Friday, August 14, 2009


Hello lovelies! It has been a week and that is all I will say about that matter. Just glad Friday is here and I can take a breather... uh, wait, what the heck am I thinking? I don't have time to breathe I have to do, get done, and get on with it.

Agenda: Finish a couple of smallish projects that I started and then the shiny ball syndrome took my attention else where. (happens way too many times I am sorry to say)

Co-op Basket: Yea! My heart and fridge do overfloweth. Picks to follow.

Yard Sales: Let the Yard Sales be plentiful and abundant!

Goodwill Hunting with my sisters in crime. Lord help those people that get in our way as we may not be able to contain our joy at the bounty you have set before us.

Get things ready to move College Diva's stuff from summer rental back to the house. Get her ready to move into the dorm on Tuesday. I really feel like we have moved a dozen times in the last two years!

Rest...only when sleep deprivation takes over and I fall in a crumpled, rumpled heap.

Ta Ta For Now My Lovelies. May your weekend be joyous and filled with love.

PS: I don't know who's busy lady picture this is, but if I find out I will be sure to give full credit for using such an adequate representation of my life. I think I love you, mystery person.



Meg Haskins said...

Girl, sounds like you got a lot to do. Hope your weekend is relaxing and productive!

Audra said...

Just busy, busy, busy as can be! Thanks Meg. Day one over, day two just about to begin. Traveling to Northern Arizona to move Diva's bedroom back home so she can move into the dorm. PHEW!