Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why I "HEART" Target

I am a Target junkie. I am addicted, I love everything about the store. It use to be different, I wasn't always having a love affair with Target not until my sister, Sassy Frugal kept showing me the excellent finds she was scoring on the clearance racks. Sassy worked in a medical office a stones throw from this Target and one day invited me to scour the racks with her. (btw...she has triplets and had to find nice coordinating outfits for pictures) I worked a few miles up the road and spent 40 glorious minutes seeing a new side of retail clearance.

It didn't take much for me to become hooked on Target. I began to visit weekly then twice a week or more if I needed my fix. I told you....Target JUNKIE.

Fast forward 12 years later, I still have it bad for Target and with one less than a mile from my office and two within five miles of le maison and two on the way to Sassy and Sensibly's houses, it's hard for me to not stop in and get my fill for the week.

That was my problem, I could go there and find all kinds of stuff to buy, even things I didn't need but wanted or liked because they were 75% off. I have had to put myself on restriction and only go to Target when I NEED incidentals. I had withdrawals, I will not lie, I would drive past my love and feel the draw of the cool interior and the thrill of the orange clearance stickers. I craved Target, but I had to come to the realization that I can't get out of there under $50.00, ever. My child support and second income from part time job have dried up, so I don't have that as discretionary income to burn.

Today the reluctant teenager wanted to spend some birthday money on a game for his beloved PlayStation 3. As luck would have it, I needed three things and only three things. However, while we waited for an Electronic Department assistant, I perused the aisles just to reacquaint myself. Keeping my hands on the cart at all times. It's called Control, ladies, and I didn't have much practice at this, however I did manage to hang in there today.

The end caps were a disappointment, so I headed for the aisles. That where I saw the orangey goodness of the mark down stickers on Classico and Bertolli spaghetti sauce. How fortuitous it was as I was just lamenting that I didn't have a jar of back up, emergency sauce on hand for those nights when I forgot to pull something out or I just don't want to cook. Here they were waiting for me like dear friends. No, they were not out of code either.
Here it is. 7 jars of sauce for....wait for it, wait for it....
$7.00! I am serious! these sauces are $3.39 at my grocery store this week.

This is why I *heart* Target. They know me, they love me and they want me to make good spaghetti and baked ziti for my family.


Ta Ta For Now



The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

I totally know what you mean! When we first moved to Atlanta I got a part time job at Target and every Friday when I got paid I would roam the aisles and wind up spending more than my check! I'd find all sorts of cute clearanced stuff (I don't have any of it now). Of course, now I wish I'd put that money I maid in a savings account instead of spending it all! It's hard to get out of that store with just the items on your list! I've been able to do it just a few times! Good score on the sauce. My Target had them clearanced too but not at that price (they're all different).


Audra said...

I am so glad someone else shares (ed) my addiction! Manuela's right, all stores have a different mark down policy. The store by my work (Danger Will Robinson!) seems to mark things down, fast and low. So you better grab it while it's hot! The one I visited yesterday by my sister's house marks down food and household stuff pretty quickly, clothes seem to hang on for a while then BAM! 75% to 90%!

Aubrey said...

Oh I completely get you...I am such a Target addict! Well, when I shopped there...the slow year is slowing killing me...BUT...I do find really amazing clearances when I shop there! :)