesn't know where he put it.  He took my email address and said he would contact me when he finds it.  I hope he does.

I love the little crown on this crock.  To Die For!

Next was this set of brown towels.  BRAND NEW.  I have brown towels, had just been saying I needed to replace two of the older shabby towels and Voila, here they are for $2.00 each!  SCORE.

I also picked up these "monogrammed" towels with an E.  Also brand new and perfect since my last name starts with an E!  $1.00 each!  Frugal Score! Will use these as over sized hand towels.

Ash can for my husband to use for the fire pit in the back yard.  He mentioned wanting to get one, but wasn't going to pay $19.99 for one at Home Depot.  $1.00!  I haven't cleaned it up yet, want give it a face lift with spray paint.

Saw this tablecloth and the cornucopia sitting on top of it.  $3.00 for cornucopia, $1.00 for the tablecloth!  See what I mean, this was a Fabulous Yard Sale.

Will post the remainder of things I found at this sale tomorrow.  For now be sure to link up with Rhoda at Southern Hospitality , Jacey over at One Man's Trash is MY Treasure: Fabulous Finds and Katie over at Along the way with K + J Trash to Treasure.




The McCrays said...

That crock rocks! :) I can't believe you picked it up for 5 bucks! Great find! And that cornacopia is a great fall piece!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

HI, Audra, thanks for stopping by! So nice to meet you & welcome to blogging. Looks like you have found all the frugal decor blogs too. Love, love your finds, you really did great.

The DIY Show Off said...

What great finds! I love that crock and monogrammed towels! Lucky girl!

Thanks for stopping by to see the Fall Festival today and for your sweet comments. :) What a wonderful way to end my night. Thanks so much!

I'm new to your blog. Nice to "meet" you! :)


Jacey @ Trash2MyTreasure said...

WOW great stuff girl! I'm loving the towels! I would love it if I was lucky enough to score some monogrammed ones for us :) Thanks for linking up today I appreciate it :)

Mimi said...

Wow, you hit the jackpot! Those crocks make great containers to put an already potted plant in.

Cutie Patootie said...

Love your thrift finds! The towels are a fantastic bargain. Doesn't it make it hard to pay full retail price when you know what you pay at yardsale prices? Thanks for stopping by my blog today.


REbekah said...

Talk about score!!! I LOVE the tablecloth and cornucopia!Soooo perfect for this fall!!!- I have a crock which is similar and have always wondered its origin and age. I have never seen another one with a crown!

Anny said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Its been a while since I visited a blog with a thrift haul like yours - its as if everything were waiting for you to find it :D

I hope he finds the smaller crock too

Rhonda in OK said...

Hi Audra
I have an assortment of crocks from my 2 gramdmothers and Jeff's grandmother, I use them for lots of things.
love your new towels - and just how clean does your Hubby's new ash can need to be anyway?

I am using my chicken shopping bag and love it too! tthanks again for it.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Love the crock and monogrammed towels! Love all great finds but these were special!

Audra said...

Rhonda, you are right! Really how clean and spiffy does an ASH CAN NEED TO BE??? What was I thinking? I am thrilled that everyone is please as I am am about those towels. NEW TOWELS at a yard sale. Isn't that unheard of?

Marla said...

Ooh Audra I love the crock. My mom used to have one of these, well she might still have it, anyway I would love one of these too. Thanks for stopping by my post. Think I'll become a follower. Thanks for sharing. Marla

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Those are some really good finds especially the crock! It must be huge to hold all the potatoes and love the crown on it!


Betty said...

Fantastic finds!!!!

Betty @ Country Charm

blondiensc said...

Hi Audra! That crock is amazing and I sure do hope he contacts you too for the smaller one! found some great things, I have been attracted to monogramed things lately...especially flatware, vintage to boot! Happy Thursday and 1st day of October to you!

junkdreams said...

So happy to find your blog.....I love thrift shopping and french decorating as well.
Happy day.\xojanis