Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reluctant Teenager

I call my son the reluctant teenager because at this age, nearly 15 he has to weight the options of being seen with me in public or going anywhere with me that might last longer than 15 minute. The only exception is when I yard sale. He goes along, sits in the car, listening to music or playing a game on his phone until I tell him there is something WONDERFUL he should look at.

Seriously, my son is my song, he is such a joy, even if he told me at 7 years old that "when he turned 8 he couldn't hold my hand any more, because big boys just don't do that." My heart broke on that day (just a little), today my heart swells with pride as he donned his MCJROTC greens for the first time. He had the option of JROTC or Wellness (fancy-schmancy name for nasty old P.E.) he chose JROTC. My stepson also was in the Navel JROTC at his school. Just love them boys (young men) in uniform!

I am just too proud! Really bursting at the seams. btw...I had R.T.'s permission to post these picks. Even if he doesn't have his hair cut or emblems/badges.



Denise said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, wanted to come by and say hi. Not sure what JROTC is but I know you must be so proud of your son :)
Have a great day.

Diary of an army wife said...

Hi! :) I had to leave a comment, because I thought for a moment I was reading MY profile here...I LOVE those movies and I LOVE the books you listed! I am for sure a frustrated decorator that has a little bit of french country, shabby chic, and eclectic decor! But that just makes life all the more fun.

Good for your son!!! My husband is lovin' the army and he is quite handsome in is uniform! I enjoyed reading your post! Have a wonderful day!

Meg Haskins said...

Nice job! He wears Army well! How'z your week going, Audra? I hope well. The weekend is almost here:)

Audra said...

Yea! The weekend and we all know how much I LOVE Saturday! Will blog something soon, busy time at the Maison!