Monday, September 14, 2009

Garage Sale...Part One

I did it, I took a big girl pill and sorted through "stuff", made piles, put those piles into boxes and bags and headed off to my sisters house to set up for a yard sale.

Last week was a rough week, a friend passed away, I received some news I was hoping not to hear and I had to bend the rules of my first week of my slow year. All things aside, I was in a less than chipper mood when I got up at o'dark thirty to head over to Sensibly Frugal's house and set up for a yard sale.

Shout out to Edie for letting us borrow her tables to display our "stuff". You Rock Edie! Unfortunately the thought never crossed my mind to take pictures of the yard sale, as we started a bit late and BING, BANG, BOOM we were slammed with customers. It helped that three houses down was having a sale as well as two more sales on the street across the way.

I thought I would be more nostalgic about getting rid of these lovely finds, I really wasn't as attached as I thought I would be. It helped that I kept them out of view in my garage until yard sale day. I did make deals, I went down on my prices, a little more on somethings than I thought I would. My thought being, "Do I really want to take this home? Isn't it better to get $15.00 for an item marked $20.00 than to donate it?" Speaking of donating, I did pack up all the left over items...happy to say there was only two boxes of stuff that I gave to my sisters neighbor who is struggling to make ends meet. I was happy to pass on a few items to her to help her feather her nest.

I also passed along two lamps to Sensibly Frugal for her bedroom and curtains to Sassy Frugal for her son's room. All in all it was a great day, made money, cleared out part of the clutter and realized that I don't miss any of it.

Will continue to clear/clean/purge items for another sale in October.

Ta Ta For Now...


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Aubrey said...

I'm really sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.

So happy for you the yard sale worked out and it sounds like you accomplished A LOT! Good for you!