Monday, September 28, 2009

Saturday's Finds

It was a whirlwind weekend at la maison.  I picked up College Diva in Flagstaff and drove her home for a weekend visit.  She has been so busy with school, work, sorority, she hasn't had much time to visit.  I love having my baby girl home even just for a few days.  

Saturday I picked up my co-op basket with my sister, Sensibly Frugal.  We met a new friend who works and is friends with my next door neighbor Cate!  Small world.  Lynn and I are sharing cases of fruit as sometimes 48 ears of corn or 38 pounds of peaches are a bit more than one person can put up before they start turning.

I headed out to a few yard sales and though there were LOADS, they all seemed to be a few items strewn on sheets or tables trying to act like a sale.  No thank you!  After several "drive by's" I found one with size 6 clothes for my niece.  A quick call to Sensibly Frugal and a few dollars later I was in possession of some new threads for Frugal Toddler.   Will post pictures of those later.

Since I am embarking on a slow year, I do not buy retail for things I "want".  I wait and wait and WAIT until they show up at a yard sale!  The second sale I stopped at was AMAZING.  I could have stayed and talked/shopped with this couple F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  He had two uncle's pass within a few months of each other and he inherited all of their belongings.  This sale was terrific, new items, vintage, antique and a few curiosities to boot.  One of the uncle's was in possession of a young alligator head..a fine job of taxidermy if I say so myself.  I didn't believe it was real until I touched the teeth!  Didn't bring that home with me.

I picked up several things, his prices were fantastic.  First I spied this lovely and I almost tripped getting to it.

I LOVE crocks.  I have three and am always on the look out for another one.  He had this lovely sitting there for $5.00!  I grabbed it and said MINE!  He then tells me he has a smaller one but doesn't know where he put it.  He took my email address and said he would contact me when he finds it.  I hope he does.

I love the little crown on this crock.  To Die For!

Next was this set of brown towels.  BRAND NEW.  I have brown towels, had just been saying I needed to replace two of the older shabby towels and Voila, here they are for $2.00 each!  SCORE.

I also picked up these "monogrammed" towels with an E.  Also brand new and perfect since my last name starts with an E!  $1.00 each!  Frugal Score! Will use these as over sized hand towels.

Ash can for my husband to use for the fire pit in the back yard.  He mentioned wanting to get one, but wasn't going to pay $19.99 for one at Home Depot.  $1.00!  I haven't cleaned it up yet, want give it a face lift with spray paint.

Saw this tablecloth and the cornucopia sitting on top of it.  $3.00 for cornucopia, $1.00 for the tablecloth!  See what I mean, this was a Fabulous Yard Sale.

Will post the remainder of things I found at this sale tomorrow.  For now be sure to link up with Rhoda at Southern Hospitality , Jacey over at One Man's Trash is MY Treasure: Fabulous Finds and Katie over at Along the way with K + J Trash to Treasure.



Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trash to Treasures

Just for the record, I didn't get these lovlies at a thrift store.  I have slowed down my thrift store shopping (retails shopping) considrably due to my slow year.  Of course I will still shop, (it's my talent in life!) just on a much smaller scale.

These thrifty items were actually FREE...Plucked from the curbside during my neighborhoods Community Large Pick Up.  This occurs three or four times a year, runs for two weeks.  Metropolitan areas do not have dumps, and it is costly to take items to the landfill ($30.00 a truck load).   These days, competition to find free treasures is stiff, the word gets out that a neighborhood has Large Pick Up, the trucks and trailers show up trolling the streets.  These men are picking up to fix up and resell.  Hey I am for free enterprise, but DANG!  I miss finding stuff!

This time I lucked out as I saw people putting stuff out on the first day.  I jumped back in my car and found this, 

and these slightly used Ralph Lauren stencils

You can read the story here.  

The next item was not FREE, but it was a THRIFTY purchase as I have wanted one of these for the longest time.  I have seen them price at $100.00 in antique stores, so I felt blessed when the owner of this vintage wire laundry basket reduced the price to $20.00 (my mad money) so I could take this lovely home with me.

Linking up with Chari at Happy To Design, Sunday Favorites.



Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Decluttering My Life...

When I think about decluttering, I always visualize the mountains of crap...oops, treasures I have gathered over the years that I am now learning to let go of.   I see flat surfaces with piles, folded clothes ON THE DRESSER instead of inside, dishes in the sink, things waiting to be put away.

Not the case today.  Today's decluttering has nothing to do with my house, possessions or stuff.  Nothing to do with my attempts to live a slow year or be more frugal.  What it has to do with is NECESSARY LOSSES.  

Cutting out the riff-raff in your life, financial, emotional, physical, etc.  A necessary loss is something or someone that just has to be cut from your life,because they are not enriching, enlightening, or making it better.

Loss by Donna Meyers 

Today's loss is a severed relationship, a twelve year relationship, that I had worked on to build, one I cultivated, molded, trusted and believe in the sanctity of.  I thought it was a special relationship, one forged through illnesses, procedures, deaths, trials and tribulations.  I had the utmost faith in the relationship, even when I started to see tiny fractures traversing their way across the surface of this relationship.  I endured through rushed visits, vague comments, lengthy waits...I waited and waited and waited.  I kept thinking that the state of the relationship would improve, sadly it did not.  Because of these reasons I put off a visit for a year, hoping today I might have a little of his time.  Just 15 minutes of uninterrupted, listening and communication.  That was not the case...instead I was a nobody, a nothing, just a number, just a name on a chart.  That's right, I am talking about my primary care physician.  The man who has been with me through the worst of the worst of physical illnesses, migraines and procedures.  The doctor who knows my body probably better than I do.  My beloved physician.  Today I walked away from man I entrusted my health to for all these years. 

I have to go in once a year for an assessment of my migraines.  This visit usually takes ten or so minutes, we discuss the course of action and he gives me a script for a year supply of migraine medication.  I see him through out the year for other illnesses, but this is just about MIGRAINES.  My doctor  spends 120 seconds with me, he doesn't discuss my migraines, I try to tell him some new developments with my migraines, he brushes it aside. "let's take care of this headache, you can come see me later about the other stuff".  HELLO!  MC FLY?????  I don't have a headache, I need my script so I can get my med's for when I have a headache.

He pops back in with these samples, stating" Take one when you get a migraine, then another two hours later if you still have migraine, but no more than two in 24 hours, I will have the nurse give you a shot for your headache".  UH, I DON'T HAVE A HEADACHE!  I sat in shock for a few minutes digesting what just transpired, then got up and walked out to the hall way.  No doctor, just a nurses assistant.  I quietly told her that I would be leaving, I needed my chart and I would not be requiring these samples as I had no idea what they were or why I was being given these instead of my regular script.  I declined the injection since it wasn't necessary and walked to the counter to pay my bill.  I also filled out a patient release of record form and advised the front office I would have a new doctor requesting my 2 inch file.

I have seen the the fissures, the rushed visits, the longer wait times, brusque comments and the length of time it takes to schedule an appointment.  I excused it away, after all, this is MY doctor, we have history. 

I have made a big girl decision today.  I stood my ground and said SYONARA, AU REVOIR, ADIOS.   He is FIRED from being MY doctor.  I broke up with my doctor.  I cried all the way home.  I am sure he will never even miss me. 


Monday, September 21, 2009

Vintage Wire Laundry Basket and Curbside Shopping

Sorry I have been MIA...down with a migraine.  Three days of wishing I was anyone else, if you or someone you know suffers from migraine episodes you know what I mean.

When I last blogged I had the fortunate happenstance to discover it was community large pick up day in my neighborhood, meaning Curbside Shopping.   I love this venue really I do!  I drove around, not too many items out on Tuesday since it was the first day, just yard clippings, broken bikes, furniture missing legs etc.  I was on the look out for a headboard to make a darling bench like I've seen on other blogs.  Nada.

Then I spied the corner of this mish-mashed among some lumber and yard clippings five streets down from mine.

I pried this beauty out of the mess with the hem of my skirt because this is Arizona and it is DANG HOT in the afternoon.  This wrought iron piece was SCORCHING!  Glad no one saw me lift my skirt up to pick it up and put in the back of my car.  Right now it's on the wall of the garage until I paint the living room/dining room and hang it up.  

I love it!  Best of all it was FREE!

Next up I found these Ralph Lauren Stencils in a box on another street. 

I have been wanting to buy some to try out for the longest time, just couldn't part with the $25.00.  TA DA!  Here are three of them in excellent shape, previously used but that's A-OK with me.  $75.00 worth of stencils for FREE!  FRUGAL SCORE.  (no I didn't have to lift my skirt for these!)

Saturday I was feeling a bit better from the migraine, so I ventured out to get more fluids and more migraine pills from the pharmacy.  I stopped at two yard sales on my three mile trek to the drug store.

I found this .....

OMG!  I almost peed my pants...  I have DESIRED one of these vintage wire laundry baskets for a a long, long, LONG time.  The lady had three houses worth of antiques and amazing things.  She and her husband had sold two homes and were having an estate sale for some of the less costly items.  I spied this baby and almost tripped getting to it (Remember, I am vertically challenged and should never run, skip or hop!).  She had a price on it that was way, way out of my range. 
I looked around a few minutes before going back to it to lovingly say good bye.    She came over and we talked.  She lowered it ten dollars, making it $20.00.  Still I had to think a milli-second before I handed over my twenty dollars mad money.

I  sigh.

Second yard sale I stopped at, had clothes, which is fine with me, since my company is revoking the telecommute days and I will have to be in the office five days a week.  I need a few more tops to stretch my wardrobe and these fit the ticket nicely for $1.00 each.

This one will require a few alterations to take it in on the sides.

Otherwise it will be perfect for the remaining summer months....and fall...and winter with a black long sleeve tee underneath.

Joining the party with Rhoda at Southern Hospitality.  Head on over y'all and see what others found. 

Ta Ta For Now!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Long Time No Blog

Sorry I have been away a few days with out any finds, stories or what I found curb side shopping.  I suffer from migraines and had a three day episode starting late Tuesday night.  This is the first chance I have felt human enough to blog a little.  

I did stop at two yard sales on my way to pick up my prescription and get water.  Will take pictures in a few hours and post.

Hope to hear from you.



Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Junk Day

As I drove up to my driveway this afternoon a happy site greeted me.  Community Large Item Pick Up, aka: CURB SIDE SHOPPING!  Not only can I put a few things out and get rid of them, saving on time and gas to drop off to thrift store, I CAN SHOP TIL I DROP...absolutely FREE.

Off to shop, will post later what I gave up and what I found!

Oh Huzzah, Oh Joyous Occasion!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Garage Sale...Part One

I did it, I took a big girl pill and sorted through "stuff", made piles, put those piles into boxes and bags and headed off to my sisters house to set up for a yard sale.

Last week was a rough week, a friend passed away, I received some news I was hoping not to hear and I had to bend the rules of my first week of my slow year. All things aside, I was in a less than chipper mood when I got up at o'dark thirty to head over to Sensibly Frugal's house and set up for a yard sale.

Shout out to Edie for letting us borrow her tables to display our "stuff". You Rock Edie! Unfortunately the thought never crossed my mind to take pictures of the yard sale, as we started a bit late and BING, BANG, BOOM we were slammed with customers. It helped that three houses down was having a sale as well as two more sales on the street across the way.

I thought I would be more nostalgic about getting rid of these lovely finds, I really wasn't as attached as I thought I would be. It helped that I kept them out of view in my garage until yard sale day. I did make deals, I went down on my prices, a little more on somethings than I thought I would. My thought being, "Do I really want to take this home? Isn't it better to get $15.00 for an item marked $20.00 than to donate it?" Speaking of donating, I did pack up all the left over items...happy to say there was only two boxes of stuff that I gave to my sisters neighbor who is struggling to make ends meet. I was happy to pass on a few items to her to help her feather her nest.

I also passed along two lamps to Sensibly Frugal for her bedroom and curtains to Sassy Frugal for her son's room. All in all it was a great day, made money, cleared out part of the clutter and realized that I don't miss any of it.

Will continue to clear/clean/purge items for another sale in October.

Ta Ta For Now...


Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

We have THREE winners from the Recyclable Grocery Bag Drawing. Turns out that my sister Sensibly Frugal had an extra bag she wanted to "donate" for the drawing.

First winner - Aubrey from Diary of an Army Wife
Second winner The McCrays @ The McCray-Z Life
Third winner Rhonda from Home With A Smile

Please email me with your addresses ladies and I will ship your bags out to you.

I want to thank everyone who participated in the giveaway as well as the awesome frugal hints you provided. I am going to create a post with the frugal ideas and hints!



Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

If you haven't added your comment to my Giveaway Post please do! These are the CAAUUTEST Bags ever! I always get great comments when I use my bags at the store, such a fashion accessory! I am planning on using all of the comments in a post about how others are finding ways to cut back and save the green for the wallet.

Today I had to drop off some things to the thrift store that I knew would not "move" in our yard sale. For my donation I received a coupon off of a 10.00 purchase. Knowing I needed to find the Reluctant Teenager some pieces for his Halloween costume we hit the aisles.

The store was also having a half off sale on ORANGE Tags. I found these two pair of Issac Mizarahi Sunglasses for $1.00 each after the 50% off. SUPER FRUGAL SCORE as they were $17.99 last year at Target. $36.00 worth of sunglasses (a Year Round MUST HAVE in AZ) for $2.00! I try to snatch up sunglasses on the cheap since I am ALWAYS loosing mine!
Also found these cardboard letters for $1.00 after the 50% mark down price. Looks like it was an art project or something, lots of work went into these. Don't care for the colors, will paint tonight and showcase tomorrow!
Found white pants for Reluctant Teenager's costume, silver hat that we will spray paint white, black gloves and white face make up.

We just need to locate a white tie, (I may end up making one) and a white jacket, (looking in the ladies section) to finish his costume. He has a black dress shirt that we will use. His costume is inspired by a character The Spirit of Jazz, from the television show, The Mighty Boosh.
The total was $12.98 and with my coupon my out of pocket, $9.98. Fantastic! It was like getting the sun glasses and letters for FREE! I lurve FREE!

Linking up with Leigh at Tales From Bloggeritaville and Holly at Homebody Holly to show off my thrifty finds, be sure to head on over to see the treasures others found!

Ta Ta For Now!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Let's Have A GIVEAWAY!!!

In honor of my thirtith post, I am having a give away of the most frugal kind. Keeping with my slow year promise to reduce my plastic bag dependancy and usage, I have been using the reusable grocery bags. Some times, I wish those bags were just a bit bigger and more sturdier don't you?

While grocery shopping one day I found these lovelies and decided to purchase extra to give away!

Aren't they are just so caauute! I just know you are going to love these! Not to mention, these bags have a divider down the middle to put bottles of wine, soda or whatever.... Sturdy canvas handles, made from recycled water bottles, etc. & is 100% recyclable again! Made by Patty Reed InstaTotes out of Portland, Oregon.

I will select two winners from a random drawing to win a bag. All you have to do is leave a comment with your favorite thrifty or frugal tip. Any tip is fine, it could be re-using your water bottles and filling them up with water from water machine or tap water to using old bread to make bread crumbs or croutons. If you don't have a blog, please remember to leave your email address in the comments!

I will draw two names on Sunday 9/13. Can't wait!

Ta Ta For Now!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Starting A Slow Year

Slow year: a year without buying retail items, de-cluttering a life, home and self. Learning to live within your means, on what you make, what you can reuse, recycle and reduce.

My slow year "officially" started today to a set back. Yes, a road block stopped me cold seven and half hours into my first slow year day. College Diva called, two of her bras broke. One might be able to be fixed the other is a total loss. She needs at least two replacement bras. Buying retail is not an option if I want to stay true to my outline of slow year. I think I will change the rule just a bit to include underwear and necessary items such as bras!

I first heard of The Compact about four years ago, thinking it was a great idea, but never once taking it on fully. I have always been frugal, for the most part, always trying to buy clearance items, mark down, thrifted, yard saled, etc... I read Not Buying It, by Judith Levine and wanting to make a difference I did manage to not purchase for TWO WEEKS!

Then I stumbled upon Riana at These Days in French Life, captivated by her story of meeting and marrying her French husband and her decision to live a slow life. I can't go to the extremes that she did as I live in a desert area so growing a majority of my food, foraging or dumpster diving are pretty much out of the question. (Not unless I want to end up in the pokey!) She has inspired me to eat more natural, cook more, bake often and give up the preservatives. I use to coupon like a maniac, now that I use mostly fresh fruits and vegetables for cooking I find I need very few items that are on sale or "steals" with a coupon.

Through blogging I have come to know Aubrey who also is living a slow year/life. She is a fantastic inspiration to me and the other women out there making the decision to get back to our roots. I realize this is not for everyone. Neither of my sisters is willing to make the "jump" although Sensibly Frugal has curtailed her retail spending by 60% and her husband is cooking a majority of the meals from scratch.

I am not saying I frown on others for buying retail, I just know it's not for me, as I spend more than I need to and save less than I should. I also enjoy that fact that I get new or nearly new items from yard sales and thrift stores for pennies on the dollar of the original cost.

My slow year entails the following guidelines:

No buying retail except food, hygene products, undergarments, shoes for the husband or son. (hard to fit) Any medicines or eye glasses. I may tweek or add to this in the next few weeks.

Only purchase what is necessary and only at non-retail outlets. Yard sales, thrift stores, consignment, Craigslist, Freecycle,bartering, etc.

No dinners/movies out unless we have gift card and the only out of pocket cost can be for the tip. (we sometimes get these as incentives or job well done from work)

Stop using chemical cleaners, laundry soaps and fabric softeners. I am making all of these from scratch and have been thrilled with how well they work. Saves tons of $$$.

Find alternate sources to purchase food, such as Co-ops, farmers markets, and locally grown produce and meat.

Reduce out meat consumption by 50%. I have begun to add more meatless meals and stretching the pound of hamburger or chicken into two meals.

Brown bag breakfast and lunches.

Honor no spend days. These are days I have designated that no matter what I do not spend. If I need something, (with the exception of medicine or feminine products)I do without or find a work around solution.

Add one more NO Drive day to my week. So far I have two no drive days, Mondays and Thursdays. These are days that I work remote from home, so the car either stays in the garage or my husband drives my car and leaves his truck at home.

Reduce trips out. When I drive to work, I will combine a trip to the store on my lunch hour or on my way home to keep from driving all over the place. The rule is, once I am in, I AM IN... Easy to follow during the summer when it's a scorcher out there!

Cut down retail shopping to once a month with the exception of milk and eggs. Hoping to find local supplier for those instead of shopping at grocery store.

Always use the reusable grocery bags. Stop the plastic bag insanity!

Reduce use of electrical appliances, such as hanging shirts on hangers on the porch, using the dryer less, wearing jeans two or three times before washing (if they are not dirty, of course) and not using the oven during the summer heat.

Reusing Gray water from dishes to water the outside plants. I have paid for it to come out of the faucet why let it go to waste?

Make due with what I have, reuse what I can, reduce the excess (oh man, this is a biggy for me!) and recycle, recycle, recycle.

I have been gearing up for this for a few months however I decided no time like the present after seeing the massive amounts of "stuff" I have accumulated over the last few years. My little bitty home can't take much more. Just because I got it for free or a great price, doesn't mean it's a good deal for me if it adds to my work load.

I am hoping to take this time to turn my health around, gain perspective on spending and regain my sanity when dealing with my home and family.

I am happy to answer any questions you might have, I am sure I will continue to blog about my choices, set backs and (fingers crossed) triumphs.

PS Stay posted for my very first give away!

Ta Ta For Now....


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Sales

I am linking up with Rhoda at Southern Hospitality for "Today's Thrifty Treasures". Head on over and have a look to see what other treasures are being showcased. There are some incredible finds!

Saturday dawned, dark and gloomy. Weather forecast predicted early morning showers, I took the chance and headed out early to hunt for yard sales. First sale I stopped at had interesting "antiques" that were a bit down on their luck, with prices befitting heirlooms. I did find these two metal urns, (you know how my heart races when I see urns!) I also scored some branches or sticks, too hard to photograph.

The seller had a wrought iron wine rack about five feet tall, (I have been wanting a standing wine rack for long, long time!) I set a price in my head and when her price was W-A-Y above mine and she stated that she was "PRETTY FIRM" I let it go.
Another time, another sale....

Located a "johnny-come-lately" sale, after setting up after 8:00 am. Fairly rare here as the temps are in the high 80's at 6:00 am and steadily rise up to 100's by 10:30 am. However the threat of rain did not stop these people and I am thrilled it didn't.

Found these.... Silver plated serving pieces. Will come in handy for the holidays, the cake server needs a tiny bit of polish, but for $3.00 and a bit of elbow grease, I think they are well worth it.

and these.

The Reluctant Teenager and I love movies. We really do and for six bucks for both Indiana Jones series and the complete series of Firefly, I couldn't pass these up.

Next sale I found these green glass candle holders. I am a suckah for anything green so of course I was happy to pay $3.00 for them to add to my collection.

I also found these beaded finials. $1.00. A bit disappointed there weren't more, I can make these work in one of the rooms.
I reigned myself in while shopping since I am weeding out my over abundance of collected treasures at home. Can't bring more in just because I am getting rid of things. That's how I got to this point in the first place! :)

The sky turned an amazing shade of gray, providing a backdrop for the lightening. I decided to head inside to enjoy the weather as the skies opened up pouring rain down on the desert.

Enjoy the holiday.....

Ta Ta For Now.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy

No, not to the blogging community, I love you all and especially my followers. Thanks ladies, I never thought I would have "followers". Shout out to Meg who was my very first follower even before I had any postings!

Back to the title.... My last post had to do with purging the stuff I have accumulated over the last seven or so years of owning this house. I love to decorate, somehow I get "shiny ball syndrome" and move from one project, style or decor faster than you can say SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPALIDOCIOUS!. I have bought/sold more stuff over the last few years, never hanging on to much, always bringing more to the house in my quest to find "my style".
I am still unsure what "Style" I have, although I know it's strongly French inspired.

The past few days I have been going through things, deciding what stays and what goes to the big yard sale. Sometime the task is easy, I am done with this or that and it's out of sight, out of mind, into to the yard sale box. Other items are harder to let go. Things that never saw the light of day in my house, still sitting in the garage for their turn to shine. It's difficult as I am fortunate to find lots of pretties, harded to let go because "I may want/need those one day". That sounds like the mantra of a pack rat which I fight hard not to be, as it runs in my family. Oh, yes, lots of horders/packrats/collectors in my family. I think my husband may be one as well!

Hardest of all is letting things go that I remember what yard sale or thrift store I purchased from. If there is a story attached...Agony, I tell you, straight and true. Like a stab to the heart!

I keep holding out for strength to go through these lovelies, pass them on to someone else to love and return home with a renewed sense of purpose. Learning to love my home, what ever style she takes on.



Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Falling in love...

How to finish this sentence? Falling in love....
1. is easy to do.
2. again.
3. with you.

If you picked # 2 you would be a correct. I am falling in love with my house....again.

This little house is my first home. I found her 8 years ago, at a YARD SALE. Seriously folks, I did! Short version, I stopped at a community yard sale and the first house I stopped at the gentleman gave his spiel and stated what he had for sale, ending in "and the house is for sale". We got to talking as I was looking to purchase a house in this particular neighborhood, in that price range and from the moment I walked in, I was IN LOVE. It had everything I could have ever wanted and it was more than double the size of my apartment

I moved in made it my own and slowly made changes. I began scouring decorating magazines to get ideas, the more I looked the more I wanted my house to look like the pages of those decorating magazines. I would always see captivating decor, picture perfect homes that made my little house look tragically under performing.

I painted the walls so often that my family joked I was loosing square footage, when a new style of decor caught my attention, off I went to replicate it. Hard to make 1600 sq. feet look like 5000! I lost sight of my true intentions, to make a haven for my family. I became obsessed with getting my house to look PERFECT that I never completed the tasks I took on. The love I felt for my "perfect" little house starting to sour as discontent settled in.

I had forgotten my promise to create a sanctuary for my family, to feather the nest to be comfortable and inviting to others and my house would be shelter over our heads. I forgot that " it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful", as the Nester puts it. (love that girl!) It just has to be a home.

Here is my epiphany. I am renewing my commitment to my home. I am falling in love with my house again, forgiving all it's flaws and shortcomings and seeing the beauty and solidity she posses. I am taking the initiative to unclutter my relationship with my house and learn to love her again. I am taking a tip from the Nester in her post Perfect vs Good.

I'm taking a big girl pill and starting the "difficult" task of weeding out the pretties and keeping what I truly love. Those items that make me smile when I see them and want to rush home to be surrounded by their beauty. I no longer want to be a slave my stuff, it's time to say au revoir, a biento. Allowing my little houses' beauty to shine through, to be a reflection of the family that lives here.

Ta Ta For Now!