Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Falling in love...

How to finish this sentence? Falling in love....
1. is easy to do.
2. again.
3. with you.

If you picked # 2 you would be a correct. I am falling in love with my house....again.

This little house is my first home. I found her 8 years ago, at a YARD SALE. Seriously folks, I did! Short version, I stopped at a community yard sale and the first house I stopped at the gentleman gave his spiel and stated what he had for sale, ending in "and the house is for sale". We got to talking as I was looking to purchase a house in this particular neighborhood, in that price range and from the moment I walked in, I was IN LOVE. It had everything I could have ever wanted and it was more than double the size of my apartment

I moved in made it my own and slowly made changes. I began scouring decorating magazines to get ideas, the more I looked the more I wanted my house to look like the pages of those decorating magazines. I would always see captivating decor, picture perfect homes that made my little house look tragically under performing.

I painted the walls so often that my family joked I was loosing square footage, when a new style of decor caught my attention, off I went to replicate it. Hard to make 1600 sq. feet look like 5000! I lost sight of my true intentions, to make a haven for my family. I became obsessed with getting my house to look PERFECT that I never completed the tasks I took on. The love I felt for my "perfect" little house starting to sour as discontent settled in.

I had forgotten my promise to create a sanctuary for my family, to feather the nest to be comfortable and inviting to others and my house would be shelter over our heads. I forgot that " it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful", as the Nester puts it. (love that girl!) It just has to be a home.

Here is my epiphany. I am renewing my commitment to my home. I am falling in love with my house again, forgiving all it's flaws and shortcomings and seeing the beauty and solidity she posses. I am taking the initiative to unclutter my relationship with my house and learn to love her again. I am taking a tip from the Nester in her post Perfect vs Good.

I'm taking a big girl pill and starting the "difficult" task of weeding out the pretties and keeping what I truly love. Those items that make me smile when I see them and want to rush home to be surrounded by their beauty. I no longer want to be a slave my stuff, it's time to say au revoir, a biento. Allowing my little houses' beauty to shine through, to be a reflection of the family that lives here.

Ta Ta For Now!



The Nester said...

Well said.

When are you having a yard sale? I'll be there :}

Aubrey said...

Hmmm. for a moment I thought I was reading my diary...heehee....I put TONS of paint on my walls..I think they'll hold up for several hundreds of years because of it:) Great post! I try to remember "less is more" Really! Well, I wish I lived close enough to come to your yard sale! Seeing as how we have similar taste! *sigh* ;)

Kelee said...

Hi Audra--Can I buy some "big girl"pills from you? Need to weed......

love, kelee

Wendy said...

Im just getting into really decorating. I am getting the "urge to purge" though. How does so much crap accumulate?!

darnold23 said...

I just loved this post...so reminded me of our first house. We went from avocado green to old gold...shows my age! Thanks for following me. I look forward to getting to know you.